Best Tattoo Shops in Las Vegas [Updated 2023]

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There is no shortage of tattoo shops in Las Vegas. However, with so many tattoo parlors to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the right one. And since tattoos are permanent, it’s not a decision you want to take lightly.

Finding a talented tattoo artist is only half the battle. You also need to find a shop that fits your budget and has an open appointment. Fortunately, I was in the market for a tattoo recently and put together a list of all the most reputable Las Vegas tattoo shops.

All of these tattoo shops offer high-quality ink, along with excellent customer service. You won’t be disappointed with any of the tattoo shops on this list.

Customer getting a tattoo at one of the tattoo shops Las Vegas.

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Best Las Vegas Tattoo Shops

1. 70Duece Tattoos

70Duece Tattoos is a top-rated custom tattoo shop in Las Vegas. It’s located just one block off the Strip, near the Sahara Hotel. The shop is open 24 hours a day for both appointments and last-minute walk-ins. They offer group specials as well.

The artists at 70Duece are highly skilled and design 100% original tattoos for all of their clients (although they can use existing designs as inspiration if you prefer). For your safety, every artist that works here is registered with the Southern Nevada Health District, meeting all of the Body Art Card requirements. The shop uses only the best inks to ensure you’ll love the way your tattoo comes out.

  • Address: 2213 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV

2. Crown Electric Tattoo Co

Crown Electric Tattoo Co is one of the best Vegas tattoo shops. This shop has been family-owned and operated in Las Vegas for nearly 20 years, making them one of the longest-standing tattoo parlors in the city.

They take same-day appointments and walk-ins, so you’re able to get your ink even if you’re only in town for a few days. You can find Crown Electric near Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. If you’re just looking for something small, they occasionally host $20 tattoo events. Plus, they do piercings too.

  • Address: 911 E Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

3. Revolt Tattoos

Revolt Tattoos is known as one of the best tattoo parlors in Las Vegas, and it has the star power to back it up. This tattoo shop is owned by Walter “Sausage” Frank and Joey Hamilton, who won season 3 of Ink Master. Their flagship location in the Fashion Show Mall consistently puts out high-quality ink.

There is also a second location at the Meadow Mall, where it’s a bit easier to get an appointment. Regardless of which shop you visit, the artists that work at Revolt are specialists that can design anything that you give them. No job is too difficult.

  • Address: 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd STE 2680, Las Vegas, NV (Fashion Show Mall)
  • Address 2: 4300 Meadows Ln Suite #2310, Las Vegas, NV (Meadows Mall)
Picture of one of the best tattoo shops in Las Vegas

4. Club Tattoo

Club Tattoo is one of the most popular spots to get a tattoo in Las Vegas. This shop has three locations inside hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re looking to get a quality tattoo today with minimal hassle, Club Tattoo is the way to go.

They take walk-ins, but you can also book an appointment on their website. If you make an appointment online, you can upload several images to give the artist an idea of what you want ahead of time. There are some seriously skilled artists that work at Club Tattoo.

  • Address: LINQ Hotel
  • Address 2: Venetian Hotel
  • Address 3: Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood

5. Cleen Rock One’s Golden Skull Tattoo

Cleen Rock One’s Golden Skull Tattoo is another premier Las Vegas tattoo shop found on Las Vegas Boulevard. They create world-class tattoos that you can surely be proud of. Their lead tattoo artist, Cleen Rock, was even featured on one of the seasons of Ink Master.

This shop only uses the bests inks and ingredients to ensure that your dream tattoo comes out exactly how you want it. Golden Skull Tattoos has over 20 years of experience, so both safety and quality are their top priorities.

  • Address: 2310 S Las Vegas Blvd #101, Las Vegas, NV

6. Skin Design Tattoo Las Vegas

Skin Design Tattoo Las Vegas has several internationally recognized tattoo shops spread throughout the United States. This location has been called one of the best tattoo salons in the Las Vegas area, and I don’t disagree. The customer reviews speak for themselves.

The artists on the Skin Design team are all experts in different tattoo styles so that they can deliver the best results possible. Both of their Las Vegas locations use state-of-the-art equipment, so pretty much any design is possible.

  • Address 1: 3963 Spring Mountain Rd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address 2: 3500 Las Vegas Blvd S Unit L13B, Las Vegas, NV (Caesars Palace)

7. Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery

Studio 21 Tattoo Gallery is the tattoo shop of choice for many Vegas locals. This shop is family-owned and has plenty of highly-acclaimed artists on staff. The artists have won plenty of awards over the years, and have been featured in major magazines, like Inked.

