Why Do Nightclubs Cost More For Guys?

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Watching women stroll into the club as you wait in line outside, can be frustrating for guys. Especially if they’re getting in for free, while you have to pay an expensive cover charge. But, why do nightclubs do this?

Nightclubs charge higher prices for men in order to keep the guy to girl ratio in check. Giving discounts to women-or letting them in for free-attracts more girls into to the club, which in turn brings in more men who are willing to spend money.

Men are only willing to pay expensive cover charges, if they know that there will be attractive women in the venue. You’re probably not willing to pay a $50 cover charge, to be surrounded by a bunch of dudes all night. In this post I’ll cover exactly why nightclubs charge men more for tickets, and how it may actually benefit you.

When A Club Has Women, The Men Will Follow

The two major reasons why you would go to a nightclub are to party, and meet other people. A good percentage of men go to the club just to meet women.

The club knows that all it has to do to bring in men (who pay cover and buy drinks), is to have attractive women at the club. It makes sense for the club to give women a discount, or even let them in for free, because it’s the presence of these women that brings in the guys.

Some venues will give women additional incentives to come to their club like free drinks or open bars. Many nightclubs even hire promoters to invite attractive women to the club.

The more women who are perceived to be in the club, the more men are willing to pay to get in. This is why the most popular nightclubs require groups of guys to purchase thousands of dollars worth of bottle service. Many guys will happily buy a table in order to impress the girls at the club.

Higher Prices Keep Ratios In Check

The higher price for admission isn’t all bad if you’re a guy, in fact it may be a benefit. The higher prices will deter some guys from going to the club and prevent what is known as a “sausage fest.”

This a good for both men and women. Guys will have less competition when trying to meet and talk to women. And girls won’t have to worry about being pestered all night by large numbers of men trying to hit on them.

Higher prices also keep out what the club considers to be lower quality customers. If you can’t afford a $10 cover charge, how are you going to be buying $15 drinks? This is what separates a popular nightclub from a failing dive bar. It also helps to maintain the club’s image and reputation.

Some Nightclubs Require Women To Pay Cover

Not all nightclubs allow women in for free. On extremely busy nights nightclubs will often charge both men and women for entry. This may happen for a variety of reasons including a celebrity guest appearance, a major holiday or a performance from a top DJ. In these scenarios women still typically pay less than men, but the two prices are much closer.

Free Entry On Nightclub Guest Lists

In most cities guest lists are only for women. Women can have a promoter add their name to the guest list. But in Las Vegas, both men and women can get free entry into nightclubs using the guest list. In fact, in Vegas you can even sign up for nightclub guests lists for free online.

Vegas clubs are much different than nightclubs in other cities. They are so large (many of them holding 4,000+ people a night) that they can’t possible sell tickets and expect to fill up the venue. Las Vegas nightclubs also have a lot of competition, since there are over a dozen major mega-clubs on the strip. Because on this, these clubs allow free entry when you sign up for the guest list.

The guest list rules are different at every club. Women will get free entry at every club when using the guest list, but men are required to have an even ratio of women in their group (or a greater number of women than men). However, some nightclubs allow men to get into the club for free without having an even ratio of women.

Why Do Nightclubs Have Long Lines

In major cities you’ll often see long lines outside of nightclubs and bars, even though you know for a fact that the club is empty. Some clubs are really just that busy, but others do this to create a buzz and the illusion of exclusivity.

Some clubs will even build up a line before the promoters walk in with a large group of girls, making sure everyone sees. This makes the nightclub look like it’s overflowing with women, and again is a marketing tactic used to charge men more money.

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