Las Vegas Bottle Service: Price & Quote Comparison

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Las Vegas bottle service prices at nightclubs.

After spending countless hours comparing bottle service prices in Las Vegas, I was able to find the best bottle service deals. To write this post, I compiled over 300 bottle service quotes from VIP hosts, that work at these nightclubs. I then used those quotes to create pricing guides for 20 of the most popular dayclubs and nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas bottle service tables generally cost $350-$1,500 for a group of 6-8 people, $1,500-$3,000 for a group of 9-12 people and $3,000-$8,000 for a group of 13-15 people. These totals don’t include the required 8% sales tax and 18-20% gratuity. Individual bottles cost $350-$600 each.

Prices often change based on a variety of factors including: demand, the DJ that’s performing, your group size, table location and the time of year that you’re in Vegas. But this article should give you a general idea of approximately what bottle service is going to cost you.

First, a quick note. These lists are separated by group size. The three group sizes are 6-8 guests, 9-12 guests and 13-15+ guests. Your group size is one of the most important factors in determining the final table price.

Bottle Service Prices in Las Vegas

This first chart compares bottle service prices at all Vegas clubs on the Las Vegas Strip for groups of 6-8 people. This also includes any group with less than 6 people, since the smallest tables at most clubs seat 6 guests. There are a few exceptions where you can get a table for 2-4 people that I’ll mention later.

Las Vegas Bottle Service for Small Groups

ClubGroup SizePrice
EBC at Night6-8 $1,200
Light6-8 $600
Omnia6-8 $2,000
Hakkasan6-8 $1,500
Jewel6-8 $1,500
Marquee6-8 $600
Tao6-8 $600
Apex6-8 $350
On The Record6-8 $800
Drai’s6-8 $1,000
Encore Beach Club6-8 $1,500
Wet Republic6-8 $1,500
Drai’s Beachclub6-8 $1,500
Daylight6-8 $750
Tao Beach 6-8 $500
Marquee Dayclub6-8 $1,000
Lavo Party Brunch6-8 $750

Bottle Service For Medium-Sized Groups

This second table is for groups that have between 9-12 guests. These are the mid-tier tables and often represent the best bargains within the club. You will often find these tables are located very close to the action.

ClubGroup SizePrice
EBC at Night9-12 $2,000
Light9-12 $1,500
Omnia9-12 $4,000
Hakkasan9-12 $2,500
Jewel9-12 $2,500
Marquee9-12 $1,500
Tao9-12 $1,500
Apex9-12 $1,000
On The Record9-12 $1,500
Drai’s9-12 $3,000
Encore Beach Club9-12$4,000
Wet Republic9-12 $3,000
Drai’s Beachclub9-12 $2,500
Daylight9-12 $1,500
Tao Beach 9-12 $1,000
Marquee Dayclub9-12 $3,000
Lavo Party Brunch9-12 $2,500

Bottle Service For Large Groups

The final set of tables are the largest available. These tables can seat between 13-20+ guests depending on the club, and often have the best view of the DJ.

ClubGroup SizePrice
Chateau13-15+ $2,000
XS13-15+ $7,000
EBC at Night13-15+ $4,000
Light13-15+ $2,500
Omnia13-15+ $7,000
Hakkasan13-15+ $5,000
Jewel13-15+ $4,000
Marquee13-15+ $3,000
Tao13-15+ $3,000
Apex13-15+ $1,500
On The Record13-15+ $2,500
Drai’s13-15+ $5,000
Encore Beach Club13-15+$8,000
Wet Republic13-15+ $7,000
Drai’s Beachclub13-15+ $5,000
Daylight13-15+ $2,000
Tao Beach 13-15+ $2,500
Marquee Dayclub13-15+ $6,000
Lavo Party Brunch13-15+ $4,000

It’s important to note that tables can vary in price based on their location within the club. For example, dance floor tables at Omnia cost around $8,000 and seat 15 people, while the skyboxes only cost $6,000 and seat up to 20. The prices in these charts are averages for each group size. There are plenty of great tables that cost less than these averages. You also have the choice to pay up for a better table location.

With that being said, I often get asked the question “What are the best bottle service deals?” Or “Where can I find the cheapest bottle service?” So I’ll cover a couple of the lowest-priced options in the next section.

Cheapest Bottle Service Deals In Las Vegas

The lowest-priced bottle service is usually available for the smallest groups. But there are some clubs that offer discounts to larger groups too. These are the clubs that have the lowest-priced bottle service:

ClubGroup SizePrice
On The Record6$600
Drai’s 6$600
Lavo Party Brunch6$500
Tao Beach6$500

Apex Social Club has the cheapest bottle service by far. Apex is more like a rooftop bar than a typical nightclub but it has one of the best views in Las Vegas. This club has 3 bottle service specials, including a buy one get one free special for $350. This will get 8 people a table and 2 bottles of alcohol.

Chateau also has a couple of bottle service specials. The best one includes 3 bottles for up to 10 guests. All 4 of the deals offered here costs less than $1,000.

On the Record offers affordable tables. But you can also get an entire room if you want to have a private karaoke session.

Both Light and Daylight offer bottle service starting at around $500 on most nights. On Wednesdays, Light sometimes has tables available for as low as $300. You can also upgrade to a table for up to 8 guests for $750. Daylight has some of the cheapest cabanas among Vegas pool parties. You can often secure a 15-person cabana for about $1,500. That’s only $100 a person!

