Who Are We?

We are a team of dedicated people who have been turning up in the party capital of the world, Las Vegas, for quite some time. Everyone involved with NiteThrive, including myself (Ryan), have either worked in the nightlife industry out here in Las Vegas or have been going out to these clubs multiple days a week for several years. I actually believe I hold the record for that, going out about 55 days strait.

We have been, and continue, to go out nonstop so you can imagine the wealth of information we have collected about Vegas nightlife. Every piece of advice offered and recommendation given by us, are the exact things we do ourselves. I personally guest list through our site when I want to go out.

It had become obvious to us that there was no real online resource that went into deep detail on Vegas nightlife in an unbiased way. This is why we created NiteThrive, to take the wealth of knowledge we had amassed and give it to you. If there is a club that absolutely sucks, then I’m not going to recommend it. We reveal some of Vegas’s best kept secrets here, the ones that allow them to make the big bucks $$.

NiteThrive was built as a resource for you to go do all the fun stuff Sin City has to offer, without being taken for a ride. We are committed to helping you have the most fun possible here is Vegas. We offer our firsthand experience on nightclubs, pool parties and attractions, along with general travel recommendations for everything there is to do in Las Vegas.

Why Is The Guest List Free?

The reason the guest list exists is because nightclubs have a hard time filling themselves up with people, especially early on in the night. In fact, a majority of the guests that you see in a nightclub, came in on the guest list. There are currently 13 mega-clubs here in Vegas that can accommodate between 500-5,000 guests each a night. That’s a lot of competition. There are a good amount of big name DJ’s here in Vegas, but you can bet that they are not selling out of 5,000 tickets every night!

In order to incentivize people to come to their nightclub, the clubs created guest lists advertising free entry, among other perks. They even hired promoters to walk the Vegas Strip everyday to get people to sign up for the guest list and come to their club. These promoters even have quotas of people they must bring in every week.

There are two reasons why nightclubs are willing to cannibalize their tickets sales. One being, to incentivize guests to show up early and fill up the venue. The other being that nightclubs make most of their money selling VIP tables.

Yeah they still make money selling tickets and drinks at the bar (I hope they do at $20 a drink), but a majority of their revenue comes from bottle service. Nightclubs cater to and make most of their money from high rollers, dropping a couple thousand dollars on bottle service.

So, this is why the guest list is free. It is no secret that clubs offer free guest lists. And if you have been to Vegas before you have probably met a few promoters trying to convince you to join their guest list. What we offer here at NiteThrive is the choice to guest list at any club you want all in one place. Our guest list services are completely free and we won’t spam you with messages begging you to keep coming out to the club.