How to get into Las Vegas Nightclubs For Free (GUEST LIST)

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Anyone who has been to Las Vegas knows that while it’s one of the most fun places to party in the world, it can also get expensive. But one well kept nightlife secret is that anyone can get into the clubs for free, regardless of whether your a guy or girl!

The easiest way to get into Vegas clubs for free is to add your name to the guest list. There are many ways to get on the guest list, but the simplest way is to sign up for free online. Women will always get free entry on the guest list. A few clubs require men to have and even ratio of guys to girls in order to get in for free, but not all do.

To get on the guest list follow these 5 easy steps:

Its completely free to put your name on the guest list. It’s also really fast and straightforward if you follow the steps above. There are however a few things that you want to be aware of when using the guest list, as every club has different rules. One of the biggest restrictions being that a few of the clubs require men to have and even number of women in their group in order to be granted free entry. But as I mentioned earlier, not all nightclubs require men to have ratio. I’ll cover which ones do down below.

What Happens After I Join the Guest List

Once you put your name on the guest list you will receive a text message confirmation. When you arrive at the club there are normally 3 separate lines: General Admission, Guest List, and Bottle Service. The guest list line is where you want to go.

Keep in mind that if you can’t find the guest list line, the easiest thing to do is ask the staff. You don’t have to worry about looking like a newbie, they get asked that question all the time.

Once in line, there will be a staff member walking around with either a clipboard or iPad. They will come to you while you are in line. The only thing you have to do is give them your name, and they will check you in. That’s it, now you can go party.

If the club is giving out free drink tickets that night, you will receive them when you give the staff member with the clipboard your name.

Clubs That Require Ratio For Free Entry On The Guest List

Every club in Las Vegas grants women free entry every night if they are on the guest list. The only exceptions are holidays or special events like New Years or the 4th of July. Men are also able to enter nightclubs for free on the guest list, but a few of the clubs will require men to have even ratio. Here is a table of all of the clubs that require men to have ratio.

ClubWomen (Guest List)Men (Guest List)
Marquee NightclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Hakkasan NightclubFree Free
Omnia NightclubFree Free
Jewel NightclubFree Free
XS NightclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
EBC at NightFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Light NightclubFree Free
Tao NightclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
On The RecordFree Free
Apex Social ClubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Drai’s NightclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Chateau NightclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Encore Beach Club Free Free (With Even Ratio)
Wet RepublicFree Free
Drai’s BeachclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Marquee DayclubFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Tao BeachFree Free (With Even Ratio)
Daylight Beach ClubFree Free

It is important to note that each guest list closes at a certain time every night. They will close earlier on busier nights, so it is best to arrive by 10:00 pm on the weekends and 10:15 pm on weekdays. If you arrive too late there will be a long line and you risk the possibility of the guest list closing before you get inside. That has happened to me a few times, and it’s easily avoidable by getting to the venue early.

Arrive by 10:00 pm at the latest on Friday and Saturday for the guest list to ensure free entry. During the week arriving at 10:15 pm is perfectly acceptable. Also keep in mind big name DJs equal longer lines.

The same concept applies to Dayclubs and Pool Parties. You will want to arrive by 10:00 am at the latest, in order to avoid lines.

How Good are the Clubs That Don’t Require Ratio

When you see that not all nightclubs in Las Vegas require even ratio, it’s not uncommon to think that those clubs that don’t require ratio will be filled with a bunch of dudes. That is just not the case.

The lack of ratio requirements for the guest list is mostly a decision made by executives at the club. It is not a reflection of the quality of people that attend the nightclub. There are plenty of girls that go to theses clubs every single night. In fact, on many nights the clubs that don’t require ratio are much better than the clubs that do.

A club like Jewel for example will almost never require men on the guest list to bring an even number a women with them, but the club still hosts many big name artists on a consistent basis. Performances from artists like J. Cole, Tyga, and Steve Aoki to give a few examples, happen multiple times a month. The same goes for Hakkasan and Omnia.

Another nightclub that doesn’t require even ratio is Light. Light commonly gives out free drink tickets to both men and women that are on the guest list.

What If I Don’t Have Even Ratio

There are certain cases where you are going to want to go to a specific club (maybe your favorite DJ is playing or the club is located in your hotel), but that nightclub requires an even male/female ratio. In a situation like that, assuming you didn’t make any lady friends during the day that you could invite out, there is a way to avoid paying the full admission price into the club.

If you are on the guest list, then sometimes you are able to get reduced priced tickets at the door. A few nightclubs (XS and EBC at Night) offer a reduced cover charge for guys that are on the guest list. You simply put your name on the guest list like you normally would, and go through the guest list line. When you get to the front of the line the cashier will offer you a reduced cover charge because you’re on the list.

This discount is usually 50% off the quoted price at the door. It will save you quite a bit of money. If you want to see how much General Admission normally costs you can do that here.

Related Questions

What is even ratio in Vegas nightclubs? Even ratio is when there is an equal number of men and women in a group. At most Vegas nightclubs men must have even ratio to get into the club for free on the guest list. A greater number of women than men is also acceptable. Groups of all women will always get in for free on the guest list.

How hard is it to get into Vegas Nightclubs? It is extremely easy to get into nightclubs in Las Vegas. The simplest way to get inside is to sign up for the guest list. The guest list is free but some clubs require guys to have an even ratio. Once on the list it is easy to get into the club.

How do nightclub guest lists work? Nightclub guest lists are used to fill up the club with guests every single night. To do this, many clubs will allow guests to enter the nightclub for free. They even hire promoters to walk around during the day to find people to put on the guest list.