Vegas Guest List vs Buying Tickets: Key Advantages To Know

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Two of the most common ways to get into a Vegas nightclub are signing up for the guest list and purchasing tickets. Each method of entry has it’s advantages. But, depending on the guy to girl ratio of your group, the specific club you decide to attend and when you visit Vegas, you may want to choose one over the other. In this article, I’ll compare buying tickets to the guest list and when each one makes sense.

Guest List: Pros Vs Cons

In my opinion, the guest list is the easiest way to get into Vegas nightclubs. It’s fast and easy to sign up for, but most importantly, it’s free. These are some of the main benefits you get by using the guest list.


  • Women always get free entry
  • Men get free entry at most clubs if they have an even ratio of women in their group (or more women than men)
  • Some clubs allow men free entry without ratio
  • Occasionally get free drink tickets or open bar (depending on the club)


  • Some clubs can have long lines on busy nights
  • There is a cutoff time around 12:30 am for nightclubs and 12:30 pm for dayclubs
  • Guest lists aren’t available for major holidays (like the 4th of July or New Years)

At most clubs if you have a group of all girls or your group has at least a 1:1 ratio of guys to girls, you will get in for free. The only exceptions are during holidays and when a few specific DJs are performing (only applies to Calvin Harris, 2 Chainz and Migos). Several clubs allow men in for free without ratio.

All Vegas clubs have guest lists and anyone can sign up for them. You can sign up online or through a promoter that works for the club. It takes less than 2 minutes to sign up and it’s completely free.

When you use the guest list it’s important that you get to the venue on time. Guest lists are popular and the lines can get extremely long. In fact, the majority of guests you’ll see inside of Vegas clubs, came in on the guest list.

To ensure you get in, aim to arrive by 10:15 pm at the latest for nightclubs. There is a cutoff time around 12:30 am, so if you’re not in by then you’ll have to pay full cover. Dayclubs often get even busier than nightclubs, so try to arrive by 10:15 am at the latest.

It’s also important to point out that all guest lists are the same. Whether you sign up online or through a promoter, it makes no difference. There is no benefit to using one guest list over another.

Purchasing Tickets: Pros Vs Cons

There are two types of tickets sold at Vegas nightclubs, pre-sale and general admission. Despite the fact that their names sound radically different, the two types of tickets are essentially the same.

The only difference between the two is that pre-sale tickets are bought in advance and general admission tickets are bought at the door. Also, pre-sale tickets are usually a bit cheaper than paying cover at the door. If you want to compare ticket prices at every Vegas club, you can do that here. But for now, lets look at the advantages offered by tickets:


  • Guaranteed entry into the club
  • Often has the shortest lines
  • No ratio requirements


  • Cost money (pre-sale tickets normally cost between $20-$75 depending on the club)
  • Tickets prices rise as the night goes on
  • Miss out on drink ticket and open bar promotions

The main thing you want to be aware of when buying a ticket at the door is rising prices. A $50 cover charge at 10:30 pm will often rise to $150 by 12:30 am, as the venue fills up. Also, men pay substantially more for a ticket than women (this applies to pre-sale too).

For this reason, I don’t recommend paying cover at the door unless you’re in a serious pinch. You’ll end up paying much more than you should. Additionally, guest lists remain open until 7:00 pm the day of the event. Chances are you can still sign up for the guest list and get in for free.

Women should almost never be purchasing a ticket to a Vegas nightclub (except for holidays). Groups of women can always get in for free on the guest list.

Guest List or Tickets: Which Is Better?

In most scenarios, the guest list is the way to go. It is the cheapest option and if you get in line on time, you’ll get inside the club quickly. There is no need to pay for entry, if you can get in for free. Living in Vegas, I have used the guest list hundreds of times over several years and have never had an issue.

Buying a ticket only makes sense during special events or if you have a group of guys and can’t meet the ratio requirements for a club. Even in that instance, there are multiple top level clubs that allow guys in for free on the guest list, regardless of ratio.

Women, as I have already mentioned, get free entry at all clubs on the guest list. Purchasing a ticket is complete overkill. Getting into the club for free so you have more money for drinks, is a much smarter move. You may even get free drink tickets just for being on the guest list.

Are There Any Guest List Restrictions?

Outside of the ratio requirements that many clubs have, there are very few guest list restrictions. Anyone can sign up for the guest list (you don’t have to be a super model or celebrity). And unlike other cities, nightclubs in Las Vegas don’t have a bouncer judging you at the door. If you’re on the guest list, you get in.

The only thing that you want to be careful of is dress code. If you don’t meet the dress code, security will not let you into the club. You will be required to change and come back, which is a huge pain.

Every club has different dress code rules, but for guys a dress shirt and jeans with dress shoes will work at every venue. Women have more leeway and can essentially wear whatever they want. Although, most women wear a dress that fits their form well, paired with either heels or flats.

For pool parties you must be wearing swimwear. Women also have to have a cover-up before they get into the club. For night time pool parties you can wear either swimwear or regular nightclub attire. I go more in depth on both dress codes for men and women here.

Related Questions

How do I sign up for the guest list? The easiest way to get on the guest list is to sign up online. You can sign up for both nightclub and dayclub guest lists here. Just include your name, the number men and women in your group, the date you’re attending, and your contact information. Once you sign up you’ll get a text message confirmation.

Is there a separate guest list line at the club? All Vegas nightclubs have a separate line for guest list reservations. There will be signs at every club, guiding you in the right direction. Once in the correct line, the staff at the venue will check you in.