Lavo Party Brunch is the only dayclub open in the winter in Las Vegas. It has bottle service starting at $500 which includes brunch. This is by far my favorite bottle service deal.

There is no denying that these bottle service tables are super cheap compared to other VIP tables. But, the final costs is often a bit higher than the quoted price. I’ll explain how Vegas bottle service pricing works in the section below.

Table service at a party in a nightclub in Las Vegas.

How Bottle Service Pricing Works In Vegas

There is often some confusion around how Las Vegas bottle service pricing actually works. Does the quoted price include the alcohol and the table? Can I split the bill? What counts towards my minimum spend? What is included in the package? These are all common questions that I’ll answer below:

What are table minimums? And do I pay for the table separately?

I’ll start off by saying that the table prices listed here and the quotes you get anywhere else are “table minimums.” This means that you agree to spend at least the quoted price while at the club. Items that go toward that minimum spend number include:

  • Bottles of alcohol
  • Individual drinks ordered on the tab
  • Food
  • Bottled water and energy drinks
  • Bottle presentations

You’re allowed to purchase anything you want at the club as long as you meet the minimum spend number before you leave. If you don’t reach that number, you will be charged the balance. When you agree to the minimum spend you get the actual table for free. So you don’t purchase that separately.

How much do individual bottles cost?

The individual bottles that count toward that spend cost between $350- $600 on average. Bottle prices are different at every club as each club has its own bottle menu. The same Las Vegas bottle can cost more at one club than another. Things can also have prices on different days of the week. Vegas definitely has higher prices than your typical bottles at home.

Is my table guaranteed?

A lot of people want to know if they can lose their table if they are running late. The answer is yes and no. There are three ways that clubs allow you to reserve a table in Vegas: deposit, full prepay, and demand-based pricing.

Demand-based clubs will accept your bottle service reservation and give you a quote, but won’t take your money. They wait to see how many reservations they get before determining the final price. So when you show up, you may pay more or you may pay less than the original quoted price. But if you show up late, the club won’t hesitate to sell your table even though you “reserved” it because everything is based off of demand. So, yes in this scenario you can lose your table and will have to purchase one in a different location.

Most clubs ask you to put down a deposit, which is about 20% of the table minimum. When you do this, you guarantee that you get a table at the club. But again, if you show up extremely late the club will sell your table and move you to a less desirable location. You’ll still pay the agreed-upon amount, you just won’t get your preferred table.

The only way to fully guarantee a table is to do a full prepay. Most clubs don’t offer this anymore but it would fully guarantee your table.

Does the quoted bottle service price include a tip?

The table minimum that you’re agreeing to does not include taxes or a gratuity. However, both tax (8%) and gratuity (18-20%) will automatically be added to your final bill when you go to sign the check, so don’t worry about leaving a tip for the waitress cash.

Taxes and gratuities aren’t counted towards your table minimum. For this reason, you should expect your final bill to be about 30% more than your minimum spend. So, if your table minimum is $1,000, expect to spend at least $1,300. There is no way to avoid these fees.

When and how do I pay the bill?

You can close out your bill at any time. So, you can either order everything right away and close it out within an hour, or wait until the end of the night. It’s up to you. You’re able to split the bill between 3 credit cards at most clubs. You can also pay cash. If you put down a deposit earlier, that amount will be taken off of the final bill.

How do I reserve table service?

To reserve Las Vegas bottle service at any club, you’ll need to talk to a VIP host. Hosts are employed by the club and handle all table service reservations and inquiries. If you’re interested in getting a bottle you can contact us here and we’ll put you in touch with a host that takes table reservations at the club of your choice.

Should I get nightclub bottle service or beach club bottle service?

Nightclub bottle service and beach club bottle service are both a ton of fun. If you want to stretch your budget as far as possible, I recommend nightclub bottle service on weekdays, and pool party bottle service on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Avoiding the clubs and pool parties that have the biggest performer is another way to extend your budget. An event with big DJs always costs more.

Bottle Service Las Vegas – Related Questions

What benefits do I get with bottle service Las Vegas? Some of the perks awarded to nightclub guests with bottle service include: expedited entry through a separate entrance, waived cover charge, a private area within the club, service from your own cocktail waitress, a busser, and security. VIP tables also give you a place to sit and avoid the crowds at the bar. Tables with high enough minimum spends also get access to the girl guy, who goes around the club finding party companions for you. If you want to party like a VIP, you can learn more about the benefits of Vegas bottle service here.

Do I have to purchase bottle service to get into Vegas nightclubs? All Vegas nightclubs sell general admission tickets and also offer free entry on their guest list. Women on the guest list get free admission at every club while men require an even ratio of women to get in free at most clubs. Some clubs do offer men free entry without ratio. You can sign up for both nightclub and dayclub guest lists online The services are free.

What venues are bottle service nightclubs? All nightclubs in Las Vegas (from Omnia at Caesars Palace to XS at the Encore) are all able to book at a bottle service table. If you’re looking to save money, you’re going to want to go to a smaller venue. On the contrary, if you want to spend a lot, you can pay extra to get some shows with your bottle service presentation.

Is bottle service cheaper for girls or guys? All of the tables cost the same for everyone. However, if you care to go through the extra effort of getting a comp table, only girls are able to do that. If you want to score free bottle service for your friends, I wrote a more in-depth guide on complimentary bottle service in Las Vegas.