How Much it Costs to Park an RV in Las Vegas (daily & monthly)

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There are nearly two dozen campgrounds and RV parks in Las Vegas. Each of these parks charges a different rate based on how long you intend on staying. Nowadays, everyone is looking for the best deal. So, I did some research to find out the daily and monthly rates for each RV park in Las Vegas.

The average RV campsite in Las Vegas costs between $30-$50 a day, and $500-$700 a month. It is typical for an RV park to charge different rates based on the size of your RV. Additionally, many RV parks include the cost of water and sewer hookups in their base rate, but not the cost of electricity.

I spent an entire afternoon probing the internet and calling around to all the local RV parks to find out exactly how much they charge. You can see my findings in the charts below. Just note that prices do occasionally change. However, these prices are accurate as of this year.

Monthly and Daily Rates for Las Vegas RV Parks

Here are the daily and monthly rates for some of the biggest RV parks in Las Vegas.

RV ParkDaily RateMonthly Rate
Lake Mead Campground$20
Red Rock Canyon$25
Road Runner RV Park$20-$30$400-$600
Desert Eagle RV Park$20-$30
King’s Row RV Park$27$440
Riviera RV Park$39$455-$515
Arizona Charlie’s$40-$45
Las Vegas RV Resort$29-$57$550-$800
Main Street Station$45-$60
Circus Circus RV Park$45-$70
KOA at Sam’s Town$30-$100
Duck Creek RV Park$38-$65$530-$700
Hitchin’ Post RV Park$50$565
Thousand Trails$50
Lake Mead RV Village$50-$70$800-$950
Canyon Trail RV Park$50-$70$625-$775
Oasis RV Resort$55-$90$690-$1099
LV Motorcoach Resort$90-$180 $2,000-$4,000

Please note that these prices do not include taxes. There may also be additional fees associated with utilities, pets, and extra guests.

These are the most popular RV parks in Las Vegas. You can read my complete review of each one of these parks in the linked article. I cover the amenities, rules, and lot sizes of all these parks in that post.

In this next section, I’ll break down the cost of the different sites at each RV park. This should give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay based on the size of your rig.

Riviera RV Park

Riviera RV Park has flat daily rates regardless of rig size. If you have a Good Sam membership, the daily rate drops to $35. You do have to pay for electricity separately.

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate
Medium (29ft or smaller)$39$455
Large (30ft or larger)$39$470

Circus Circus RV Park

You can only stay at the Circus Circus RV Park for up to two weeks so there are no monthly rates. Standard-sized lots are typically $45-$50/night but can get as expensive as $70/night during high-demand weekends. I’ve never seen rates surpass $80/night.

Site SizeDaily Rate
Back-in (30-40ft)$45-70
Pull-through (30-40ft)$60-$70
Pull-Through (40-55ft)$70-$80

King’s Row RV Park

King’s Row is a 21+ RV park with excellent rates. This RV park offers flat rates regardless of RV length or Amp size. The rates below don’t include taxes and electricity ($20 flat-rate), but they’re still really cheap. King’s Row also offers a weekly rate of $105/week.

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate

Arizona Charlie’s Charlies RV Park

Arizona Charlie’s is one of the few casino RV parks that offer long-term parking. The spaces range from 30-70ft, and they offer a 10% discount for Good Sam, AAA, and military members. The daily and monthly rates are listed below, but they also offer a weekly rate ($230/week for back-in and $250/week for pull-through).

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate
Back-in $42$690
Pull-through $44$730

Las Vegas RV Resort

Las Vegas RV Resort has different daily rates depending on the season. The prices are slightly cheaper from April through September than they are from October through March. All of these rates listed below are before tax and electricity.

Site SizeDaily Rate (Oct-Mar)Daily Rate (Apr-Sept)Monthly Rate
Entry $35$29$550
Deluxe $45$37$675
XL – Pull-Through$75$57$800

Main Street Station RV Park

The Main Street Station in downtown Las Vegas has a short-term RV park. Daily rates are typically between $45-$55, but the spaces can be tight.

