Best Las Vegas Hotels for Solo Travelers (and Things To Do)

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Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places in the world to visit. However, it can be intimidating to travel to Vegas alone, especially if you’ve never been before.

These are the best Las Vegas hotels for solo travelers:

  • Treasure Island
  • LINQ
  • MGM Grand
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Strat
  • New York-New York
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Bally’s

As someone who has completed several solo Vegas trips myself, there are a few things I wish I knew ahead of time. In this article, I’ll let you know which hotels are the best for solo travelers based on price, safety and nearby activities. I’ll also give you a list of some of the best things to do in Las Vegas alone.

Treasure Island Las Vegas

Treasure Island

Overview: Treasure Island is one of the best hotels for solo travelers in Las Vegas. The property is super clean, and there’s a ton of stuff to do at the resort. I really like the two county-themed bars, Gilley’s Saloon and Senor Frogs. They are super laid back, making it easy to meet people.

Treasure Island is located on the northern/central part of the Strip, so it’s within walking distance of a few of the luxury hotels (Wynn, Encore, Venetian and Palazzo) if you want to check them out. Treasure Island is also rather affordable, which is nice considering you won’t be splitting the bill with anyone.

  • Location: North/Center part of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $75
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Nearby attractions: This hotel has plenty of in-house attractions including: a casino, multiple bars, shows, restaurants, spa and hotel pool. It’s also right across the street from one of Las Vegas’ biggest shopping centers, the Fashion Show Mall.

Safety: Las Vegas is generally pretty safe, but there are some shady areas. Treasure Island is not one of those dodgy areas. There’s a ton of security and a lot of foot traffic.


Overview: The LINQ is one of the best budget hotels in Las Vegas, but it’s also great for solo travelers. It’s centrally located in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip, so you won’t have to venture too far from the hotel. The resort is lively and always packed, making it easy to meet people.

They have a couple of nice bars on the property too. I always enjoy the beer pong tournaments at O’Sheas Pub. You also get access to a number of other attractions on the LINQ Promenade, including the High Roller Observation Wheel.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $50
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.3/5 stars

Nearby attractions: On the property, you’ll find some great amenities including: restaurants, a comedy club, bars, magic show, pool and casino. Plus, the LINQ is within a 5-minute walk from Caesars Palace, the Flamingo and the Bellagio.

Safety: The LINQ is located in the heart of the Strip. There are absolutely no safety concerns.

MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand

Overview: The MGM Grand is located on the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. If you want to stay at a big-name hotel without dishing out boatloads of money, this is the place to do it. Rooms at the MGM often go for under $50 a night during the week.

The hotel has plenty of entertainment including nightclubs, pool parties and numerous shows. The hotel’s pool complex is one of the largest in Vegas. In fact, it even has its own lazy river. There is also a cool driving range at the MGM called Topgolf, which is a ton of fun.

  • Location: South end of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $50
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Nearby attractions: Attractions at the MGM include: bars, nightclubs, pool parties, hotel pool complex, restaurants, Topgolf, shows and a large casino. It’s also within walking distance from the New York-New York, which is across the street.

Safety: The MGM itself is extremely safe, but I wouldn’t recommend walking any further south. There isn’t much to see past the MGM unless you cross the bridge to the opposite side of the Strip.

New York-New York

Overview: The New York-New York is another affordable hotel found on the south end of the Strip. It’s great for solo travelers because it has a very laid-back vibe, yet there is plenty to do. The casino here seems to be one of the better ones in Las Vegas.

In addition to the casino, there are plenty of restaurants and on the property. If you ever get bored, you can head next door to Excalibur or take a trip down to Mandalay Bay and Luxor. All three are connected by tram.

  • Location: South end of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $60
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Nearby attractions: New York-New York has several attractions including: a roller coaster, arcade, pool, restaurants and casino. It’s just across the street from the MGM Grand, and within walking distance from Mandalay Bay, Luxor and Excalibur. You can also walk to the Aria and Cosmopolitan, although they are a bit further (15-20 minutes).

Safety: This is a well-lit area and safe for solo travelers. Just don’t venture any further south than Mandalay Bay.

Oscar’s Steakhouse at the Plaza Hotel

Plaza Hotel

Overview: If you want to stay in Downtown Las Vegas, the Plaza Hotel is a great place to do it. Downtown Las Vegas is much cheaper than the Strip and has a much more casual feel. It’s a great place to stay if you’re not a fan of the flashiness of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Fremont Street is the hub of Downtown Las Vegas, and the Plaza Hotel is located right at the end of the Fremont Street Experience. The location is perfect because it doesn’t get as noisy at night, but you’re still less than a 1-minute walk from the center of the action.

  • Location: Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas
  • Average Price (weekday): $60
  • Average Price (weekend): $120
  • Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Nearby attractions: Some of the attractions at the Plaza Hotel include: the casino, shows, comedy club, a pool, pickleball courts and some amazing restaurants. The hotel is located directly on Fremont Street, so you’ll have access to all 12 of the other nearby casinos, including Circa and the Golden Nugget.

Safety: Fremont Street is a popular area, so you shouldn’t have any problems walking alone. However, nearby streets are not considered the safest. You should stay close to the high-traffic areas at night.

