Why Is The Guest List Free?

The reason the guest list exists is because nightclubs fill up slowly, especially early on in the night. In fact, the majority of the guests that you see in a nightclub, came in on the guest list. There are over a dozen mega-clubs here in Vegas that can accommodate between 500–5,000 guests each a night. That’s a lot of competition!

In order to incentivize people to come to their nightclub, the clubs created guest lists that advertised free entry, among other perks. It is no secret that clubs offer free guest lists. And if you have been to Vegas before you have probably met a few promoters walking the strip trying to convince you to join their guest list.

What we offer here at NiteThrive is the choice to guest list at any club you want all in one place. Our guest list services are completely free and we won’t spam you with messages. We connect you directly with a promoter who can get you into the club.

How Do Guest Lists Work In Las Vegas?

To sign up for the guest list, simply pick out the club you want to go to and fill out the form on the page. Ensure that you include the date you plan on attending and the amount of people in your group.

Once you sign up, we connect you with a promoter at that venue who will send you a text message confirmation. When you show up at the club just check in through the guest list line.

Women will always get free entry on the guest list (and sometimes free drink tickets). Men will need an even ratio of men and women to get into some clubs for free, but not all clubs require ratio. You can see a master list of all clubs that require ratio here. To learn more about each club visit the individual club pages.

What Time Should I Get To The Club?

It is typically best practice to get in line for nightclubs by 10:15 pm, as lines get extremely long in Vegas. For pool parties it’s best to arrive by 10:45 am. Getting in line early is important because all guest lists have a cutoff time. This is around 12:30 am for nightclubs and 1:00 pm for dayclubs. If you arrive after this time you’ll be required to pay full cover.

Are There Guest Lists Available On Holidays?

It depends on the holiday and how busy Las Vegas is during that week. A few holidays that cause clubs to close their guest lists are: New Years, the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day and Halloween. Whenever a guest list is closed for a specific date it will be unavailable on the event calendar for that club page. There won’t be any guess work required on your part.

Do Clubs Have A Dress Code?

There are official and unofficial dress codes for each club. It can be difficult to figure out exactly what is allowed at each venue. To give you the short answer, men should wear collared shirts and nice shoes with jeans. Sneakers, hats, shorts or any athletic attire are not allowed. 

Women can get away with almost anything that looks good. But, most women stick with a dress that fits their form well. Heels are recommended but flats are acceptable, just no sandals or flip flops. At pool parties everyone must where swim attire. Guys can not wear shorts or jeans. Women must where a cover-up outside of the venue.

For a more in depth look at what you can and cannot wear in Vegas clubs along with some recommendations, check out our dress code guides for men and women.

Do I Need To Be A Model To Use The Guest List?

While nightclubs in Vegas are upscale environments, you DO NOT need to be a model or a celebrity to use the guest list. The guest list is open to everyone no matter what you look like. But, it is worth pointing out that you should try to look fashionable or at least look your best. Las Vegas nightclubs have an image to maintain so dress for the occasion.

How Do I Sign Up For The Guest List?

You can start your Vegas nightlife experience by picking out either a nightclub or dayclub here. All the information you will ever need is right here on our website.