Best Water Parks in Las Vegas [Updated 2023]

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Water parks are one of the best ways to beat the summer heat in Las Vegas. However, with over a dozen waterparks to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one. So, I visited all of the top water parks in Las Vegas to find out which ones are the best.

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly what to expect at each water park, including ticket prices, hours of operation, and a complete list of rides. I’ll also let you know where each water park is located, so you can find the one closest to you.

Water parks in Las Vegas Nevada.

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Top 5 Las Vegas Water Parks

1. Cowabunga Bay Water Park – The Best Water Park in Las Vegas

Cowabunga Bay is the most popular water park for families in Las Vegas. It also has the most rides, with over a dozen waterslides and attractions spanning 25 acres. It’s located in Henderson, about 20 minutes off the Strip.

  • Attractions: 16
  • Price: $16-$42 (see chart below)
  • Location: 20 minutes east of the Strip
  • Hours: 11am-7pm (Sunday-Thursday), 11am-9pm (Friday & Saturday)

Rides and Attractions

The Cowabunga Bay waterpark has 10 different water slides and 6 separate pools. I’ll give you a list of a few of the most popular attractions below so you’ll have a pretty good idea of what to expect. Things to do here include:

  • Wild Surf
  • Zuma ZOOMa
  • Breaker 1-9
  • Cowabunga River
  • Surf-A-Rama Wave Pool

Like all water parks, you must meet the height and weight requirements (48 inches) to get on the ride. If you have smaller children with you, Cowabunga Bay has a couple of less intense slides designed for younger kids. This is the best park for children under 36 inches tall.

**(If your kids are between 40-48 inches tall, you’ll want to check out the next water park on this list).

Also, keep in mind that many of these attractions are also heated in the spring and fall. This is actually a big deal since Las Vegas doesn’t get that hot until May. Vegas water can be cold early in the season, but you don’t have to worry about the water being cold here.

Ticket Prices

You can purchase tickets either at the park gate or online. I recommend purchasing them directly from the Cowabunga Bay website since they offer an online discount. If you get your tickets on the Cowabunga Bay website, general admission tickets for adults and kids are $5 cheaper than at the gate.

If you get your tickets at the gate, these are the normal prices:

Admission TypePrice
General Admission (48″and above)$42.95
General Admission (under 48″)$29.95
Military (with valid ID)$37.95
Seniors (60+)$15.95
Summer Nights (last 3 hours of operation)$21.95
Summer Nights (Friday 4pm-9pm)$24.95

You can also get season passes if you’re local. If you’re thinking about getting a season pass, I wrote another more in-depth article about the three season pass levels at Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Las Vegas.

There are changing rooms available for free but be aware that you’ll pay additional fees for parking ($8) and lockers ($11-$15). Also, make sure you bring your own towel as they are not supplied. You can purchase food at the park as well.

Hours and Dates Open

Cowabunga Bay water park is usually open by 11am. I recommend getting here early to avoid the lines. The park closes at 7pm Sunday-Thursday and stays open until 9pm on Friday and Saturday.

The opening and closing dates change every year, but Cowabunga Bay is usually open from April to October. It’s usually closed during the months of November, December, January, February, and March.

2. Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park – Best Waterpark in Las Vegas with an Aquatic Playground

Update – Wet ‘n’ Wild was bought by Cowabunga Bay and rebranded as Cowabunga Canyon.

Wet ‘n’ Wild is the second-largest traditional water park in Las Vegas. It’s about the same distance from the Strip as Cowabunga Bay, but on the opposite side of the city. The park is located in Summerlin, which is about a 20-minute drive from the Strip.

  • Attractions: 12
  • Price: $19.99-$39.99 (see chart below)
  • Location: 20 minutes west of the Strip
  • Hours: 11:30am-8pm

Rides and Attractions

Wet ‘n’ Wild’s water park has 8 water slides and 4 additional pools. Here is a list of a few of the bigger attractions you’ll find at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.

  • Canyon Cliffs
  • Constrictor
  • Desert Racers
  • Red Rock Bay
  • Colorado Cooler

Just like Cowabunga Bay, Wet ‘n’ Wild has a few attractions for younger kids that don’t meet the height and weight requirements for the main rides (which is 48 inches).

I highly recommend Wet ‘n’ Wild if you have kids between 40-48 inches tall. But, if your children are under 40 inches, there will be more for them to do at Cowabunga Bay. This is one of the best water parks for younger kids visiting Las Vegas.

