Downtown Las Vegas Hotel & Casino Map 2023 (Printable PDF)

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There’s a reason why locals avoid the Strip and flock to Downtown Las Vegas. Downtown casinos offer better gambling odds, lower table minimums, inexpensive food, and a whole lot of entertainment.

If you plan on visiting Downtown Las Vegas (and I recommend you do), take this map of Fremont Street with you. It will help you navigate the otherwise confusing area with ease. You can download and print out the map below…

Downtown Las Vegas Map featuring Fremont Street.
Downtown Las Vegas Map (click for larger view)

Download Map of Downtown Las Vegas PDF

(If you’re looking for a similar style map of the Las Vegas Strip, you can find one here. Feel free to download and print that one too.)

There are currently 12 casinos in Downtown Las Vegas (listed below). All of them are located directly on Fremont Street, with the exception of the Downtown Grand, the California, and Main Street Station. You can walk to every casino in the area, even the ones that are found off of Fremont Street. The furthest properties are only about a 5-minute walk apart (10 minutes if you walk really slow).

  • Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino
  • Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
  • Plaza Hotel & Casino
  • Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino
  • Four Queens
  • Binion’s Hotel Casino
  • El Cortez Hotel & Casino
  • The D Casino & Hotel
  • Circa Resort & Casino
  • California Hotel & Casino
  • Fremont Hotel & Casino
  • Main Street Station Casino Brewery Hotel

Interactive Map of Downtown Las Vegas

I added all of the casinos and many of the attractions in Downtown Las Vegas to the Google Map below (the map is interactive, so you can zoom in). As you can see, most of the attractions are clustered around Fremont Street. But you’ll find a few of them further south.

(By default, this map is only set to show the casinos. To see nearby attractions, restaurants, and bars just click the little arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the map. You can enable which layers of the Fremont Street map you want to see.)

If you want to see all the fun things that you can do in Downtown Las Vegas, check out this blog post. I actually went and visited all of the Downtown casinos and attractions, so only the things that are worth doing are included in that post.

How To Get To Downtown Las Vegas (Easiest Way)

There are really only 4 ways to get to Downtown Las Vegas from the Strip. They include:

  • Driving (either your own vehicle or a rental)
  • Rideshare apps (Uber/Lyft)
  • Taxi cabs
  • Buses


If you drove your own car to Las Vegas, or if you have a rental, then driving is obviously going to be your first option. However, it should be noted that while driving is convenient, parking can be hard to find in Downtown Las Vegas. I encountered this issue my first time visiting Fremont Street, and it was a huge headache.

If you do plan on driving, then check out the Downtown Las Vegas parking guide. I mapped out all of the garages in the area, and listed out their daily rates. Knowing where to park beforehand will make your life a whole lot easier. Plus, there are a few ways to guarantee free parking.

Rideshare Apps and Taxis

The second-best option behind driving yourself is taking an Uber or Lyft. A ride from the Strip to Fremont Street will only cost you about $15. You can get dropped off at whatever casino you want and won’t have to worry about parking.

I recommend ridesharing apps over taxis. They are going to be less expensive (about $5-$10 cheaper), and the wait times are going to be exactly the same. There are more Uber/Lyft drivers in Las Vegas than taxi drivers, so finding a ride quickly isn’t an issue.

Deuce Bus

If you’re on a tight budget, you could also take the Deuce Bus to Downtown Las Vegas. It will take a little longer than the other options, but it will save you some money. If you plan on taking the Deuce Bus, check out the guide I put together here. All the prices for the Deuce, along with a downloadable map of all the stops, are available in that post.

Can You Walk From the Strip to Downtown Las Vegas?

Technically you can walk from Fremont Street from the Strip, but it’s not recommended. Depending on your starting point, it can easily take upwards of 2 hours to walk Downtown. Also, the areas that you need to walk through are not tourist-friendly. It feels like you’re walking on the side of a highway.

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