Best Lazy Rivers in Las Vegas – Hotels with a Lazy River in 2022

On my most recent trip to Las Vegas, I wanted to stay at a hotel with a lazy river. However, I had difficulty finding a hotel that actually had one. So while in Las Vegas, I decided to visit every lazy river to find out which one is the best.

Lazy RiverPrice
Mandalay Bayfree for hotel guests
MGM Grandfree for hotel guests
Tahiti Villagefree for hotel guests
Cowabunga Bay$20-$40
Wet ‘n’ Wild$20-$40

Every lazy river in Las Vegas has different rules. Some are only open to hotel guests, while others allow non-guests to enter if they purchase a day pass. In this post, I’ll cover everything you need to know about lazy rivers in Las Vegas – including how much they cost.

Las Vegas Hotels with a Lazy River

Mandalay Bay

Overview: Mandalay Bay has the largest pool complex on the Las Vegas Strip (11 acres). It includes a wave pool, a lazy river, an adult pool, and 2 lagoon pools. It also has a beach with real sand surrounding the pools.

Guests of Mandalay Bay, Four Seasons, and Delano get free access to the Mandalay Bay pool complex. Non-guests cannot purchase a day pass here. However, you can still gain entry by renting a lounge chair, daybed, or cabana ($75-$300 for the day).

Lazy River: The lazy river at Mandalay Bay is a bit small compared to other hotels, and the inflatable tubes are not provided for free. If you want a tube, you must bring your own tube or purchase one for $20 at the gift shop.

  • Location: Mandalay Bay
  • Price: free for hotel guests
  • Day Passes: No (must purchase lounge chair)
  • Total Pools/Attractions: 5

Recommended for: This is the best overall pool complex on the Strip. The lazy river is a bit small, but they make up for it with the wave pool. The adults-only pool is also nice to have.

MGM Grand

Overview: The MGM Grand has the second biggest pool complex on the Strip. It features 8 total pools, including a lazy river, 4 swimming pools and 3 whirlpools. There is also a popular pool party (Wet Republic) located near to the hotel pool.

Guests of the MGM Grand and MGM Signature can access the pool complex for free. Unfortunately, non-guests cannot use the MGM pool. There are no day passes available.

Lazy River: The MGM Grand has the longest lazy river on the Strip, at roughly twice the size as the one at Mandalay Bay. However, tubes are not provided by the resort. You can bring your own tube or purchase one for at the gift shop for $20. If you bring your own, just know that only circular tubes are allowed.

  • Location: Mandalay Bay
  • Price: free for hotel guests
  • Day Passes: No
  • Total Pools/Attractions: 8

Recommended for: The MGM Grand has a fantastic pool complex. As a whole, it’s a bit smaller than Mandalay Bay, but the lazy river itself is bigger. Rooms at the MGM are also much cheaper than rooms at Mandalay Bay (about half the price), making it an excellent budget option.

Tahiti Village

Overview: Tahiti Village is located about 5 minutes south of the Strip. The resort is one of the most family-friendly in Las Vegas and features 3 pools. There are no day passes since hotel guests are the only ones that get access to the pool.

The pool complex has a large main pool, where they occasionally host volleyball games. There is also a hot tub area for adults only. The Tahiti Village pools are heated, so at least one is open throughout the winter.

Lazy River: The lazy river at Tahiti Village is 1/8 of a mile long, making it one of the longest in Las Vegas. All of the tubes are supplied for free by the resort.

  • Location: Tahiti Village
  • Price: free for hotel guests
  • Day Passes: No
  • Total Pools/Attractions: 3

Recommended for: This is one of the best kid-friendly resorts in Las Vegas. The rooms are large and come with a full living and kitchen area. It’s also very affordable.

Waterslides at Cowabunga Bay

Cowabunga Bay

Overview: Cowabunga Bay is a popular water park located about 20 minutes off of the Strip. The park covers 25 acres, featuring over a dozen rides and slides, including a lazy river.

