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While trying to find RV parking on my most recent Vegas trip, I quickly realized that most parks charge a minimum of $50 a night. Those prices seemed a bit excessive to me, so I did some research to find out if there were any cheap RV parks in the area. Here’s what I found.

RV ParkRate (Daily)Type
King’s Row$27Hookups
Las Vegas RV Resort$29-$57Hookups
Riviera RV Park$39/dayHookups
Desert Eagle RV Park$20-$30Hookups
Road Runner RV Park$20-$30Hookups
Red Rock Canyon$25Boondocking
Love’s Travel StopFreeBoondocking

In this article, I’ll break down everything that you need to know about these low-cost RV parks, including amenities and nearby attractions. I’ll also talk about some of the free boondocking spots in Las Vegas.

Cheap RV Parks in Las Vegas

If you want full hookups while in Las Vegas, you’ll want to check out these affordable RV parks. Many of these parks offer daily rates as low as $20 a day. If you’re looking for more information about any of these spots, I reviewed each of them when I wrote an article comparing the best RV parks in Las Vegas.

King’s Row RV Park

Kings Row is a large RV Park located about 15 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip. It’s an adult’s only park (21+) with 375 spaces, many of which have full hooks. Some of the amenities at King’s Row include 24-hour security, a 24-hour on-call maintenance crew, 2 dog runs, a pool, laundry facilities, Wi-Fi, and easy access to public transport.

King’s Row offers some of the cheapest rates in Las Vegas. They charge $27 a day regardless of RV length and Amp size, while weekly rates are only $105. King’s Row does allow rigs that are over 10 years old, but you must get approval from management first.

  • Location: 3660 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $27/day

Desert Eagle RV Park

Desert Eagle RV Park is another cheapest RV park in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, at least one person in your party needs to have a military ID, current DOD ID, or be a 100% disabled veteran to make a reservation at this park. They implemented this rule because the park is located on Nellis Air Force Base.

The RV park has a fitness center, laundry facilities, bathrooms, showers, a dumping station, and a dog park. Rates range from $20-$30 a day depending on the site. There are both full hookup, and camping sites available.

  • Location: 4907 Fam Camp Dr bldg 2889, Nellis AFB, NV
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $20-$30/day

Road Runner RV Park

Road Runner RV Park is an affordable RV park on the Boulder Highway. This RV park has a lot of long-term residents, so they don’t take reservations. The only way to get into the park is by calling their office the morning. If they have a site available, they will hold it for a few hours.

Road Runner RV Park has full hookups, a pool, 24-hour security, laundry facilities, and showers. They also offer a permanent mailing address for long-term residents. Road Runner’s rates aren’t published on their website, but they’re typically around $20-$30 a day.

  • Location: 4711 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $20-$30/day

Las Vegas RV Resort

The Las Vegas RV Resort is a popular adults-only RV park. Amenities at Las Vegas RV Resort include full hookups, dogs parks, a pool, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour security, laundry facilities, restrooms, and a dump station. Many of the sites have picnic tables too.

Rates at Las Vegas RV Resort rates start at $29/day for a small site. Standard-sized lots are cheap too, starting at only $33 in the spring and summer. Larger pull-through sites are available as well.

  • Location: 3890 S Nellis Blvd, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: April-September $29-$57 | October-March $35-$75

Red Rock Canyon Campground

Red Rock Canyon Campground doesn’t have any hookups, but its an excellent dry camping spot. The campground has 53 standard sites and 6 RV sites. Everything is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so you’ll want to get here early.

Every site has a fire pit, grill, and picnic table. You’ll also have access to drinking water and vault toilets (no-flushing). While on the campground you can hunt, bike, hike, rock climb, and ride horses. It only costs $25 a day to camp at Red Rocks.

  • Location: 3293 Moenkopi Rd, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: No
  • Boondocking: Yes
  • Price: $25/day

Riviera RV Park

Riviera is a 55 and over RV park located on the Boulder Highway. This is one of the closest parks to the Las Vegas Strip, and it’s only 5 minutes from downtown Las Vegas.

The park has full hookups, showers, a laundry facility, a pool, and is pet friendly. Most of the sites are for long-term residence, but a few spaces are available for travelers. Just be aware that they enforce a 10-year or newer policy for all RVs. Daily rates start at $39 a day, but can be reduced to $35 if you have a Good Sam membership.

  • Location: 2200 Palm St, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $39/day

Free RV Parking in Las Vegas

There aren’t many free parking lots left in Las Vegas. However, there are still a few places that allow boondocking. Here are some of the more popular free RV parking spots in the area.

Strat RV Parking

The Strat has an oversized parking lot located across the street from the casino. I recently called to confirm, and it’s still free for both guests and non-guests. There are no hookups, but you can usually sleep in your rig if you’re low-key. If you ever have an issue, the Circus Circus RV Park is less than a 2-minute drive away from this lot.

The Strat is located on the far north end of the Strip, halfway to downtown Las Vegas. They have a great casino, and there are several good cheap restaurants in the area. This is one of the few remaining free parking spots in Las Vegas that doesn’t kick out RVs.

  • Location: Strat Hotel & Casino (across the Street from the casino)
  • Hookups: No
  • Boondocking: Yes
  • Price: Free

Love’s Travel Stop

Love’s is a truck stop located about 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas (northeast). If you’re already in Las Vegas, there’s no point in driving all the way back out to Love’s. But if you need a place to rest while leaving or coming into the city, this is a viable option.

Love’s has showers, bathrooms, a dumping station, a propane station, and food. You can easily park here and catch some rest, although it does get loud since trucks are always coming in and out. Parking is free, but there are no hookups.

  • Location: 12501 Apex Great Basin Way, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: No
  • Boondocking: Yes
  • Price: Free


Most Walmarts in Las Vegas don’t allow overnight RV parking. However, there are several reports of a Walmart on the Boulder Highway that is lenient with allowing RVs to boondock. Walmart shouldn’t be your go-to parking option, but if you’re in a pinch, this could be a good spot to spend the night.

Just don’t set up camp outside your RV, and make sure that you clean up. Buying groceries in the store can also help you build up some goodwill, but it’s always a good idea to ask the store manager for permission to stay. This Walmart is actually located directly across the street from the KOA at Sam’s Town.

  • Location: 5198 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: No
  • Boondocking: Yes
  • Price: Free

Parking Your RV on the Street in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, it is legal to park your RV in the street for up to 72 hours. However, it is illegal to sleep in your RV if it’s parked on the street. According to Las Vegas law, you are only allowed to sleep in your RV if it’s in an official RV park.

Although it’s not technically allowed, many people still overnight in their RVs parked on the side of the road. If you choose to go this route, you run the risk of getting a ticket. But if you’re only there for a night or two, your chances of getting into trouble are low.

Parking on the street is simply not a good long-term solution if you’re going to be in Las Vegas for more than a couple of nights. There are plenty of other spots covered in this article that are way better options. If you want to know the daily, weekly, and monthly rates for every RV Park in Las Vegas, you’ll want to check this post.