About Us

Who Are We?

We having been living and going out in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas, for quite some time. Everyone involved with NiteThrive, has either worked in the nightlife industry here in Las Vegas or have been going out to these clubs multiple days a week for several years. I actually believe I hold the record for that, going out about 55 days strait.

We have been, and continue, to go out nonstop so you can imagine the wealth of information we have collected about Vegas nightlife. Every piece of advice offered and recommendation given by us, are the exact things we do ourselves.

NiteThrive was built as a resource for you to go do all the fun stuff Sin City has to offer, without being taken for a ride. We are committed to helping you have the most fun possible here is Vegas. We offer our firsthand experience on nightclubs, pool parties and attractions, along with general travel recommendations for everything there is to do in Las Vegas.