Las Vegas RV Parks for Large RVs

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If you have a larger RV, it can be difficult to find an RV park that can comfortably accommodate your rig. Fortunately, most Las Vegas RV parks publish the dimensions of their spaces online. So I did some research and compiled a list of site sizes for all of the major RV parks in Las Vegas.

These are the best RV parks for large rigs in Las Vegas:

  • Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort
  • Las Vegas RV Resort
  • Kings’s Row RV Park
  • Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort
  • Duck Creek RV Park
  • KOA at Sam’s Town
  • Hitchin’ Post RV Park
  • Arizona Charlie’s RV Park
  • Circus Circus RV Park

These RV parks all offer sites up to 70 feet in length. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing an RV park, like price, amenities, and location.

Site Sizes for Las Vegas RV Parks

These are the maximum site lengths for the most popular RV parks in Las Vegas. Most RVs will fit into a 60-70ft space, but you may want extra room to park your car if you have a fifth wheel, or to set up camp outside your rig.

RV ParkMaximum Site Size (feet)
Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort100+
Las Vegas RV Resort100
King’s Row RV Park100
Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort90
Duck Creek RV Park72
KOA at Sam’s Town70
Hitchin’ Post RV Park70
Arizona Charlie’s RV Park70
Circus Circus RV Park70
Thousand Trails RV Resort60
Lake Mead RV Village54+
Main Street Station RV Park50
Canyon Trail RV Park40+
Riviera RV Park30+

It’s important to note that larger spaces are generally more expensive. So while it’s nice to have the extra room, it may not be worth it if you’re paying a couple hundred extra dollars.

RV Parks with the Largest Spaces

Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort – Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort is one of the most luxurious RV parks in Las Vegas, and is only for Class A Motorhomes. The standard-sized lots are 65-80ft deep, but the premium lots can easily accommodate RVs over 100ft long (not that there are too many of those on the road).

Las Vegas RV Resort – There are 5 different sized lots available. The largest of which is a 100ft pull-through site for extra-large RVs.

King’s Row RV Park – King’s Row charges the same price regardless of the size of your RV. They have over 80 100-foot-pull-through sites available.

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort – This is the second-best RV Park in Las Vegas. Oasis offers 5 different sized lots, the largest of which is a 90ft pull-through site for big rigs.

Duck Creek RV Park – 3 lot sizes are offered at Duck Creek. The deepest sites are 72ft by 20ft. However, if you have a smaller rig, the 43ft by 36ft sites are also nice.

KOA at Sam’s Town – This is the only KOA in Las Vegas, and it’s located at the Sam’s Town Casino on the Boulder Strip. The maximum site length offered is 70ft.

Hitchin’ Post RV Park – The spaces at Hitchin’ Post RV Park are between 60-70ft deep and 30ft wide. That’s more than enough for most large rigs.

Arizona Charlie’s RV Park – Arizona Charlie’s Casino has an onsite RV park. Some of the spaces are up to 70ft deep, but be aware that they are narrow.

Circus Circus RV Park – Circus Circus is the sole RV park on the Las Vegas Strip. You can book spaces up to 55ft on their website. By calling the office, you can usually reserve a site up to 70ft deep. If you have an older RV, Circus Circus is one of the few RV parks in Las Vegas that doesn’t have a 10 year or newer rule.

RV Parks with Smaller Spaces

Thousand Trails RV Resort – If you’re a Thousand Trails member, you’ll be happy to know that there’s a park located in Las Vegas. The maximum RV length allowed is 60ft, which isn’t a lot compared to other parks, but should accommodate most rigs.

Lake Mead RV Village – There’s an RV park located directly on Lake Mead. The Lakeview sites have a 54ft concrete pad that you can park on. The exact length of the site isn’t listed, but in my estimation, it’s at least 60ft. These sites are relatively wide too.

Main Street Station RV Park – The Main Street Station Casino has the only RV park in downtown Las Vegas. There are only 72 spaces, and the maximum length is 50ft.

Canyon Trail RV Park – Canyon Trail RV Park is located in Boulder City near the Hoover Dam. Their website says that the bigger sites can accommodate rigs 40+ feet long. I would say that the sites are no longer than 60ft if you were to measure them.

Riviera RV Park – Riviera is another small RV park on the Boulder Highway. They charge a fixed daily rate, but the monthly rates vary based on size. Their website says that the bigger spaces are over 30 long, but doesn’t give an exact measurement. Without measuring the spaces myself, I would estimate them to be between 50-60ft deep.

Additional Information about RVing in Las Vegas

If you’re looking for more information about each of these RV parks, I wrote an in-depth review about them here. If you’re visiting Las Vegas in your RV, you may also want to check out these articles. They can save you some time calling around to all of the park.