Since Cowabunga Bay is a standalone water park, everyone is required to purchase a ticket. Day passes cost between $16-$42 depending on the time of day you visit and how tall your kids are.

Lazy River: Cowabunga Bay doesn’t publish the exact length of its lazy river, but if I had to guess, I’d say it’s the longest in Las Vegas. The lazy river makes a big loop around half the park. Tubes and life jackets are provided for free by Cowabunga Bay.

  • Location: 20 minutes east of the Strip
  • Price: $16-$42
  • Day Passes: Yes
  • Total Pools/Attractions: 16

Recommended for: If you’re looking for the best water park in Las Vegas, you’ll want to come to Cowabunga Bay. I recently wrote a more in-depth article about Cowabunga Bay here. I cover the day pass pricing and ride list more extensively in that post.

Wet ‘n’ Wild Lazy River

Overview: Wet ‘n’ Wild is another traditional water park located approximately 20 minutes off of the Strip. It has less attractions than Cowabunga Bay, but it’s still very large. Wet ‘n’ Wild features 8 water slides and 4 pools, including a lazy river.

This park has the best pool area for small kids in all of Las Vegas. Day passes for Wet ‘n’ Wild cost between $20-$40 depending on your height.

Lazy River: Wet ‘n’ Wild’s lazy river is roughly the same size as the one at Cowabunga Bay. Tubes and life jackets for the lazy river are provided by the park for free.

  • Location: 20 minutes west of the Strip
  • Price: $20-$40
  • Day Passes: Yes
  • Total Pools/Attractions: 12

Recommended for: Wet ‘n’ Wild is the best water park for smaller kids Las Vegas. If you want to learn more about Wet ‘n’ Wild, check out my full review here. I included the height pricing chart in the post.

Monte Carlo Lazy River (Permanently Closed)

There used to be a lazy river at the old Monte Carlo. Since closing and being remodeled into the Park MGM, this hotel has done away with its lazy river. The Park MGM still has an excellent hotel pool however, the lazy river is now gone.

Lazy Rivers that Offer Day Passes in Las Vegas

Most hotels in Las Vegas only allow guests to use their pool. So if you’re staying at a hotel that doesn’t have a lazy river, you’re going to need to purchase a day pass or cabana. There are only three lazy river pools that will allow non-guests:

  • Mandalay Bay
  • Cowabunga Bay
  • Wet ‘n’ Wild

Mandalay Bay allows non-guests to use their pool, but only if you rent a lounge chair, daybed, or cabana. This typically costs between $75-$300, depending on how busy the park is.

Cowabunga Bay and Wet ‘n’ Wild are the only lazy rivers that offer day passes. The day passes cost between $20-$40 per person for the day. Just be aware that they are both located off of the Strip.

Best Lazy River Hotels in Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, and Tahiti Village are the only Las Vegas hotels that have a lazy river (Cowabunga Bay and Wet ‘n’ Wild don’t have associated hotels).

If you have to pick one hotel, I would recommend the MGM Grand. It’s located directly on the Strip and has a long lazy river and solid pool complex. It’s also one of the cheapest 4-star hotels in Las Vegas.

Mandalay Bay is another solid option. It doesn’t have the best lazy river, but it does have the best overall pool complex. Mandalay Bay is the only Las Vegas hotel with a lazy river, a wave pool, and a sandy beach.

Longest Lazy River in Las Vegas

Most water parks don’t publish the official length of their lazy river. But after visiting all of the lazy rivers in Las Vegas, I would say that Cowabunga Bay and Wet ‘n’ Wild have the longest lazy rivers. On the Strip, that honor goes to the MGM Grand.

Conclusion – Top Lazy River Las Vegas

If you don’t mind driving, the top lazy river Las Vegas is Cowabunga Bay. It has the best overall water park, and it’s open to everyone. It can get a bit expensive, but this Las Vegas lazy river is worth it.

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