Las Vegas Nightclubs: Weekday Vs Weekend (Which Is Better?)

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It’s no surprise that Las Vegas nightclubs are busy on the weekend, but what about midweek? Are Vegas nightclubs actually worth attending Monday through Thursday?

Las Vegas nightclubs get busy during weekdays, although not as busy as the weekend. Not all nightclubs are open during the week, but the ones that are get plenty packed. These mid-week parties are known as industry nights to locals. These are the best nightclubs during the week:

There are less people in Las Vegas during the week, but there are also less clubs open. This ensures that the clubs that do open their doors will be busy each night. There are also some distinct advantage to these midweek parties like discounted bottle service and open bars. For this reason, Vegas nightclubs are sometimes better during the week than on the weekend. I’ll compare the two in depth, in the next section.

Weekday VS Weekend (Pros and Cons)

To be honest, there aren’t many downsides to hitting Vegas nightclubs midweek. The only real pitfall is that the club you want to go to may not be open that night. That’s the main advantage of going out on the weekend (Friday and Saturday), since every club is open every night.

Other than that, there is an argument to be made that Vegas clubs are better during the week, than during the weekend! Here are some of the difference that give weekday parties the edge…

  • More relaxed guest list rules
  • Cheaper bottle service
  • Free drink tickets
  • Open bars
  • No overcrowding
  • Industry nights

Guest List

There are a number of benefits that you gain from attending a nightclub during the week. One of which is the relaxed guest list rules. Every nightclub offers a guest list that allows you to get into the club for free. Each club has different rules for their guest list, and some clubs ease up on these rules during the week.

The main guest list requirement is ratio. This means that guys must have an even ratio of women in their group (or more women than men) in order to get free entry on the guest list. This obviously doesn’t apply do groups of all women, since they’ll get free entry at every club when using the guest list. Also, there are a number of clubs that allow men to get in free without ratio.

Anyways, many clubs lower these requirements during the week and on slower nights. It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up for the guest list, you can even sign up for free online.

Cheaper Bottle Service

If you plan on ordering bottle service while in Las Vegas, I strongly recommend you consider doing it on a weeknight. This is because bottle service tables sell at a steep discount during the week compared to the weekend.

The same tables that cost thousands of dollars on the weekend can be up to 10%-50% cheaper during the week. This is because prices are jacked up when everyone flies in for the weekend. You can get bottle service for as low as $300 at some clubs on weeknights.

The simplest trick to saving money in Las Vegas is to go out on weeknights. Don’t overpay for a table if you don’t have to. You can see a full list of the cheapest bottle service tables here.

Free Drink Tickets & Open Bars

If you enter a Vegas club on the guest list you often get some added benefits, on top of free entry. Many nightclubs hand out free drink tickets to guests during the week. This is mostly for women, but there are a few clubs, like Light Nightclub on Wednesday, that also give out drink tickets to men.

Rather than giving out drink tickets, some nightclubs have open bars for women. Here are a few clubs that usually offer an open bar…

  • Marquee Nightclub on Monday
  • Tao Nightclub on Thursday
  • Lavo Party Brunch on Saturday

There are also some other clubs that will offer open bars on occasion, but these clubs seem offer it the most. They’ll normally specify the time that you can take advantage of the free drinks, usually from 11:30 pm to 12:30 am. So make sure you get to the club early.

Industry Nights

Industry nights (Sunday-Thursday) are the nights that nightlife workers in Las Vegas go out. This includes everyone from promoters to cocktail waitresses, so these are often some of the most wild parties in Vegas.

It’s nice because the club’s aren’t too packed, like they are during the weekend. On the weekend it may take upwards of 20 minutes just to get a drink at the bar. The clubs are still busy but overcrowding isn’t as much of issue during the week.

Best Nightclubs On Sunday

There is actually an abundance of nightclubs open on Sunday. Depending on your taste in music and whether or not you plan on using the guest list, you may prefer one of these clubs over another.

XS Nightclub

XS is widely recognized as the best overall nightclub in Las Vegas. On Sunday nights the club hosts its infamous “Nightswim” pool party. During the summer guests are encouraged to bring swimwear, since the club opens up its gigantic pool.

This half indoor, half outdoor nightclub offers free entry for women who sign up for the XS guest list. Men also get free entry if they have at least an even ratio of women in their group.

Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan is another massive nightclub that, like XS, plays mostly EDM music. This club is always packed and has numerous big name DJs on the roster including, Calvin Harris, Lil Jon and Steve Aoki. This is the best available club on Sunday when XS shuts down it’s Nightswim pool parties for the winter.

Hakkasan’s guest list rules are favorable for men. Both men and women get free entry on the Hakkasan guest list, regardless of ratio.

Drai’s Nightclub

Drai’s is another solid option on Sundays. Drai’s is a half indoor, half outdoor nightclub that plays mostly Hip Hop music. In fact, it’s the best Hip Hop nightclub in town! The club features live performances from artists like, Migos, 2 Chainz and Big Sean among others.

Drai’s offers free entry to women who sign up for the guest list. Men must have an even ratio of women in their group to use the Drai’s guest list. However, there are times where the club limits its guest list for special events. In these scenarios women normally get in free before 11:00 pm, and men with ratio get a reduced cover charge.

Best Nightclubs On Monday

There are two nightclubs open on Monday night in Las Vegas, Marquee and Jewel. Both clubs are equally top notch, but I prefer Marquee. However, if you have a group of all guys then Jewel is a better option since it has more favorable guest list rules.

Marquee Nightclub

Marquee is huge nightclub located inside the Cosmopolitan. The club has several themed rooms that all play different music: The Main Room, The Outside Patio, the Boom Box Room and the Library. Headline DJs at Marquee include Travis Scott and DJ Mustard.

