Las Vegas Bottle Service For Under $500 (Best Table Deals)

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Bottle service in Las Vegas is notorious for being overly expensive. However, if you look hard enough you’ll find that a few clubs offer cheap bottle service specials. I did some research and found a number of clubs offering bottle service for under $500.

Bottle Service Tables For Under $500

These are the clubs that offer bottle service for $500 or less. Most of the tables are for groups of 6 or less. Apex is the only club that offers bottle service for a group of 8 for under $500. I’ll cover the cheapest tables for larger groups in a minute.

It is important to note that many of the prices listed here are “table minimums.” That means you agree to spend a minimum amount while at the club. When reserving a table, most clubs require you to purchase at least 1 bottle of alcohol. But, after that you can get whatever you want to meet the minimum spend requirement. Items that count toward your minimum spend include: food, bottled water, energy drinks, beer, and individual mixed drinks.

ClubGroup SizePrice
Voodoo Nightclub6$300
Apex Social Club6$350
Foundation Room6$500
Tao Beach6$500
Lavo Party Brunch6$500

Voodoo and Foundation Room are more like rooftop bars than a tradition Vegas nightclubs. They are open every night and don’t get as busy as the other clubs. Apex Social Club is also similar to a conventional rooftop bar, but it has much more of a nightclub vibe than Voodoo or Foundation Room.

Light often has bottle service specials as low as $300 on Wednesday nights. But, on Friday and Saturday $500 is the norm.

Lavo Party Brunch is the only Vegas dayclub open in the winter. The cheapest table is only $500 and the money you spend on brunch, counts toward your minimum spend.

Bottle Service For Under $600

If you’re willing to spend just a little bit more for a table, a few more options open up. Again, most of the tables are only going to seat up to 6 guests. If your group is any larger the club may ask you to purchase a larger table, which will cost more.

ClubGroup SizePrice
On The Record6$600

Voodoo is the only Vegas club where you can get bottle service for a group of 8-12 people for under $600. If your group is on the larger side you aren’t left with a lot of options. Especially, when you consider the fact that Apex and Voodoo aren’t traditional nightclubs. In the next section I’ll cover some options for larger groups, that won’t break the bank.

Cheap Bottle Service Tables For Large Groups

If your group is between 10-12 people, in most cases you’re gonna have to spend at least $1,000 for a table. Fortunately, with a larger group you’re able to split the bill up several ways. Here are the clubs that offer bottle service to groups of 10-12 people for under $1,500.

ClubGroup SizePrice
Foundation Room10$1,000
Apex Social Club12$1,000
On The Record 12$1,200

Nightclubs always round up, so if you have a group of 9 you would also fall into the price range above. If your party is even larger, then the next table size up would be 15+. The chart below has the cheapest tables for groups that have 15 or more people.

ClubGroup SizePrice
Apex Social Club15$1,500
On The Record15$2,500
Light 15$2,500
Tao Beach15$1,500-$2,000

As you can see, with a larger group you have fewer options for cheap tables. Nightclubs typically charge a premium for their biggest tables, largely due to the fact that they often have the best location within the club.

Since your options are limited, it may be worth purchasing a more expensive table at the club you want instead of settling for a cheaper table at a club you don’t want to go to. This won’t break the bank since you’ll be splitting the bill 15 ways. The more people you have in your group, the less you pay per person. A $2,500 table split 15 ways is cheaper per person than a $2,000 table split 10 ways.

Big groups can also get two smaller tables instead of one large one. In some cases splitting up is cheaper than sticking together. If you decide to go this route understand that the two tables may not be next to each other. On busy nights it’s possible you get two tables that are on completely different sides of the club.

How Do I Reserve Bottle Service?

The easiest way to reserve bottle service is to contact a VIP host that works at the club. VIP hosts handle all bottle service reservations at the club from inquiry all the way to greeting you at the door and escorting you in. If you’re interested in reserving a bottle service table you can contact us here, and we’ll put you in touch with a VIP host that works at the club of your choice.

Are There Additional Costs With Bottle Service?

When you purchase bottle service you are required to meet the minimum spend for the table you purchased. When you agree to the minimum spend you actually get the table for free, so that isn’t an additional cost. You also get free entry into the club, so there is no need to pay cover.

You will however, always end up spending more than the minimum spend. This is because there is an 8% tax and a 20% gratuity added onto your final tab. Both of these are automatically added to the bill, so don’t worry about tipping the cocktail waitress in cash.

Some clubs also require you to purchase a minimum number of bottles. So depending on the price of the bottles you choose, you may slightly exceed your minimum spend number. The average bottle in a Vegas nightclub costs between $350-$600, unless you bought a special package that lowers the price.

Is Bottle Service Worth It?

Bottle service is the best way to party in Las Vegas. You get a number of benefits including: expedited entry, waived cover charge, a private area with seating, a cocktail waitress, security, VIP status within the club and access to the girl guy.

Having a private table with seating is a big deal, since there is no seating available in general admission. Tables also draw a lot of attention within the club, giving you semi-celebrity status. This may sound superficial but the effects are real inside of nightclubs. Bottle service tables are by far the easiest way to meet women in Las Vegas, especially when you enlist the help of the girl guy.

Nevertheless, you can still have fun in Vegas without bottle service. All Vegas nightclubs offer free entry when you use their guest list. Women get free entry at every club, while men get free admission when they have an even ratio of women in their group (or more women than men). A few clubs even let men on the guest list into the club for free without even ratio. So, bottle service isn’t required, but you’ll definitely enjoy it. If you can afford it, then it’s worth it in my opinion.