Planet Hollywood

Overview: Planet Hollywood is a high-energy resort found in the center of the Strip. Out of all of the hotels mentioned, Planet Hollywood has the best location. Not only is this hotel jam-packed with its own attractions, but it’s also directly across the street from the Bellagio and Cosmopolitan.

The best part about Planet Hollywood is the food. The resort is connected to the Miracle Mile Shops, where you’ll find dozens of exceptional low-priced restaurants.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $75
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.4/5 stars

Nearby attractions: Planet Hollywood has many attractions including: the Miracle Mile Shops, pool with a surf machine, casino, bars, restaurants and shows. Within walking distance, you’ll also be able to find the Bellagio, Cosmopolitan, Paris, MGM Grand, Aria and Caesars Palace.

Safety: Traveling alone, you should have zero safety concerns at Planet Hollywood.

Strat Skypod


Overview: The Strat (formerly the Stratosphere) is an iconic Vegas hotel, but it’s also one of the most affordable. You can usually snag a room during the week for as low as $20 a night! This makes it a very appealing option for solo travelers on a budget.

The Strat is located directly between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas, giving you access to both. However, you’ll probably want to spend some time at the hotel itself, considering it’s the tallest building in Las Vegas. The Skypod, located on the top of the Strat, even has thrill rides that dangle over the side of the building.

  • Location: Between the Strip and Downtown Las Vegas
  • Average Price (weekday): $20
  • Average Price (weekend): $120
  • Rating: 4.1/5 stars

Nearby attractions: The main attraction of the Strat is the Skypod on top of the building. But it’s also known for it’s many shows, restaurants, bars and casino.

Safety: The Strat is a major hotel with plenty of security. However, the area around the Strat isn’t so safe. You need to take a cab or Uber when you leave to see other attractions. Walking is not advised, even during the day.


Overview: Bally’s is located between Planet Hollywood and the LINQ in the heart of the Strip. This hotel always has really good rates during the week, and it has some really good activities for solo travelers.

If you stay at Bally’s, you have access to the mini-golf course and tennis complex, where you can play a pickup game. They also have a really unique exhibit of real human bodies called “Real Bodies,” that I recommend you check out even if you don’t stay a Bally’s.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Average Price (weekday): $50
  • Average Price (weekend): $150
  • Rating: 4.2/5 stars

Nearby attractions: Some of Bally’s attractions include: a pool, tennis complex, mini-golf course, casino, restaurants, bars and shows. Bally’s is within a 5-minute walk from Caesars Palace, Bellagio, Flamingo, Paris, the Cosmopolitan and Planet Hollywood.

Safety: Bally’s is technically on the Strip, but the main entrance to the hotel is on a side street. I’ve never had an issue in that area, but wouldn’t recommend walking any further past Bally’s at night. If you keep walking down that road, it gets sketchy very quickly.

Things to do Alone in Las Vegas

A good percentage of people who visit Las Vegas travel alone. In fact, Las Vegas can sometimes be more enjoyable without being slowed down by a group. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are a few of the best things to do alone in Las Vegas.

  • Gamble
  • Attend a show or comedy club
  • Go on a club crawl or pub crawl
  • Enjoy the food
  • Visit a day spa
  • Go shopping
  • Grab a drink by the bar
  • Relax by the pool
  • Topgolf
  • Walk the Strip
  • Check out Fremont Street
  • Visit a museum (I recommend the Mob Museum)
  • See the Bellagio Fountains
  • Go ziplining (at the Rio, Fremont Street or the LINQ Prominade)
  • Do a bus tour of the Grand Canyon

If you’re going to drink, I recommend bars over nightclubs for solo travelers. It’s much easier to sit at the bar and talk to the bartender and the people around you than it is to have a conversation in a loud nightclub. Bar crawls are also a great way to meet new friends. I went on one from LA Epic while in Las Vegas and really enjoyed it.

If you’re renting a car while in Las Vegas, you can also take a daytrip. There are a number of popular national parks within a few hours of Las Vegas. I made a list of all the best Vegas daytrip locations in this article.

Picking a Las Vegas Hotel as a Solo Traveler

When picking a hotel in Las Vegas, the most important thing that you’ll want to consider is price. Most hotels in Las Vegas charge a resort fee between $20-$45 per night, plus taxes of another 13%. All of these fees are tacked onto your bill at the end of your visit.

In addition to the resort fees, inevitably you’re going to have unexpected expenses that you encounter. If you won’t be splitting the bill with anyone else, all of these small expenses can add up quickly.

Once you find a hotel that fits your budget, you’ll want to make sure that it’s located near the attractions you want to see. The Las Vegas Strip is deceptively long (over 4 miles) and takes over an hour to walk end to end. Making hour-long treks in the desert heat gets old very quickly.

For most people, I would recommend picking a hotel near the center of the Strip.

Is Las Vegas Safe for Solo Travelers?

Most of the major hotels and casinos in Las Vegas have a strong security presence and heavy foot traffic. Generally, Las Vegas is safe for solo travelers, however, you shouldn’t be walking around alone off of the Strip at night. Do yourself a favor and stay at a hotel located on the Strip.

Useful Resources for Solo Travelers in Las Vegas