Where to Park a Semi Truck in Las Vegas [2023 Update]

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Truck drivers frequently make stops in Las Vegas, both for work and for leisure. However, many semi-truck drivers have difficulty finding a place to park their rig. After talking to a few teamsters in the area, I found these to be the best spots to park your big rig in Las Vegas.

These are the best semi truck parking lots in Las Vegas:

  • Wild Wild West Las Vegas
  • Palace Station Hotel & Casino
  • Gold Coast Hotel & Casino
  • Rio Hotel & