Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas – Fine Dining [2023]

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There are many great restaurants in Las Vegas, but there are only a handful of Michelin Star restaurants. It’s not easy to earn a Michelin Star, which is why the award is so prestigious.

Like many, I wanted to see if Michelin Star-rated restaurants live up to the hype, so I recently tried all of them while in Vegas. Here’s my review of the 9 best Michelin Star restaurants in Las Vegas.

But first, a quick note. Michelin hasn’t reviewed a new restaurant in Las Vegas since 2009. So all of the restaurants on this list earned their stars prior to that date. I’m certain that there would be more than the 9 current Michelin-Starred restaurants if more were reviewed today. (If you want to learn more about why Michelin doesn’t review restaurants in Las Vegas, skip to the bottom of this article).

Michelin Star Restaurants in Las Vegas

1. Picasso

Picasso is one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas. The culinary team, headed by Chef Julian Serrano, has helped earn this restaurant 2 Michelin Stars by serving tasty French cuisine in a 3-course format. But not only is the food good, so is the view. The dining room at Picasso overlooks the beautiful Bellagio Fountains, so I highly recommend you get a table on the outdoor patio when dining here.

Some of the most popular items on the menu include the warm quail salad, the traditional cherry gazpacho, the butter-poached Maine lobster, and the roasted milk-fed veal chop. There is also a separate vegan menu, plus a wine cellar stocked with more than 1,500 different bottles of rare wines.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 2 Stars
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: Bellagio (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)
A plate of food at Michelin-rated Picasso in Las Vegas.
Picasso Las Vegas

2. Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy is another top Michelin Star restaurant in Las Vegas. This traditional French eatery has earned 2 Michelin Stars for providing arguably the best fine-dining experience in all of Las Vegas. From the outstanding French cuisine to the extensive selection of exquisite wines, there aren’t too many restaurants like Guy Savoy in Vegas.

Some signature dishes featured on the menu include caviar, octopus terrine, and roasted wild Atlantic turbot. The traditional bread and cheese carts offer some tasty appetizers as well. The service here is always top-notch. If you decide to eat at Guy Savoy, just know that it’s only open from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm Wednesday through Sunday. You can find this Michelin Star restaurant in Caesars Palace.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 2 Stars
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: Caesars Palace (3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

3. Wing Lei

Wing Lei became was the first Chinese restaurant in the United States to earn a Michelin Star. It also has earned a 5-star rating from the Forbes Travel Guide. This acclaim is largely due to the work of the restaurant’s head chef, Ming Yu, who has put together an amazing menu of perfectly crafted Cantonese, Shanghai, and Szechuan dishes.

You can order a number of signature dishes at Wing Lei, like imperial perking duck, garlic shrimp spring rolls, braised pork belly, Alaskan king crab salad, and General Tao’s chicken. There’s a ton of seafood on the menu, but you’ll also find plenty of beef, chicken, and pork entrees with an Asian twist. I highly recommend that you try the King crab legs.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: Chinese
  • Location: Wynn (3131 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV)

4. Michael Mina

Michael Mina is a top seafood restaurant in Vegas that has been awarded a Michelin Star. The restaurant is located inside the Bellagio, and flies in fresh seafood daily to guarantee only high-quality dishes are served to guests.

The menu at Michael Mina consists of items like Japanese hamachi Crudo, crispy prawns, lobster pot pie, and king salmon. The restaurant also serves a really good steak, which is available in cuts of Japanese A5 Wagyu beef. The restaurant is open every day of the week except for Monday and Tuesday.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: Seafood
  • Location: Bellagio (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)
Seafood at the Michael Mina restaurant in Vegas.
Michael Mina

5. Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon isn’t just another Las Vegas Michelin Star restaurant that serves French food. With 3 Michelin Stars, this is the highest-rated restaurant in the city. To back it up, Joel Robuchon has also earned a Forbes Five Star Award, a AAA Five Diamond Award, and a Wine Spectator’s Grand Award.

Dining here is quite the experience. You can order dishes like caviar, cod, soft-boiled eggs, smoked salmon, spaghetti, and pork. Just ensure you make a reservation ahead of time. Also, note that Joel Robuchon is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Michelin Star Rating:
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: MGM Grand (3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

6. DJT Restaurant and Bar

DJT is a Michelin-Star restaurant located inside the Trump International Hotel. The culinary team uses fresh ingredients to prepare modern American cuisine. This is actually one of the more affordable Michelin Star restaurants, with most of the menu in the $20-$50 price range.

