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MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

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About Wet Republic

Wet republic, is one of the best pool parties in Vegas, and it only gets better every year. This dayclub’s focus is around the big name DJs that perform here every weekend, and the upgrades made to this venue really showcase that.

There is a huge dance floor directly in front of the DJ booth, multiple pools, a kitchen for ordering food and large VIP cabanas and daybeds that face the stage. There are plenty of bars here so you can get your favorite drink before jumping in the water. Additionally, Wet Republic doesn’t require an even girl to guy ratio. So anyone can get in for free on the guest list.

Wet Republic has some of the biggest names in the industry in the DJ booth, including Calvin Harris, Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Zedd to name just a few. Wet Republic is toward the top of the list of must see dayclubs in Vegas.

How The Wet Republic Guest List Works

When you sign up for the Wet Republic guest list (which you can do for free above), simply provide your group size, the date you’re attending and your contact info. Signing up for the guest list allows you to enjoy several benefits:

  • Women get free entry to the club.
  • Men get free entry to the club.

Both men and women will always get free entry into the club, as there are no ratio requirements here. After signing up for the guest list, we will connect you with a promoter that works at the venue. You will receive a text message confirmation from that promoter shortly after signing up.

So now, when you arrive at the club head directly to the guest list line to check in. Once in line, a staff member will come to you with either a clipboard or an iPad. Give them your full name to check in. That’s it, now you can go party!

Wet Republic Club Ticket Prices

When using the guest list at Wet Republic you will never have to purchase a ticket. Our guest list services at NiteThrive are completely free. If you want more information about how the guest list works and why it is free you can learn more here.

There are some instances where you may want to purchase a ticket like during a holiday or special event. So to give you some context this table shows how much tickets cost at Wet Republic.

Method of EntryWomenMen
Guest ListFreeFree
General Admission (Tickets)$20 – $50$30 – $75
Holiday or Special Event (Tickets)$75 – $150$100 – $250

Also keep in mind ticket prices go up as the event gets closer. I’ve seen prices skyrocket to over $100 at the door on really busy days.

How do I Get To Wet Republic?

Wet Republic is located in the MGM Grand Casino. It is near Topgolf and the MGM self-park garage. If you are in the Casino it is a bit of a walk as the MGM is huge, but there are plenty of signs that will lead you there. There is also a dedicated Wet Republic drop off area for Lyft and Uber, along with valet if you choose to go that route.

As far as finding the guest list line, there is plenty of signage all around the club to direct you to the correct line. Keep in mind that if you can’t find the guest list line, the easiest thing to do is ask the staff. Don’t worry you won’t look like a newbie, they get that question all the time.

Wet Republic Wait Time

The line at Wet Republic can get pretty long, particularly on weekends, so plan to arrive by 10:45 am at the latest. You DO NOT want to be at the end of that line, especially if you are on the guest list. There is a cut-off time around 12:30 pm so if you’re not in by then you will no longer get free entry and will have to pay cover.

Dress Code For Wet Republic

Swimwear is required at all Vegas pool parties and dayclubs. Athletic shorts, cargo shorts and jeans are not allowed into the club. Women are required to wear a cover-up. If you try to walk around the hotel in your bikini the staff will tell you to leave. I made a full dress code guide for both men and women so if you are unsure what to wear check those out. T-shirts, tank tops and hats are also allowed here.