Best Outdoor Nightclubs in Las Vegas: The Complete Guide

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Las Vegas nightclubs are unique in that many of them have large outdoor sections. Some clubs only have small outdoor terraces while others are entirely outdoors. Either way, outdoor nightclubs are a great way to enjoy the warm Vegas weather while partying it up at a world-class nightclub. These are the best outdoor nightclubs in Las Vegas.

Outdoor Clubs in Las Vegas

1. EBC at Night

EBC at Night is the nighttime iteration of the popular dayclub, Encore Beach Club. Anyone looking to party outdoors will find EBC at Night to be the ultimate outdoor nightclub experience. This is because the entire club is exposed to the night sky.

EBC is entirely outdoors because it is primarily a pool party. The nightclub has 3 large pools, in addition to a gaming pavilion (craps and blackjack) and 3 large bars. The club features performances from DJs like The Chainsmokers, Diplo, and Dillon Francis.

You can get free entry into EBC at Night by signing up for the club’s guest list. Women on the guest list always get free entry into the club. Men on the other hand must have an even ratio of women in their group (or a greater number of women than men) to get into the club for free. This outdoor club is located at the Encore at The Wynn.

2. Drai’s Nightclub

Drai’s is the longstanding nightclub found at the Cromwell Hotel. Since the club is located on the rooftop of the hotel, the view is fantastic. In the summer months, Drai’s opens up its two large pools, making for an entirely outdoor party environment.

The pools here are only open on Thursday nights, as opposed to EBC where they are always open. When Drai’s isn’t hosting a pool party the club opens up its large indoor area, turning the venue into a half indoor, half outdoor nightclub. For these nights the club moves the main stage indoors, although you’re still able to go outside.

Live Hip Hop performances are common place at Drai’s. Artists like the Migos, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, and French Montana perform here regularly. Women can get free entry to the nightclub by signing up for the Drai’s guest list online.

Again, men are required to have at least an even ratio of women. (If you have a group of all guys, skip down to the Omnia section, there are no ratio requirements for the guest list there.)

3. XS Nightclub

XS is widely viewed as Vegas’ best nightclub and easily makes the list of best outdoor clubs in Las Vegas. Its beautiful design splits the club evenly into two sections, indoors and outdoors. Both areas are extravagant. The indoor section has a dance floor, 2 bars and multiple rows of VIP bottle service tables.

The outside area is centered around a giant pool with a bar and a small gaming area in the center. The pool is only open on Sundays, but the Sunday night “Nightswim” pool party is one of the best in town. The outdoor area also has 2 additional bars and VIP cabanas lining the walls.

The DJs are the same as EBC at Night. Look for The Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kygo, and Alesso to perform here. XS also has spectacular light displays and fire cannons to go with the shows every night. This definitely amplifies the entire experience and is something that can’t be replicated at traditional indoor nightclubs.

Women that use the XS guest list can get free entry into the nightclub. Men must have an even ratio of women in their group in order to take advantage of the guest list. Like EBC, XS is located inside the Encore at The Wynn.

4. Chateau Nightclub

Chateau is located on the rooftop of the Paris Hotel, directly underneath the Eiffel Tower. It overlooks the Bellagio Fountains, so you know the views are amazing.

Chateau is a bit more low-key than the mega-clubs, but it can still get pretty wild. The large dance floor allows you to break out your best moves without having to worry too much about the people next to you. The club plays a combination of Hip Hop and Top 40 music.

Similar to the previous nightclubs, Chateau offers free entry to women who enter the club on the guest list. Men must have an even ratio of women in order to get into the club for free.

5. Apex Social Club

In my opinion, Apex Social Club has the best view in all of Las Vegas. This club, which was formerly known as Ghost Bar, sits on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino Resort.

Although Apex more closely resembles a rooftop bar than a traditional nightclub, the vibe here is still super energetic. It’s also one of the easiest places to meet people in Vegas.

Apex is open 4 days a week playing a mix of Hip Hop and Top 40 music. Women using the Apex Social Club guest list are guaranteed free entry into the nightclub. Men must have an even ratio of women in order to get free admission.

6. Omnia Nightclub

Omnia is one of the largest and most popular nightclubs in Las Vegas. Most of the club is indoors, but there is a relatively large outdoor terrace on the 3rd floor. The Terrace has its own bar, dance floor, DJ booth, and bottle service tables. It also offers a nice panoramic view of the Vegas Strip.

Omnia’s Terrace plays mostly house music, which is a nice departure from the loud EDM and Hip Hop in the other rooms of the club. I like to go see the DJs in Omnia’s main room, then head to the Terrace to take a breather and enjoy the view. Resident DJs at Omnia include Calvin Harris, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, Zedd, and Martin Garrix.

Omnia is one of only a handful of nightclubs that allow men free entry on the guest list regardless of ratio. Both men and women get free entry into the club when they sign up for the Omnia Nightclub guest list. You can find Omnia at Caesars Palace on the Strip.

7. Marquee Nightclub

Marquee is another large indoor nightclub, but occasionally the club opens up a spacious outside area. When open, Marquee’s outside patio blends perfectly with the high-energy vibes coming from the inside of the club.

Typically Marquee only opens the patio up during busy weekends. That means you’re much more likely to see it open during the summer. It may not be open all the time, but when it is the view is more than worth it.

In addition, Marquee has a couple of big-name DJs on its roster including Travis Scott and DJ Mustard.

You can get free entry to Marquee using the guest list. Women always get free entry into the club. Men are required to have an even ratio of women in their group. Marquee is located inside the Cosmopolitan.

8. On The Record

On The Record is a newer club in Las Vegas and it’s designed like a speakeasy bar. It has a retro look with vinyl records and cassette tapes lining the walls. This club plays a wide range of musical genres from Oldies, to 2000’s Hip Hop, all the way to Top 40.

On The Record only has a small outdoor area but I wanted to include it in this list because the design of this club is so cool. There are multiple rooms including private karaoke spaces and hidden lounges within the club. The outdoor area has its own DJ and the stage is an old double-decker bus.

Both men and women can get free entry to On The Record when you sign up for the club’s guest list. There are no ratio requirements at this venue. You can find On The Record inside of the Park MGM on the Las Vegas Strip.

Clubs in Vegas – Related Questions

What is the most popular Las Vegas nightclub? XS, Omnia, Hakkasan, Drai’s, and Marquee are considered to be among the top nightclubs in Las Vegas. Omnia and XS have the most guests walking through their doors every night due to their size and their long lists of talented DJs.

How good is Las Vegas nightlife? Nightlife in Las Vegas is the best in the world. Any nightclub in Las Vegas will compare favorably to clubs in other cities, especially if you make reservations for bottle service through a VIP host. Not only are the Las Vegas clubs top-notch but so are the bars and lounges, which is great because some prefer a lounge over a nightclub. There really is no bad place to party in Las Vegas, and there is no shortage of options. You’ll have a wild experience wherever you go.

How much do VIP tables cost? Table service costs between $500-$5,000 in Las Vegas. VIP tables are more expensive than purchasing cocktails at the bar, but a table will provide more fun. It’s the best way to experience any event in Las Vegas.