The shop is located about 10 minutes west of the Strip, but it’s worth the drive. Every tattoo artist has their own private room to work, and the result is great customer service. Samples of each artist’s latest work are available on the Studio 21 website.

  • Address: 6020 W Flamingo Rd b2, Las Vegas, NV
Man getting a sleeve tattoo at a tattoo shop Las Vegas.

8. Koolsville Tattoo

Koolsville Tattoo has four locations in Las Vegas that provide both tattoos and piercings. This shop is known for its affordable tattoos – it’s even called “The Home of the $10 Tattoo.”

Although the prices are very reasonable, Koolsville also has award-winning tattoo artists on staff. If you want an intricate design, they are typically able to do it, including difficult henna designs. Several celebrities have also received their tattoos here.

  • Address: 1501 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Address 2: 1223 S Main St, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Address 3: 806 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address 4: 1232 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

9. Trip Ink Tattoo Company

Trip Ink Tattoo Company is a top-notch tattoo shop in Vegas. They have a ton of talented artists on staff that can do a wide variety of tattoo designs. Whether you want color, black and grey, or realistic designs, Trip Ink can deliver.

You can get plenty of samples of past work on their official Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. The shop is located on Dean Martin Drive, one block behind the Strip. You can easily get there by taking an Uber, Lyft, or taxi.

  • Address: 5115 Dean Martin Dr #906-907, Las Vegas, NV

10. Rock N Roll Tattoo LLC

Rock N Roll Tattoo is a great place to grab a tattoo in Vegas. They do high-quality, custom work, including color portraits, old school, new school, tribal, traditional, black and grey realism, and coverups. Best of all, their prices are highly affordable.

The shop has been around for nearly 20 years, so there is no shortage of experience here. It’s located on the Boulder Highway, which is about 20-minutes from the Strip. They are open every day until midnight and offer permanent makeup and body piercings in addition to tattoos.

  • Address: 6060 Boulder Hwy #4, Las Vegas, NV

11. Last Chance Tattoo

Last Chance Tattoo is another solid Las Vegas tattoo parlor. Their goal is to design a unique piece of art for every client. The artists are trained to work with you to flesh out your ideal tattoo design.

As their name suggests, Last Chance Tattoo does cater to last-minute appointments, however, they only take walk-ins on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s recommended that you call ahead if at all possible. The minimum price for a tattoo here is $100.

  • Address: 4265 S Arville St, Las Vegas, NV
Women getting a tattoo inked at one of the famous Las Vegas tattoo shops.

12. Rockstar Tattoo

Rockstar Tattoo has two Las Vegas locations – one on the Strip and one on Fremont Street. If you want to get some ink while in town, Rockstar Tattoo is happy to help. The service is typically pretty quick, and they take last-minute appointments.

They have both male and female artists that do a wide variety of designs and styles. You can see examples of each artist’s work on their website and on social media.

  • Address: 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd #3n, Las Vegas, NV 
  • Address 2: 450 E Fremont St Suite#109, Las Vegas, NV

13. Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co

Hart & Huntington Tattoo Co is a Vegas tattoo shop conveniently located on the Strip. They used to be located in the old Hard Rock Hotel, but you can now find it inside of the Forum Shops at Caesars. They have plenty of tattoo artists that are capable of delivering the exact designs you want.

This Sin City tattoo shop can produce a wide array of tattoo designs, ranging from black and grey realism and color portraits to traditional tattoos and old-school designs. The quality of work done here is well above average.

  • Address: 3500 S Las Vegas Blvd E21, Las Vegas, NV (Caesars Palace)

14. Chrome Gypsy Tattoo

Chrome Gypsy Tattoo is among the best tattoo shops in Vegas. The shop is one of the tattoo studios located between the Strip and downtown Las Vegas, so it’s easy to get to. Chrome Gypsy is a favorite of both locals and tourists alike because of its fair prices and friendly staff.

There are some highly-talented Las Vegas tattoo artists that work at this shop. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or just looking to add some more body art to your collection, Chrome Gypsy is a great place to get your work done.

  • Address: 2640 S Highland Dr #01, Las Vegas, NV 

15. Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas

Downtown Tattoo is one of the best tattoo shops on Fremont Street. This shop is clean and professional, plus you can tell that the tattoo artists are extremely talented. On top of that, the prices are very competitive.

If you’re not entirely sure of what design you want, Downtown Tattoo has thousands of original designs on the walls to help give you some inspiration. You can also review examples of each tattoo artist’s work on their website.

  • Address: 1106 E Fremont St, Las Vegas, NV
Tattoo artist working at a Las Vegas tattoo parlor.