Ticket Prices

Here are the prices for a single-day pass at Wet ‘n’ Wild Las Vegas.

Admission TypePrice
General Admission (48″and above)$39.99
General Admission (under 48″) $29.99
Seniors (60+)$12.99
Twilight (after 4pm)$19.99

Wet ‘n’ Wild has season passes available too. If you plan on coming to the waterpark often, check out the more in-depth post I wrote about Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park. I cover what season pass level is the best deal in that article.

Be aware that if you drive, parking will cost you an additional $8. And if you want to rent a locker, that will run you another $9-$12 depending on the size you choose.

They do not provide towels at the waterpark, so I recommend you bring you’re own or purchase some from the park gift shop.

Hours and Dates Open

Wet ‘n’ Wild is typically open from 10:30am-8pm. They are open 7 days a week in the summer (June-August), but at the beginning and end of the season, the park is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

3. Lake Las Vegas Water Sports – Aqua Park

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is not a traditional water park. It’s located on an actual lake, so it’s much bigger and offers a more diverse set of attractions. This is my favorite Las Vegas water park because it has the best mix of attractions for kids, but also for adults.

  • Attractions: 7
  • Price: $27-$37 (for the Aqua Park)
  • Location: 30 minutes east of the Strip
  • Hours: 10am-7pm

Rides and Attractions

The Lake Las Vegas aquatic waterpark has a couple of different attractions. They range from the kid-friendly aqua park, all the way to the extreme flyboard water jetpack. These are the most popular attractions at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports.

  • Aqua Park
  • Cable Park
  • Flyboard Experience
  • Rentals (kayak, boats, and paddleboards)

The aqua park is a large obstacle course made of inflatable tubes. There are plenty of slides, swings and, trampolines to play on. There is also a cable park that pulls you across the lake, allowing you to wakeboard or waterski without a boat towing you. You can’t have these experiences anywhere else in Las Vegas.

The aquatic park is the best area for kids. However, kids under the age of 11 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Some attractions also require a life jacket, which is provided by the park.

Ticket Prices

Here are the prices for each attraction at Lake Las Vegas Water Sports:

Aqua Park (45 minutes)$27
Aqua Park (90 minutes)$37
Cable Park$46
Flyboard Experience$79
Paddleboard Rentals (2 hours)$32
Kayak Rentals (2 hours) $32
Electric Boat Rentals (2 hours) $199

You can purchase tickets for each attraction both at the park and online. I prefer to book on the Lake Las Vegas Water Sports website because you can reserve a specific time slot and avoid waiting in lines. There are no parking fees at Lake Las Vegas, which is another reason why it’s one of the best lakes in Nevada.

Hours and Dates Open

Lake Las Vegas Water Sports is open 7 days a week from May to September. However, the aquatic park is usually closed by the end of August.

The park is open from 10am-7pm during the week, but they sometimes open an hour early on the weekend.

4. Mandalay Bay Beach – Best Las Vegas Water Park on the Strip

If you’re looking to stay on the Las Vegas Strip, Mandalay Bay Beach is going to be your go-to water park. This isn’t a traditional water park with rides, but you can definitely spend a couple of hours here enjoying the wave pool and lazy river. They also have a beach with real sand around the pools.

  • Attractions: 3
  • Price: Free for Hotel Guests (Non-guest see chart below)
  • Location: South end of the Strip
  • Hours: 9am-6pm


Mandalay Bay Beach has 4 total pools: a wave pool, a lazy river, and 2 lagoon pools. They also have a sand beach in between each of the pools.

Just like all Las Vegas water parks, there are some height requirements. Everyone must be at least 48 inches tall to go into the wave pool.

If your kids don’t meet the height requirements for the wave pool, it’s not a big deal. They can still go into the lazy river, plus there are two additional pools they can splash around in.

Ticket Prices

Mandalay Bay is one of the most family-friendly hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. Hotel guests can visit the Mandalay Bay Beach water park for free. However, non-guests can get access by renting a daybed, cabana, or lounge chair.

Prices for lounge chairs and cabanas change daily based on how busy the pool is, but the chart below should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Admission TypePrice
General (hotel guests only)Free
Lounge Chair$75-$150

Daily prices for waterpark cabanas are available on the Mandalay Bay website. If cabanas are outside of your budget, you’ll want to rent a locker for your valuables. Lockers will run you $20 the day, but towels are free.

