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The Venetian Resort & Casino

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About Tao Beach

Tao Beach at the Venetian is a top choice if you are looking for a Vegas pool party that combines relaxation with wild partying. Tao Beach is smaller than most dayclubs making it less hectic (relatively), and allowing guests to party at their own pace. This club is great for large groups who want a fun high energy environment, but don’t want too many drinks spilled on them.

Tao beach, like Tao nightclub, plays a solid mix of EDM, Hip Hop, and top 40 music. There aren’t too many big name DJs that you will recognize playing here, but that is not necessarily a bad thing since the focus of the club is shifted more toward the actual music over the DJs name.

How The Tao Beach Guest List Works

When you sign up for the Tao Beach guest list (which you can do for free above), simply provide your group size, the date you’re attending and your contact info. Signing up for the guest list allows you to enjoy several benefits:

  • Women get free entry into the club.
  • Men get free entry with an even ratio of women in their group (or a greater number of women than men).

After signing up for the guest list, we will connect you with a promoter that works at the venue. You will receive a text message confirmation from that promoter shortly after signing up.

So now, when you arrive at the club all you have to do is find a Tao Beach kiosk, which I’ll cover how to find below. Once you find the kiosk give them your name and the staff will check you in. They will give you a stamp and direct you to the Tao Beach elevators.

Tao Beach Ticket Prices

When using the guest list at Tao Beach all women (and men with even ratio) will never have to purchase a ticket. Our guest list services at NiteThrive are completely free. If you want more information about how the guest list works and why it is free you can learn more here.

There are some instances where you may want to purchase a ticket like during a holiday or special event. So to give you some context this table shows how much tickets cost at Tao.

Method of EntryWomenMen
Guest ListFreeFree (with even ratio)
General Admission (Tickets)$15 – $30$20 – $50
Holiday or Special Event (Tickets)$50 – $100$75 – $150

Also keep in mind ticket prices go up as the event gets closer. I’ve seen prices skyrocket to over $100 at the door on really busy days.

How do I Get To Tao Beach?

Tao Beach is located in the Venetian, near the hotel pools. Before you go into the club you must first find a Tao Beach kiosk on casino floor. There is one near the self-park garage so if you follow the signs for the garage you will find it. Keep in mind that if you can’t find the kiosk, the easiest thing to do is ask the staff. Don’t worry you won’t look like a newbie, they get that question all the time.

Once at the kiosk they will give you a stamp and send you over to the elevators. In the elevator just press the pool button and that will take you to the club.

Tao Beach Wait Time

The lines at Tao Beach can get long on Friday and Saturday, so its best to get here early meaning by 10:45 am if you are on the guest list. You DO NOT want to be at the end of that line, especially if you are on the guest list. There is a cut-off time around 12:30 pm so if you’re not in by then you will no longer get free entry and will have to pay cover.

Dress Code For Tao Beach

Swimwear is required at all Vegas pool parties and dayclubs. Athletic shorts, cargo shorts and jeans are not allowed into the club. Women are required to wear a cover-up. If you try to walk around the hotel in your bikini the staff will tell you to leave. I made a full dress code guide for both men and women so if you are unsure what to wear check those out. T-shirts, tank tops and hats are also allowed here.