16. Diversity Tattoo

Diversity Tattoo is one more tattoo parlor in Las Vegas with excellent reviews and multiple locations. They have a team of award-winning tattoo artists that are able to do custom requests. Some areas of specialty include old school, portraits, and tribal designs. They do cover-ups as well.

One of the things that Diversity Tattoo prides itself on is providing a clean and safe shop that meets all certifications and standards set by the health department. This is great because you don’t have to be left guessing about their cleaniness.

  • Address: 2310 S Las Vegas Blvd #102, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address 2: 4401 N Rancho Dr, Las Vegas, NV

17. Illuminati Tattoo Co

Illuminati Tattoo Co is another tattoo parlor in Vegas located relatively close to the action. You can find the shop on Sammy Davis Jr Drive, which is about 5 minutes from the Strip.

This is one of the best tattoo shops for last-minute tattoos. If you’re in a hurry, Illuminati Tattoo will usually be able to accommodate your request. You can always call them to get a free estimate and consultation. They are open from 11 am to 11 pm most days of the week.

  • Address: 3247 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV

18. Ironhorse Tattoo & Piercing

Ironhorse Tattoo & Piercing is a great place to get a tattoo in Las Vegas. The shop is located in the heart of Las Vegas near the UNLV (University of Las Vegas) campus. This is one of the oldest and best tattoo studios in Sin City. The tattoo artists at this shop are extremely creative and knowledgeable and hold their own licenses.

Although the shop specializes in high-end tattoos, no tattoo or project is too small. The focus here is on photorealism, but they can create any kind of tattoo, including modification services. There’s a reason why they’re considered one of the best in Las Vegas.

  • Address: 700 E Naples Dr #106, Las Vegas, NV

Where to Find a Tattoo Parlor on the Las Vegas Strip

If you’re looking to get some ink without traveling too far, you’ll have plenty of options in Las Vegas. You can get a tattoo from dozens of tattoo shops without even leaving the Strip. Here are some of your on-Strip tattoo options:

  • Revolt Tattoos Las Vegas
  • Club Tattoo Las Vegas
  • Cleen Rock’s One’s Golden Skull Tattoo
  • Koolsville Tattoo
  • Hart & Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas
  • Rockstar Tattoo
  • Diversity Tattoo Las Vegas

There are plenty of tattoo shops Las Vegas, so to help you find the closest one to you, I included all of the best ones on the map below. As you can see, there’s a high concentration of tattoo shops on the Las Vegas Strip and in downtown Las Vegas.

Famous Tattoo Artists in Vegas – What Tattoo Shop has one?

Las Vegas is one of the most popular cities in the world to get a tattoo. So naturally, there are some famous tattoo artists that work out of Las Vegas. Everyone’s definition of a celebrity or famous person is different, but here are some of the more notable tattoo artists in Las Vegas.

  • Walter “Sausage” and Frank Joey Hamilton (Revolt Tattoos Las Vegas)
  • Cleen Rock (Cleen Rock’s One’s Golden Skull Tattoo)
  • Cleen Rock (Chrome Gyspy Tattoo Las Vegas)
  • Carey Hart (Hart and Huntington Tattoo Las Vegas)

All of these places are owned by a famous tattoo artist in Las Vegas.

Tattoo Shops Las Vegas – Honorable Mentions

There are a ton of great tattoo shops in the Las Vegas area. So many, in fact, that I couldn’t include all of them on this list. Here are some shops that deserve honorable mentions for producing high-quality tattoos in Las Vegas, while providing great customer service. (I also added these shops to the map of Las Vegas above).

  • Rockin Ink Tattoo
  • Black Spade Tattoo
  • Basilica Tattoo
  • Revolution Tattoo Parlor
  • Precious Tattoo Company 4
  • Broken Dagger Tattoo
  • LV Tattoo
  • Sessions Tattoo Club
  • Old Vegas Tattoo
  • Ship And Anchor Tattoo
  • Ink The Flesh
  • Wolfpack Tattoo Las Vegas
  • ClownyTattoos and body piercings
  • Dotty Ginger Tattoo Shop
  • Inner Visions Tattoo
  • Sleeping Tiger Tattoo
  • Beneath The Surface Tattoos
  • West Coast Tattoo Parlor
  • Heritage Tattoo
  • Reverent Tattoo
  • Classic Tattoo
  • Sacred Heart/Koolsville Tattoo
  • Pair-A-Dice Tattoo
  • 702 Tattoo Shop
  • Americana Tattoo Co
  • Skin Factory Tattoo & Body Piercing
  • Sheepdog Tattoo
  • Vegas Ink Tattoo Shop