As I mentioned early, on Monday nights Marquee often offers and open bar to women on the guest list. Sometimes there is also a free champagne bar (across from the Beauty & Essex restaurant outside the club) available before the club even opens. Women get free entry on the Marquee guest list, along with men that have even ratio.

Jewel Nightclub

Jewel is a newer club, located at the Aria. Like Marquee, Jewel plays a combination of Hip Hop, EDM and Top 40 music. This club is known for it’s themed VIP bottle service rooms that overlook the dance floor. Occasionally, big headline acts like Tyga will play here.

The guest list rules at Jewel are favorable for groups of all men. Both men and women can get free entry into the club on the Jewel guest list, without having to worry about ratio.

Best Nightclubs On Tuesday

There used to be a couple of clubs open on Tuesday, but as of now Omnia is the only one open. There is a club off strip (at the Rio Hotel) called Voodoo that’s also open on Tuesday, but it doesn’t really get too busy.

Omnia Nightclub

Omnia is the larger sister club of Hakkasan. The two clubs share the same DJs, so expect performances from Calvin Harris, Zedd, Steve Aoki and Martin Garrix here. Omnia also has an entire room with a seperate DJ dedicated to Hip Hop music. In my opinion Omnia is Vegas’ second best club, behind only XS.

Both men and women can get free entry by signing up for the Omnia guest list. There are no ratio requirements at this club.

Best Nightclubs On Wednesday

You have a lot of nightclub options on Wednesday in Las Vegas. EBC at Night is the most popular nightclub on Wednesday, but it isn’t open all year. So, I’ll mention three addition clubs that are always open.

EBC at Night

EBC at Night is the night time version of the popular dayclub, Encore Beach Club. As the name suggests, EBC at Night is mainly a pool party. The club focuses on EDM music and shares DJs with XS Nightclub, since they’re located in the same hotel. Headline DJs here include The Chainsmokers, Diplo and Alesso.

Women can get free admission into EBC at Night by signing up for the club’s guest list. Men are required to have an even ratio of women in their group in order to take advantage of the EBC at Night guest list.

On The Record

On The Record is a newer club that plays music in an open format. The club is designed like a speakeasy bar and plays everything from Oldies to Top 40. If you’re looking for variety then you’ll want to check out this club.

On The Record has no ratio requirements for its guest list. Both men and women can get into the club for free by adding their name to the On The Record guest list.

Light Nightclub

Another option on Wednesday is Light Nightclub. Light plays EDM, Top 40 and Hip Hop music. During the week Light is one of the few clubs that gives out free drink tickets to both men and women who enter the club on the guest list. This club also has some of the cheapest bottle service prices in Sin City.

Men and women who sign up for the Light guest list, will get free admission into the club.

Best Nightclubs On Thursday

Vegas nightclubs start ramping up for the weekend on Thursday night, so there are a ton of options available. It’s really tough to say which club is best, so I’ll just mention the most popular ones.

Hakkasan Nightclub

Hakkasan isn’t only a great option on Sunday, but also on Thursday. Since the weekend is approaching expect bigger DJs to perform on Thursday night than on Sunday. Also, as the club gets busier they open up several additional rooms, including the Ling Ling Room which plays mostly Hip Hop.

This is one of the few Thursday clubs that doesn’t have ratio requirements. Both men and women on the Hakkasan guest list get free entry into the club. Just make sure to get in line early (by 10:30 pm) as Hakkasan’s lines tend to go out the door.

Drai’s Nightclub

Like Hakkasan, Drai’s Nightclub makes another appearance on this list. Thursday nights at Drai’s are usually pool parties, so bring swimwear if you plan on attending (although swimwear isn’t required). This is the only rooftop pool party in all of Las Vegas, so take advantage of it during the spring and summer.

Similar to Sunday night, women get free entry on the Drai’s guest list while men are required to have an even ratio of women in their group.

Tao Nightclub

Tao Nightclub is the sister club of Marquee. Like Marquee, Tao plays a combination of EDM, Hip Hop and Top 40 music. Also, the club usually has an open bar on Thursday nights for women on the guest list.

Tao Nightclub requires groups of men to have an even ratio of women to get free entry on the club’s guest list. Groups of all women get free entry into the club when they sign up for the Tao guest list.

Best Clubs On The Weekend (Friday & Saturday)

Any of the nightclubs mentioned above are also great options on the weekend. The biggest DJs tend to perform on Friday and Saturday, but they also bring with them the longest lines. If you’re looking to attend a top club on the weekend but can do without the lines, then check out these clubs…

  • Apex Social Club
  • Chateau
  • On The Record
  • Jewel
  • Tao
  • Light

Of course if a big DJ is playing on a particular night, then these clubs can get just as busy as the other ones. These clubs are still busy, but they are less busy than the ones mentioned below. Also check out Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas, if you want to go to a bar without too much of a crowd.

If you just want to attend the most popular nightclub regardless of how busy it’s going to be, then you’ll want to attend…

  • XS Nightclub
  • Omnia
  • Hakkasan
  • Drai’s
  • Marquee
  • EBC at Night

There are still guest lists available for every club, even on the weekend. But, if you’re planning on purchasing a ticket or bottle service, expect to pay a premium on Friday and Saturday.

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What are the busiest weekends in Las Vegas? The busiest weekends in Las Vegas include Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend, the 4th of July, Halloween and New Years. There are no guest lists available for these holidays. Also, expect ticket and bottle service prices to rise as these dates get closer.

How do I reserve bottle service in Las Vegas? The easiest way to reserve a bottle service table in Las Vegas is through a VIP host. VIP hosts work for the club and handle all bottle service inquiries. If you’re interested in purchasing bottle service you can contact us here, and we’ll put you in touch with a VIP host at the club of your choice.