Site SizeDaily Rate
Back in (27ft)$45
Pull-though (27ft)$45
Back-in (33ft)$51
Pull-though (33ft)$51
Pull through (35ft)$55

KOA at Sam’s Town

The rates at this KOA vary based on demand. I’ve seen prices fluctuate from $30 to $100+/night. But they typically stay in the $50-$70 range. You can get monthly rates as well, but you have to call them to see if you qualify. Older rigs (10+ years old) can only stay short-term.

Site SizeDaily Rate
Back in (30 Amp)$60
Pull-though (30 Amp)$65
Pull-through (50 Amp)$70
Back-in (50 Amp)$75
Pull-through with Patio (50 Amp)$100

Duck Creek RV Park

Duck creek has daily, weekly, and monthly rates available. The weekly rates are $230-$310/week depending on the site size and do not include taxes and electricity. If you rent monthly here, just know that they require that you put down a $300 refundable security deposit (not included in the table below).

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate
Standard (35 x 20ft)$38$530
Premium (43 x 36ft)$55$660
Pull-through (20 x 72ft)$65$700

Hitchin’ Post RV Park

The rates at Hitchin’ Post start at $49/day or $565/month. There is no weekly option.

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate
Standard $49$565

Lake Mead RV Village

Lake Mead RV Village is located right next to Lake Mead (1 mile from the marina). You can stay at this RV park for up to 6 months (except for the Lakeview sites). In addition to the daily and monthly rates, you can also opt for a weekly rate of $300-$420 depending on the site you choose.

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate

Canyon Trail RV Park

Canyon Trail offers a 10% discount on daily rates to Good Sam, AAA, Coachmen, and military members. The prices below don’t include taxes but DO include electricity. They also have weekly rates that vary based on lot size ($278-$393).

Site SizeDaily RateMonthly Rate
Standard (30 Amp)$53$625
Standard (50 Amp)$53$675
RVs over 36ft $64$725
RVs over 40ft$64$775

Oasis RV Resort

Oasis RV Resort has both monthly and daily rates. If you’re visiting during a holiday, it’s important to note that rates are $10 higher than the normal weekend prices. These prices don’t include taxes or electricity.

Site SizeDaily Rate (Sun-Thurs)Daily Rate (Fri-Sat)Monthly Rate
Super Saver$690
Premium +$70$75$1059
Big Rig$77$82$1099

Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort

All of the sites at Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort are owned by individual people, so there are no set rates. You’ll find daily rates in the $90-$180 range and monthly rates in the $2,000-$4,000 range.

Thousand Trails

If you have a Thousand Trails membership, you can stay here for free. If not, daily rates are $50/day, or $300 for the week (not including taxes and fees). There are no long-term rentals here.

Boulder Beach Campground

Boulder Beach Campground is one of the cheapest RV campgrounds in Las Vegas. Campsites only cost $20/day, but there are no hookups. You can stay here for a few days, but there is no long-term parking. The campground is located on Lake Mead.

Red Rock Canyon Campground

Red Rock Canyon is another cheap campground with no hookups (you still get access to water and public restrooms). Rates are a flat $25/day, but you can only stay here for up to 14 days.

Road Runner RV Park

The daily and monthly rates at Road Runner RV park aren’t published on their website, so you’ll have to call them to get an exact quote. From what I can tell, daily rates are in the $20-$30/day range, while monthly rates are around $400-$600 depending on the size of your rig.

Desert Eagle RV Park

Desert Eagle RV Park is located on Nellis Air Force Base, so at least one person in your party needs to have a military ID, current DOD ID, or be a 100% disabled veteran. Only nightly rates are available here, but you can stay for up to 6 months. The rates aren’t published online, but they’re in the $20-$30/day range.

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