Las Vegas RV Parks for Older RVs (10+ years old)

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Many RV parks in Las Vegas have a 10-year rule, which means that RVs older than 10 years are not allowed. This can be extremely frustrating if your rig is on the older side. However, there are still a few RV parks that don’t care about the age of your RV.

These are the best RV parks for older RVs in Las Vegas:

  • Circus Circus RV Park
  • Main Street Station RV Park
  • Arizona Charlie’s RV Park
  • KOA at Sam’s Town
  • Thousand Trails RV Resort
  • Lake Mead RV Village
  • Hitchin’ Post RV Park
  • Canyon Trail RV Park
  • Red Rock Canyon Campground

These RV parks allow rigs older than 10 years however, they all have different rules. Some parks only allow older RVs to stay for short periods, while other parks allow both short-term and long-term rentals. There are also some parks that allow older rigs if you send in pictures ahead of time.

RV Parks that Allow Older RVs for Short Stays

There are a couple of RV parks that only allow older RVs for short stays (less than one month). These parks typically don’t care if you have a 1995 Airstream or a brand new Winnebago. However, you can still be turned away if your RV has extensive body damage.

Circus Circus RV Park – This is the only RV park on the Las Vegas Strip. Circus Circus has full hookups, but you can only stay in the park for 2 weeks at a time. I have never heard of them turning away an RV because of age.

Main Street Station RV Park – Main Street Station is located just off of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. This RV park is small (only 72 spaces), so they only accommodate short-term stays. The maximum RV length allowed is 50ft.

Arizona Charlie’s RV Park – Arizona Charlie’s is another casino with an RV park. They don’t seem to care about the age of your RV, but you can only stay for 2 weeks.

KOA at Sam’s Town – You can park your older RV at the KOA at Sam’s Town for up to 3 weeks, however, anything longer will is restricted to newer models. Sam’s Town is one of the few Las Vegas RV parks that can accommodate larger RVs.

Red Rock Canyon Campground – Red Rock Canyon has a traditional campground with no hookups. You’re able to stay there for up to 14 days regardless of the age of your RV. You can even set up of tent if you like.

Long-Term RV Parks that Allow Older RVs

If you plan on staying in Las Vegas more than a month, there are only a few RV parks that allow older rigs. These parks offer monthly rates that are cheaper than the typical daily rates. You can get daily rates at each of these RV parks as well.

Thousand Trails RV Resort – If you have a Thousand Trails membership, this is a no-brainer. Just know that the sites here are a bit tighter than the ones you’ll find in other Thousand Trails campgrounds located in different cities.

Hitchin’ Post RV Park – Hitchin’ Post RV Park offers both long-term and short-term rates. They don’t care about the age of your RV.

Lake Mead RV Village – This is an RV Park located directly on Lake Mead. I’ve yet to hear of someone getting turned away at Lake Mead RV Village because of the age of their rig. There’s also a campground located directly next to the RV park if you prefer to camp without hookups.

Canyon Trail RV Park – Canyon Trails is another RV park that offers both long-term and short-term rates. They are located in Boulder City (about 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip) near the Hoover Dam. This park allows newer and older RV models, assuming they’re in good condition.

RV Parks that Sometimes Allow Older RVs

There are several parks that employ the 10-year rule but do make exceptions to it. These parks want to maintain a clean image by keeping out dirty and beat-up rigs. So if your rig is a bit older but in good condition, you may be able to reserve a space.

Oasis RV Resort – Oasis has great amenities and is one of the best RV resorts in Las Vegas. If your rig is slightly older (like 12-15 years old, but no more than that) and in excellent condition, you can send in photos and get your reservation approved by management. This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a try.

King’s Row RV Park – Kings Row has a loose 10-15 year or newer rule, but you can have your older rig approved by management. I recommend calling them and sending in recent photos. This is an adults-only RV park.

Duck Creek RV Park – I have heard of people getting turned away at Duck Creek because their rig was too old. However, there are definitely some older RVs in their lot. It seems that they occasionally make exceptions to their 10-year rule.

To see the daily and monthly rates for all of the RV parks mentioned in this post, check out this article. There’s a compiled list of all the Las Vegas RV park rates in that post.