How Much Do You Tip A Vegas Promoter Or Host?

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Las Vegas nightclub promoters and hosts help you get into the club as quickly and smoothly as possible. But do you really need to tip, and does it get you into the club faster? I decided to talk to some Vegas promoters and club hosts to find out.

How much do you tip a Vegas promoter or host? Generally, you don’t need to tip nightclub promoters but VIP hosts should be tipped. In most cases a promoter’s job is done once they put your name on the guest list. Hosts on the other hand, have more power within the club. Hosts will check up on you throughout the night and can help you get comp bottle service or upgrade your table location. You should tip a host between $50 – $1,000 depending on the level of service.

There are big differences between club promoters and club hosts. Hosts are usually the ones that you should tip but the amount can vary based on what they were able to do for you. There are a number of things that VIP hosts can help you with, that you may not know about. Also, in rare cases, it may be a good idea to tip a promoter. I’ll cover everything you would ever want to know about tipping hosts and promoters down below.

Tipping Vegas Nightclub Promoters

Promoters are at the bottom of the Vegas nightlife food chain. Their main job is get people to show up to the nightclub. They do this by putting people on their guest list. Most of the people you see in a Vegas nightclub came in on a guest list. Women always get in free on the guest list while men need an even ratio of women (or more women than men) to get in for free. Depending on the club, men can also get free entry without even ratio.

Once a promoter puts you on the guest list (which takes less than a minute to do), their job is done. You’ll never see them again. Tipping a promoter will not allow you to cut the line. The promoter will get paid a commission when you check in at the club. So in reality, you’re doing them a favor by going in on their guest list. All guest lists are the same, there is no benefit to using one over another. In fact you can even sign up for the guest list for free online, without ever dealing with a promoter.

The only time you may want to consider tipping a promoter is when they invite you to a promoter table. Not to be confused with a “comp table, ” the promo table is a free bottle service table rewarded to promoters by the club every night. If you’re invited to this table you can drink for free.

Promoters can sometimes get extra free drink tickets that they hand out to their guests. So, if you’re at this table you have an opportunity to snag some additional free drinks. This is the only time it would make sense to tip a promoter. But even then, you’re still doing them a favor by coming to the club on their list.

The downside of promo tables are that they are only for groups of girls. These tables will also be filled with a bunch of random club employees that you won’t know. This can make for some awkward situations. Because of this, I personally prefer the guest list route. There is also a limited amount of alcohol that runs out quickly. The bottom line; tipping a promoter is not expected.

Tipping Vegas Nightclub Hosts

While promoters don’t require tips, VIP hosts are a whole different story. VIP hosts handle all the bottle service reservations for a nightclub, so you won’t be dealing with a host unless you purchase a table. But the amount that you tip a host can vary dramatically.

The gratuity you decide to give a host is dependent on several factors. The most important factor as how helpful they were and how much you ended up spending. You’re obviously going to leave a bigger tip for a $10,000 table than you would for a $1,000 table. But, there is no need to leave your host the customary 20% in either scenario. When you close out your bottle service bill there is a 15% – 20% gratuity automatically added onto your tab. So you’re already on the hook for a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars in tips before you even walk into the club.

This being the case, it’s still a good idea to give your host something assuming they were helpful. If your host did any of the following things, I would strongly consider leaving a more generous tip:

  • Helped you cut the line
  • Gave you a cheaper than normal bottle or lowered table minimum
  • Gave you a better table location
  • Helped your friends get into the club
  • Helped you get a comp table (or comp bottle)
  • Gave you free drink tickets
  • Set you up with someone at another club your 2nd night
  • Helped you get access to the girl guy
  • Gave you DJ booth access
  • Overall superior customer service

Your host isn’t required to do any of these things, and may have gone way out of his way to help you out. A generous tip will let the host know his efforts are appreciated and will ensure you get the same level of service the next time you come back to Vegas. I recommend tipping anywhere from $50 to $1,000 depending on the level of service. Remember to give the tip directly to the host, if you give it to the waitress it will be divided up among the staff.

It’s especially important to tip your host if he helps you set up a complimentary or “comp” table. These are unsold bottle service tables given out by the club for free. These tables are typically only given to Vegas locals and groups of all girls. If your host can score you free bottle service you should definitely be tipping him. For a comp table you shouldn’t go crazy with a tip. Tipping somewhere between $20 – $30 for every bottle you get is just fine. Although if you tip more, you will usually get a better alcohol selection. You can learn how to set up a comp table here.

Bottle service gets you the most access in Vegas nightclubs. If you have a good host they will make sure that you have the time of your life, just make sure to tip. If you want to learn more about Vegas bottle service, you can do so here.

Who Else Do I Need To Tip In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is built around service, so you could argue that everyone you come in contact with deserves a tip. But, that is not realistic and would get rather expensive. So, who should you tip to get the most bang for your buck? And who is going to help you out most when you tip? Well, honestly it’s the VIP hosts at nightclubs. They are the only people that actually have enough pull, to make tipping a worthwhile investment.

Obviously, you should still tip waitresses at restaurants and the bellhops that bring your bags to your room, but your not going to get any additional benefits when you do that. I would recommend tipping the same as you normally would if you weren’t in Las Vegas.

Bathroom attendants are the one exception. You may want to consider leaving a buck or two if you take a mint or cigar from one of the attendants. They’ll also help keep you looking your best, even going out of their way to give you a quick lint roll if you have something on your shirt. Women’s bathrooms have emergency flats, if your heels are killing your feet. Bathroom attendants are unsung heroes in Las Vegas.

I’ll also throw bartenders in there too. They’ll serve you faster if they know you’re a generous tipper. You may also be able to ask for a glass of tap water if you tip well. Bartenders in Vegas nightclubs are instructed not to serve tap water, so if you want water you’re going to have to buy a $9 bottle. You may be able to avoid this insanity if you tip well enough.

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