Las Vegas Casino FAQ: Minimum Age, Credit Cards & Parking

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You have questions, and we have answers! This article answers many of the frequently asked questions about Las Vegas casinos. I did a ton of research to get you the most up-to-date information. So lets get into it…

Gambling Requirements in Las Vegas Casinos

How old do you have to be to gamble in Las Vegas? According to Nevada state law, you must be 21 years or older to gamble in Las Vegas. That includes both physical and online casinos. You can find a more in-depth article about the Las Vegas gambling age here.

How old do you have to be to walk through a Las Vegas casino? Minors must be accompanied by an adult while walking through a casino in Las Vegas. Visitors under the age of 21 cannot linger next to slot machines and table games. However, they are permitted to enter non-gaming areas.

Can you gamble with a temporary ID in Las Vegas? Temporary ID’s are not a valid form a identification in Las Vegas. The only acceptable form of identification is a CURRENT government issued photo ID or passport.

Can you gamble with an expired ID in Las Vegas? Expired ID’s are not accepted in Las Vegas. Your photo ID or passport must be current.

Do Las Vegas casinos check ID? Every casino in Las Vegas strictly enforces ID checks, even if you look over 21. Simply standing near a gaming area is enough to prompt staff to check your ID at many Las Vegas casinos. They also may check you ID when you go to cash out. You should have your ID on you at all times.

Las Vegas Casinos Rules

Do Las Vegas casinos have a dress code? Las Vegas casinos don’t have an official dress code. Most people dress casually during the day, then dress up more at night. In the evening, men typically wear collared shirts and women wear dresses. Dressing up at night is recommended but not required. I wrote a more in-depth casino dress code guide here (with photos).

Can you go into a casino that you’re not staying at? You can enter any casino in Las Vegas regardless of whether you’re staying at the hotel. The only requirement is that you have a valid ID and are at least 21 years of age or older.

Do Las Vegas casinos allow smoking? Most Las Vegas casinos allow smoking. The Park MGM is currently the only non-smoking casino in Las Vegas.

Can you take pictures in Las Vegas casinos? Most Las Vegas casino discourage photo and video due to security concerns. However, the rules have become more relaxed in recent years. You can get away with taking a quick picture, as long as you’re not playing a table game like blackjack or poker. Video is still highly discouraged on casino floors.

Are dogs allowed in Las Vegas casinos? Service dogs are the only animals allowed onto the casino floor in Las Vegas. Normal pets are allowed to stay at a few Las Vegas hotels (including Caesars Palace and the Bellagio) but cannot enter the casino.

Are kids allowed in Las Vegas casinos? Anyone under the age of 21 cannot be on or loiter near the gaming floor in any Las Vegas casino. Minors are only allowed in non-gaming areas.

Accepted Forms of Payment at Las Vegas Casinos

Do Las Vegas casinos take debit or credit cards? It is illegal for slot machines in Las Vegas to accept credit cards. To play, you must withdraw cash from an ATM. A few casinos do allow visitors to purchase chips for table games using a debit card.

Do Las Vegas casinos cash personal checks? Most Las Vegas casinos will cash a personal check but not a payroll check. Before cashing a check, the casino cashier will run a credit check to determine how much cash they can give you. Once approved, some casinos may charge you a fee for the service.

Do Las Vegas casinos exchange foreign currency? Most Las Vegas casinos will exchange foreign currency. Some casinos, like Caesars Palace, will exchange currency at the current rate at no charge.

Do you have to pay taxes on gambling winnings in Las Vegas? Casinos are required to report gambling winnings that exceed a certain threshold to the IRS (the threshold depends on the game, but it’s typically around $1,200). Gambling winnings must be reported on your tax return and count towards your adjusted gross income. Fortunately, you can usually deduct gambling losses if you itemized deductions.

How Much Do Las Vegas Casinos Cost

Are Las Vegas casinos free to enter? There is no charge to enter any casino in Las Vegas.

How much does parking cost at Las Vegas casinos? Some Las Vegas casinos offer free parking, while others charge by the hour. Most casinos won’t charge more than $15-$25 per day.

Do Las Vegas casinos allow overnight parking? All Las Vegas casinos offer overnight parking. Overnight parking is free at several casino including: the Wynn, Venetian and Palazzo. Other casinos charge between $15-$25 for every 24 hours spent in their parking garage.

Do Las Vegas casinos offer free drinks? Most Las Vegas casinos will serve free drinks to players who are actively gambling on the casino floor. Servers will only offer one drink per person at a time, and are often slow to return for additional orders.

Gambling Percentages at Las Vegas Casinos

Which casinos have the loosest slots in Las Vegas? The slots on the Las Vegas Strip have the best percentage of paying out. This is according to studies done every year by UNLV Center for Gaming Research.

What casino games have the best odds? The casino games with the best odds are craps, roulette and blackjack – all of which can approach 50%. Poker is another game gives players with skill a good chance of winning.

Do Las Vegas casino chips expire? Casino chips do expire, but it’s relatively rare. This typically only happens when a casino goes out of business.

Are Las Vegas casinos rigged? Casinos in Las Vegas are not rigged however they do set the odds of winning in their favor. All casinos have a mathematical winning advantage over players as they play over time. This statistical advantage is called the house edge.

Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas Casinos

Do Las Vegas casinos watch you? While every Las Vegas casino has dozens of cameras, it isn’t likely that they are focused on any singular person unless they are doing something suspicious.

Do Las Vegas casinos pump oxygen? Casino do not pump in extra oxygen because it would cause a fire hazard.

Do Las Vegas casinos make money? Las Vegas casinos are highly profitable, bringing in several billion dollars every year. However, gambling isn’t their only source of revenue. Las Vegas casinos also make money from their other amenities including, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and shops.

Do Las Vegas casinos ever close? Las Vegas casinos are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some of the casino’s restaurants, bars and shops may close late at night, but there is always something open.

Why don’t casinos have clocks or windows? Casinos don’t have clocks or windows because they want to keep players focused on their games. Without reference to how much time has passed, players are more likely to play for longer. Casinos are designed to keep players on the casino floor as long as possible, in order to maximize revenue.

What do casinos do to keep you gambling? There are a number of things casino do to keep you playing including:

  • Serving free drinks
  • Adding stimulating lights and noises to slot machines
  • Installing ugly carpets to keep you from looking down and getting sleepy
  • Designing casino floors like mazes
  • Hiding cashier cages
  • Not installing any clocks or windows to prevent you from seeing what time it is
  • Offering free rooms
  • Playing mesmerizing music