How To Get Into Las Vegas Pool Parties For Free?

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Attending a pool party is one of the most exciting things to do in Las Vegas. But, tickets for these dayclubs can get expensive. Luckily, there are some ways to party at Vegas’ best pools for free.

How to get into Las Vegas pool parties for free? Anyone can get into Vegas pool parties for free. These are the simplest ways to guarantee free entry:

  1. Sign up for the pool party guest list.
  2. Stay at a hotel that offers guests free entry into the on-property pool party.
  3. Stay at a Resort that owns multiple properties and allows guests to travel between pools.

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Get Into Pool Parties For Free On The Guest List

The easiest way to get into a Vegas pool party is to sign up for the guest list. Most pool parties have guest lists online, that allow you to get into the club for free. These guest lists grant you free entry if you show up before a certain time.

However, some guest list have ratio requirements. This means that groups of women get in for free, but groups of men must have an even ratio of women in their group in order to get free entry (or have more women in their group than men). Not all pool parties have ratio requirements, but many do. I’ll cover which dayclubs require ratio in the next section.

Pool Parties That Don’t Require Ratio

You may think that the best pool parties would have the strictest ratio requirements, but that isn’t always the case. These pool parties are actually among the best in Vegas:

Both Wet Republic and Daylight Beach Club allow men and women to enter the club for free on their guest lists. This includes groups of men that don’t have any women in their group. I highly recommend these clubs to groups of all guys, since tickets would normally cost $30-$75 per person without the guest list.

Pool Parties That Require Even Ratio

Women will get into every pool party for free using the guest list. But, a majority of the top pool parties in Las Vegas will require groups of men to have even ratio. These include:

Guest List Cut-Off Time For Pool Parties

It’s important to make sure you sign up for the guest list the night before you plan on attending the pool party. Most pool parties open by 11:00 am, so it will likely be too late if you try signing up the morning of the event.

Also, note the there is a cutoff time for pool party guest lists around 1:00 pm. If you arrive after that time you will be required to pay full cover. I recommend getting in line right when the club opens, since the lines tend to get long.

Hotels That Allow Guests Into Pool Parties For Free

It’s necessary to differentiate between hotel pools (covered in the next section) and pool parties. Pool parties similar to nightclubs, have DJs and events. Regular hotel pools typically do not.

Not every hotel that has a pool party will allow their guests in for free. A select few hotels will, but a majority of them won’t. You can however, go to the concierge desk at your hotel and ask if they offer discounted tickets to guests.

As of now, the only hotels that grant their guests free entry into the on-property pool party are the Cosmopolitan and the Cromwell. If you’re staying at the Cosmopolitan you can get into Marquee Dayclub by showing your hotel room key. And if you’re staying at the Cromwell you can do the same thing and get into Drai’s Beachclub for free.

Hotel Pools That Are Free For Non-Guests

Most of the hotels on the strip are run by a handful of companies. For example Caesars Entertainment alone owns: Caesars Palace, Bally’s, The Cromwell, The Flamingo, The Linq, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Harrah’s, and The Rio.

If your staying at any of these hotels, you can get into all the pools at the other hotels. Most of them are free. I mentioned earlier that Cromwell guests can get into Drai’s Beachclub free of charge. In fact, if you’re staying at any of hotel owned by Caesars Entertainment, you can get into Drai’s Beachclub for free before 1:00 pm.

The same goes for any Las Vegas hotel that also owns another property. If you’re staying at the Wynn, you also get access to the pools at the Encore, and vice versa.

Las Vegas Pool Party Dress Code

All Las Vegas pool parties have a dress code. You’re required to be wearing swimwear when you show up to the pool party, jeans or sportswear (like basketball shorts) are not allowed. Women also have to wear a cover-up while walking through the hotel or waiting in line.

You’re allowed to bring a small bag to most pool parties. Many of then have lockers for rent, so you won’t have to lug everything around all day. You can also bring hats and sunglasses into the pool areas. Towels are provided at nearly every pool.

Hotel pools are less strict with dress code, but swimwear is highly encouraged. Although, management always reserves the right to deny you entry due to dress code.

When Does Pool Party Season Start

Pool parties season starts in early to mid March, and runs until October. Many hotels maintain heated pools year round, but these are hardly considered pool parties. If you’re looking for a dayclub during the winter, Lavo Party Brunch is your best option. Lavo doesn’t have a pool, but it will definitely satisfy your party appetite.

Related Questions

What should I bring to pool parties in Las Vegas? All you need to bring to a pool party is your wallet, ID/drivers license, swimwear, and ideally open toed shoes. Although, you’re allowed to bring a bag into most pool parties it’s best to pack light. Towels are provided at most pools. It’s also a good idea to put on sunscreen before you leave you hotel.

How much does bottle service cost at Las Vegas pool parties? Bottle service at a pool party costs between $500-$10,000+ depending on the venue, your group size and how busy the club is. Bottle service for 6-8 people typically cost between $500-$1,500. Tables for 9-12 guests normally costs between $1,000-$4,000. And bottle service for 13-15 people can cost $2,000-$10,000, depending on the factors mentioned above. You can get a better sense of the bottle service prices at every pool party here.