Hours and Dates Open

Mandalay Bay Beach is open from March through October from 10am-7pm. Sometimes they are open halfway through November.

5. The Tank at the Golden Nugget Hotel – Top Waterpark in Downtown Las Vegas

Although The Tank is more of a pool than a water park, it’s still one of the best places to cool off in Las Vegas. One of the main attractions at this luxurious $30 million pool is a 3-story waterslide that goes through a shark aquarium.

The Tank is located at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, so if you’re staying in downtown Las Vegas this is going to be the best place for any water activities.

  • Attractions: 2
  • Price: Free for Hotel Guests ($35 for non-guest)
  • Location: Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas
  • Hours: 10am-6pm


There are two main attractions at the Tank: the water slide and the shark tank aquarium.

Water Slide: This is a 3-story waterslide that runs through the center of the shark tank at high speed. The part of the slide that goes through the shark tank has clear walls, so you can see the sharks around you.

Shark Tank Aquarium: The Tank is a huge 200,000-gallon aquarium. The shark tank is located in the center of the pool, so you can see the sharks close up while you’re swimming.

In addition to the slide, the pool also has a waterfall area, making it feel more like a water park than a traditional hotel pool.

The pool is very family-friendly, however, there is an adult area on the second floor called The Hideout. Parents can also gamble at the table games around the outside of the pool.

Ticket Prices

The Tank waterpark is free for hotel guests. Non-guests are required to pay $35 to get access for the day. Any children under the age of 3 are free.

Admission TypePrice
Hotel Guest (Golden Nugget)Free
Non-guests $35

Just like Mandalay Bay Beach, towels are free at The Tank.

Hours and Dates Open

The Tank is extremely popular and can get busy quickly. I recommend getting here early so you can lock down a daybed. The pool opens at 10am and closes around 6pm. Sometimes it’s open later as the hours do change throughout the season.

The pool is heated, so it’s open throughout the majority of the year. The Tank is open longer than most of the other waterparks on this list. It’s usually only closed in December, January, and February. The rest of the year it’s open.

Other Great Aquatic Parks in Las Vegas Nevada

Las Vegas Nevada has plenty of great tours, shows, events, casinos, nightlife, and other things to do, but the water parks really stand out. Visitors with kids typically find these parks to be better entertainment for the family than attending a party. Plus, these activities can be a ton of fun.

The water parks already mentioned are some of the best in the world, but there are even more in Las Vegas. The Splash Zone at Circus Circus is another amazing place to have fun in Las Vegas. The resort has multiple swimming pools, whirlpool hot tubs, a splash pad, and a water slide tower. The waterslides include mat racers, an aqua tube, and a water playground with water cannon. You won’t find this anywhere else on the Strip.

Best Kids Water Park Las Vegas

There are so many choices, that it can be difficult to choose a waterpark in Las Vegas. However, the best kids water park in Vegas is Cowabunga Bay. It’s the water park with the most amount of rides. The park can easily keep your family entertained for the entire day.

Unfortunately, there are no indoor water parks in Vegas. If you’re visiting Las Vegas in the winter, I recommend you check out one of the many Las Vegas amusement parks. Unlike water parks in Las Vegas, amusements parks are open year-round.

Amusement Parks in Las Vegas

There aren’t too many great places for kids to play in Las Vegas, but waterparks are one of them. If you’re looking for other family-friendly activities, I recommend checking out a Las Vegas amusement park.

The best theme park is located at Circus Circus, but there are also other theme parks found at Las Vegas hotels like the Strat and New York-New York. There aren’t many water parks in Las Vegas located inside of a hotel near the Strip, but Circus Circus is one of them. The whole family will enjoy the adventure.

Las Vegas Hotels with Water Parks

There are a handful of waterparks on the Las Vegas Strip. Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, and Circus Circus all have a water park. Mandalay Bay is the Las Vegas hotel with the largest waterpark. The waterpark at the MGM mostly just consists of a lazy river and a few pools, but don’t underestimate the amount of fun you can have in the rivers.

The water park at Circus Circus a more geared toward kids (it’s called the Splash Zone & PooI). It’s the only waterpark in Las Vegas with a waterslide on the Strip. Overall, whatever Las Vegas waterpark you choose during your next visit to Las Vegas, you’re going to have a great experience.