Under 21 In Las Vegas: 18+ Clubs That Are Worth Your Time

If you’re under the age of 21, you may find that there isn’t a whole lot to do in Las Vegas. But, I have found that there are still a few places where 18-year-olds can legally party.

Las Vegas nightclubs are extremely strict with ID’s, so unless you’re 21 you won’t be able to enter the big nightclubs. However, 18-year-olds can party at Little Darlings. Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge is also a popular destination for those who aren’t old enough to drink.

If you’re under 21, you need to get creative if you don’t want your vacation to consist of shopping and visiting museums. There are only a handful of Vegas party options that don’t have age restrictions. I’ll cover the best ones, along with a few non-party options that are still a ton of fun.

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Little Darlings

I mention Little Darlings first because it’s the closest thing you’re going to come to a traditional Vegas nightclub. If you’re a guy, you can’t truly get the full Vegas experience without taking a trip to at least one Gentlemen’s club. And for those of you under 21, Little Darlings is your best option.

Even without alcohol, the club gets pretty wild. This gives you the option to sit back and hang out with your friends, chat up the dancers or even get some private dances. The choice is yours. Being between the ages of 18-20 also gives you an advantage, since most of the girls are around that age too.

The club is open from 11 am to 6 am Monday through Saturday and from 6 pm to 4 am on Sunday. It’s located about 5-10 minutes from the strip and offers a free limo pickup when you call the number on their website. There is also a coupon you can print off to get a discounted admission of $15.

Cloud 9 Hookah Lounge

Cloud 9 is a small hookah lounge located west of the main Vegas strip. They don’t serve alcohol so it is 18+, but they obviously have hookah available. The smoke may be a turn-off for some people but that is the nature of this club.

Cloud 9 is a popular place for 18 to 20-year-olds to hang out, especially on the weekends. I would almost compare it to an 18+ nightclub since most of the guests here are so young.

The vibe here on a busy night is very similar to a dance club, so if you’re looking to dance and party with people your age Cloud 9 is a good option.

This club can be found about 10 minutes west of the strip, which may seem a little far if you don’t have a car. But an Uber or Lyft from any of the main casinos will only cost about $15 ($25 max during rush hour). If you have a few friends, you can even split the fare. If you’re looking to party I would only recommend coming here on a Friday or Saturday.

Fremont Street Experience

Fremont Street is in downtown Las Vegas. The energy here is electric and it feels very similar to Times Square in New York City. There are crowds of people walking up and down the street, along with street performers, rides (like zip-lining), and bars.

While you won’t be able to drink, you’ll still feel like you’re in the center of the action. This is also a hot spot to see a number of infamous Vegas showgirls walking around. If you visit Fremont Street you are guaranteed to find something fun to do.

Walking The Strip At Night

Similar to Fremont Street, the Vegas strip is an experience in of itself. The vibe is very high energy and there are a ton of sideshows and things to do. If you like to chill with your friends and people watch, this is probably the best place in the world to do it.

If you’re staying in one of the major hotels, then you won’t have to go very far to get to the strip. It’s a super convenient way to just get out of your hotel room and see what happens.

18+ Clubs in Las Vegas
18+ Clubs in Las Vegas

It’s also fun to walk into all the casinos and see what’s going on. It may sound a bit dull, but each casino is designed differently, and walking through them is surprising enjoying. Many of them are like mazes and it’s easy to get lost in them.

Some of the best casinos to explore are the Wynn, Venetian, Palazzo, Mirage, Cosmopolitan, New York-New York, Caesars Palace, and the Luxor. You never know what you’re going to see, especially at night.

Other Things To Do In Vegas Under 21

While those are your best options for things to do at night, there are plenty of other things to do during the day. I’ll leave some of the more obvious things (like shopping or shows) off the list. These are a few of the most fun things to do during the day in Las Vegas, that don’t involve alcohol:

  • Jet skiing and boating on Lake Mead (this is a ton of fun and during the summer the water feels like it’s air temperature)
  • Ski diving (both real and indoor)
  • New York-New York has a roller coaster
  • Visit an escape room (surprisingly a ton of fun)
  • Battlefield Las Vegas (fun for guys and girls and it’s located right next to the strip)
  • Axehole (I know throwing axes sounds kind of violent but this place is family-friendly)
  • Check out the Stratosphere
  • Ride the High Roller (do this one at sunset)
  • Helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon (helicopters are awesome and it’s a 4-hour drive if you don’t take one)
  • Hiking (Red Rock Canyon is my favorite place and only 30 minutes from the strip)

I made a more complete list of all the things there are to do under 21 in Las Vegas here.

Related Questions

Are Vegas nightclubs strict with ID’s? Las Vegas nightclubs, casinos, and bars are all extremely strict when it comes to IDs. Do not attempt to use a fake ID or you will be removed from the property. Casinos take this very seriously as it can cost them their gaming license. If you’re over the age of 21 make sure you have a photo ID that is up to date.

Can you book a hotel in Las Vegas if you’re under 21? Most hotels in Las Vegas require guests to be at least 21 years old to book a room. However, there are a small number of hotels that allow anyone over the age of 18 to make a reservation. I made a list of the best Las Vegas hotels without age restrictions here.

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