Lake Las Vegas Fishing (Rules & Type of Fish)

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Lake Las Vegas is one of the largest bodies of water in the Las Vegas area. The lake is located on private property, but rules about fishing there are somewhat unclear. So, does Lake Las Vegas allow fishing?

Lake Las Vegas does allow fishing, but only under certain conditions. To fish in Lake Las Vegas, you must rent a boat, live on the property, or stay at one of the hotels located at the lake.

Fishing is permitted on the property, but there are some rules that you need to follow. In this article, I’ll cover exactly what you need to do to fish on Lake Las Vegas and what you can expect to catch.

Can You Fish at Lake Las Vegas?

Lake Las Vegas is a private lake, but fishing is allowed if you’re a resident, guest, or customer. There are 3 main ways to guarantee entry to the lake:

  • Stay at one of the lake’s resorts
  • Rent an Airbnb (or actually live here)
  • Boat rentals

The Westin and Hilton are the two most popular hotels here. If you stay at one of these properties, you will get access to all of the amenities that the lake has to offer, including fishing.

Lake Las Vegas isn’t solely a commercial lake, it’s also home to a private residential community. There are roughly 30,000 people that live in the area surrounding the lake. So if you live in one of those homes, or know someone that does, you can usually get free access to the lake.

Since there are so many homes on Lake Las Vegas, you can also rent an Airbnb. Renting an Airbnb on Lake Las Vegas is a quick way to gain water access for fishing.

If you just want to fish for the day, renting a boat is a much better option. Lake Las Vegas Water Sports offers boat rental that start around $200 for 2 hours. You can also rent kayaks for $30 for 2 hours. You cannot drop you own boat into Lake Las Vegas. You must rent one from one of the established companies on the lake.

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What Type of Fish are in Lake Las Vegas?

Since it’s not a public lake, there are no stocking reports for Lake Las Vegas. That makes it difficult to know exactly what species of fish live here. However, I have seen people catch plenty of large bass and carp in Lake Las Vegas.

It is important to note that you still need a Nevada fishing license to fish here. Just because the lake is private, doesn’t mean you can ignore local regulations. If you don’t already have an annual license, you can purchase a 1-day Nevada fishing license online for less than $20.

Where to Fish in Lake Las Vegas?

Lake Las Vegas is largely surrounded by golf courses and areas designated for watersports. This makes it difficult to find good fishing spots on the shoreline. However, there are patches of land with no developments on them that you can use for fishing. Just make sure that you’re not trespassing on someone’s property.

If you rent a boat, you can pretty much fish anywhere. You will just want to avoid areas where people are swimming or participating in water sports.

Is it worth Fishing on Lake Las Vegas?

Lake Las Vegas fishing is fun, but there are better spots to fish nearby. Getting access to the lake can get expensive quickly, so I generally don’t recommend that you fish here.

Lake Mead is a better place to fish, and it’s only 30 minutes from Lake Las Vegas. Lake Mead is much larger, and you can get an annual pass for only $45. It’s one of the best places to fish for Striper in Las Vegas.

You can also fish at Lake Mohave, where a record-setting Striper was caught in 2001. Fishing at Lake Mohave is much easier than fishing at Lake Las Vegas. It’s located on public lands, so you won’t have to deal with all of the red tape associated with fishing on Lake Las Vegas.