Bar Crawl Las Vegas

What is a Bar Crawl?

A bar crawl is a way to party at several pubs in one night. The crawl gives you an opportunity to skip the line, avoid cover charges, get drink specials and meet people through drinking games. You meet your host at a predetermined location and they will take you to the most popular bars and pubs in Las Vegas.

Bar crawls are great for anyone who is visiting Vegas for the first time or is not up to date with the current nightlife trends. This is because bar crawls have a predetermined schedule for everyday of the week. When you join the crawl you are leveraging the experience of your host. They already know what the best bars are on a particular night, and they will get you inside without paying the cover charge.

Bar crawls are an extremely underrated way to meet new people in Vegas. Not only do they provide a nice icebreaker when meeting others partying in Vegas, but they also handle the decision of what bar to go to for you. Fremont Street Bar Crawls is the best company when it comes to pub crawls, and they also have some reasonable ticket prices.

Why Join a Bar Crawl?

There are many advantages to joining a bar crawl over just going to the bar alone. One of the biggest things that bar crawls have going for them, is that it’s really easy to meet people.

Everyone on the bar crawl will be in the same boat, meaning they are just looking to party in Las Vegas. The hosts go out of their way to introduce guests to one another. Also organized drinking games and icebreakers are set up and run by the hosts to loosen everyone up. Because of this it’s very common to see bachelor parties hitting it off with bachelorette parties.

Drink specials are another added benefit you get when signing up for a bar crawl. Most of the venues on the tour will offer amazing drink specials like 2 for 1 drinks or even open bar.

How do Bar Crawls Work?

After signing up for a bar crawl you will receive instructions on where to meet the hosts to get checked in. The venue where you start the crawl changes depending on the day but they typically start around 8:30 pm.

Once you arrive at the starting venue you will get checked in and be given a wristband and an opportunity to take advantage of the drink specials at that venue. The drink specials are optional.

Once checked the hosts will start up drinking games with all the guests to get everyone mingling. If you don’t want to participate in the games you are free to do whatever you wish at the venue. Then at the designated time the entire crawl will head to the next venue where the same process of drink specials and games repeats itself. Every crawl will visit 3 – 4 venues in total.

How Much do Bar Crawls Cost

There are a couple bar crawl companies in Las Vegas that have tickets ranging anywhere from $30 – $120. In my experience the best one is Fremont Street Bar Crawls. They have the best hosts, go to the best pubs and also have the best prices. If you go directly to their website, tickets are only $25.

What do I Wear

There isn’t an official dress code for bars in Las Vegas. Anything you would wear at a bar in your hometown is OK. If you are unsure of what to wear, you can check out nightclub dress code guides for both men and women here. Although you are by no means required to follow a nightclub dress code at the bar.