Renting a Car in Las Vegas: Everything You Need to Know

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Renting a car in Las Vegas can turn into a frustrating mess if you don’t know what you’re doing. There are a lot of questions that don’t have clear answers, like what company is the cheapest? Which locations accept debit cards? Or, how old do you have to be to rent a car in Las Vegas?

In this post, I’ll answer many of the frequently asked questions regarding rental cars in Las Vegas. Plus some tips on where to get the cheapest rentals and when to book your car.

Cheapest Place to Rent a Car in Las Vegas

The cheapest rental cars in Las Vegas are located in neighborhood offices (off the Strip) and in hotels on the Strip. Cars rented from these offices are roughly 25% cheaper than cars rented from the airport.

Generally, Avis, Hertz and Dollar have the lowest overall rates however, each individual office has different prices. I did a ton of research to find the offices with that consistently have the cheapest rental cars in Las Vegas.

Best Car Rental Company at Las Vegas Airport

Although more expensive, the airport is the most convenient place to rent a car in Las Vegas. There are 12 car rental companies found near McCarran airport, making it difficult to choose the best one. Some companies offer lower prices but completely drop the ball when it comes to customer service.

Choosing the wrong company can result in hours of frustration waiting in line. To ensure you book with the best company, check out the article I wrote comparing all of the best rental car companies at Las Vegas Airport based on price and reliability.

Where to Rent Luxury & Exotic Cars in Las Vegas

You’ll see plenty of exotic and luxury cars cruising down the Las Vegas Strip. If you’ve ever wanted to rent an exotic car and take it for a test drive, Las Vegas is the place to do it. There a several exotic car rental spots in Las Vegas, but they aren’t all created equal.

To help you get the best deal on an luxury car, I reviewed the best all of the best exotic car rental companies in Las Vegas.

How Much Does a Rental Car Cost in Las Vegas?

Rental cars can get expensive. It’s important to know how much they cost so you’re not caught off guard. On average, a compact car rental in Las Vegas costs between $50-$80 a day when including taxes and fees. A full-sized vehicle will run you about $60-$90 per day.

To see EXACTLY how much a rental car costs in Las Vegas when you include taxes, fees and security deposits, check out the article I wrote here comparing hundreds of rental car quotes.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent a Car in Las Vegas?

Most rental car companies allow drivers ages 21+ to rent a car in Las Vegas but will charge a mandatory young driver fee to anyone under 25. A few companies will also rent to drivers as young as 19. There’s a full list of the age restrictions for each rental car rental company in this post, along with their young driver fees.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Rent an Exotic Car in Las Vegas

To rent an exotic car in Las Vegas, you must be at least 25 years old and have a valid insurance policy. Some companies will rent to drivers who are 21 years old, but there aren’t many. There’s a full list of exotic rental car companies that rent to drivers under 25 in this post.

Las Vegas Rental Car Companies with the Best Customer Service

If you don’t want to deal with long lines, cancelled reservations, pushy sales reps and unreliable vehicles, then you’ll definitely want to read the article I wrote comparing the rental car companies in Las Vegas with the best service. In that post I did an in-depth review of every company and my experience with them.

Renting a Car in Las Vegas with a Debit Card

Most major rental car agencies in Las Vegas accept debit cards. However, there are more requirements when using a debit card compared to a credit card. For example, many companies will run customers through a credit check. The security deposit is also much higher.

There are only a few companies that don’t require a credit check when using a debit card. If you’re renting a car with a debit card in Las Vegas and want to avoid credit checks, you’ll want to check out this post.

Where to Rent a Car in Las Vegas with Only Cash

There are only 3 places to rent a car with cash in Las Vegas. However, there are also a few risks of renting a car with cash that you’ll want to be aware of. I mentioned those risks and reviewed all of the companies that accept cash in the linked article.

Do Rental Cars Get More Expensive Closer to the Date?

If you’ve ever noticed rental car prices change as the date gets closer, you’re not alone. I spent weeks comparing quotes to find the best time to book a rental car.

I found that the cheapest time to book a rental is one week before the intended pick up date. Rental cars booked one week before the reservation date are about 15-20% cheaper than cars booked three weeks before the reservation date.

Best Daytrips Near Las Vegas by Car

If you rented a car in Las Vegas and don’t know where to go, there are dozens of things to do off of the Strip. Having a car allows you more freedom to see the attractions that would otherwise be too far away.

There are also dozens of awesome daytrip destinations all around Las Vegas. I compiled a list of all of the best ones within a 3 mile radius of the city.

24 Hour Car Rentals in Las Vegas

Only a handful of rental car companies in Las Vegas that are open 24 hours a day. They include, Alamo, National, Enterprise, Avis and Fox. All of these companies are located at the McCarran Rent-A-Car Center near the Las Vegas airport, except for Fox.

I compared the late-night rates at the 24 hour rental car companies in Las Vegas, and found the cheapest ones.

Do Rental Cars Require Security Deposits in Las Vegas?

Most rental car companies in Las Vegas will require a security deposit of $100-$400 at the time of your rental. The security deposit amount varies depending on the company, office location, vehicle class, and whether or not you’re using a credit card.

Can You Rent a Car from Your Las Vegas Hotel?

Most major hotels in Las Vegas have rental car kiosks in the lobby. Both guests and non-guests are able to make a reservation. Vehicle inventory is generally limited at hotel locations, so it’s best to make a reservation in advance. Rental car prices at these locations are usually lower than the prices at the airport.

What Documents do You Need to Rent a Car in Las Vegas?

To rent a car in Las Vegas, you must provide a valid drivers license and proof of insurance. If you don’t have an auto insurance policy, you may be required to purchase temporary coverage directly from the rental company.

Drivers renting a car with a debit card at McCarran Airport may also need to provide a second form of identification, along with proof of a return flight.

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance in Las Vegas?

All rental car companies will try to get you to purchase their insurance. It isn’t mandatory that you get extra insurance however, there are a few situations where it makes a lot of sense. If you’re not sure whether or not you need rental car insurance, check out this article.

What Happens if You Keep Your Rental Car an Extra Day

Most rental car companies offer a grace period where they won’t charge you extra fees for returning your vehicle late. However, every company has a different policy. If you’re not sure how much your rental company charges for late returns, check out this post. It has a compiled list of all the major rental car companies and their late fees.

Should You Rent a Car in Las Vegas?

Whether or not you need to rent a car in Las Vegas is dependent upon what attractions you want to see. A rental car is not completely necessary if you plan on staying on the Strip for the entirety of your trip.

However, it may be more cost effective to rent a car if you’re leaving the Strip. If you’re on the fence about renting a car, check out this article comparing the pros and cons of renting a car in Las Vegas.

How to Get Around Las Vegas without a Car

There are plenty of ways to get around Las Vegas without a car. They include the monorail, taxis, buses and ridesharing apps. You can also walk to most attractions on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get around Las Vegas without a car, check out this article.