There is some good variety on the menu as well. You can order dishes like filet mignon, pan-seared Atlantic salmon, and pan-roasted chicken breast. DJT serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus you can grab a drink at the bar from 6:30 am until midnight. I recommend you take advantage of the bar and grab some handcrafted cocktails or take a look at the large selection of wines.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: American
  • Location: Trump Internation (2000 Fashion Show Dr, Las Vegas, NV )

7. Aureole Las Vegas

Aureole is a Michelin Star restaurant found inside Mandalay Bay on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll love Aureloe since they have a 4-story wine tower stocked with thousands of bottles of wine. It’s a treat to watch the bartenders glide through the air to grab your desired bottle.

The wine at Aureole is great, but the food menu is a bit limited in its variety. However, I will say that the quality of each dish is superb. Some of the featured dishes on the menu include the bluefin tuna Crudo, Alaskan halibut, free-range chicken breast, and strawberry shortcake. The lobster & caviar on the tasting menu is excellent as well. Just note that the restaurant is currently closed on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: American
  • Address: Mandalay Bay (3950 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)
Waiting for food while dining at Aureole Las Vegas.
Wine Tower at Aureole Las Vegas

8. L’Atelier de el Joel Robuchon

L’Atelier de el Joel Robuchon is one more Vegas Michelin Star restaurant owned by French chef and restaurateur, Joel Robuchon. It’s not surprising that Joel Robuchon has a second Michelin Star restaurant in Las Vegas. With over 30 Michelin Stars in total, he is the highest-ranked chef in the world.

The first thing you’ll notice when dining here is that the food is prepared right in front of you in the open-air kitchen. Some of the dishes here include the delicious gourmet burgers with sauteed peppers, caramelized quail, and cod. My favorite dish here is the lobster cream, sea urchin, and caviar with gold flakes, which isn’t on the menu. I highly recommend you ask for it.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: MGM Grand (3799 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

9. Le Cirque

Le Cirque is another one of the Michelin-starred restaurants in Las Vegas found inside the Bellagio. In addition to winning a Michelin Star, this restaurant has also earned a AAA Five Diamond Award rating and Forbes Travel Guide 5 Star Rating. The chefs here prepare a number of different flavors from France, that simply delight your taste buds.

The menu features classic entrees like caviar, Maine lobster salad, roasted duck, king salmon, and Japanese Wagyu steak. Le Cirque has an additional menu for vegetarians as well. For dessert, you’ll want to order the chocolate ball. And if you enjoy wine, I recommend that you try the wine pairing during your meal.

  • Michelin Star Rating: 1 Star
  • Cuisine: French
  • Location: Bellagio (3600 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV)

Why are there only 9 Las Vegas Michelin Star Restaurants?

Michelin last published a Las Vegas restaurant guide in 2008-2009. Since it sold poorly, Michelin decided to discontinue publishing new dining guides in Las Vegas. The restaurants that hold a Michelin Star today were all awarded their stars pre-2010.

No new restaurants have been awarded a Michelin Star in the past 10 years. This isn’t because there are no restaurants that are deserving of a Michelin Star, but because the company no longer reviews Las Vegas restaurants.

Some of the best restaurants in Las Vegas opened after 2010, so they never had the opportunity to get a Michelin Star. I’m certain at least a few of them would be awarded one today if they were reviewed by a Michelin inspector.

Michelin Star Chefs in Las Vegas

There is an abundance of Michelin Star chefs in Las Vegas. Although Michelin no longer reviews the Las Vegas dining scene, many chefs run Michelin Star restaurants in other locations. Here’s a list of all the Michelin Star chefs in Vegas:

  • Chef Guy Savoy
  • Chef Joel Robuchon
  • Chef Wolfgang Puck
  • Chef Akira Back
  • Chef Gordon Ramsay
  • Chef David Chang
  • Chef Jose Andres

What does the Michelin Star Rating System Mean?

Getting one Michelin Star is an accomplishment, but some restaurants are awarded two or even three. Here’s what each of the stars means:

  • 1 Star: Excellent cooking. A great restaurant.
  • 2 Stars: Superior cusine. The personality of a chef is apparent in their dishes.
  • 3 Stars: Exceptional food. A chef is at the peak of their profession, making dishes that are instant classics.

According to Michelin, the dining experience and service play no part in the scoring system. Only the food plays a factor in winning a Michelin Star. Inspectors take into account the ingredient and how all the flavors blend together. They are also looking for consistency in cooking quality over time.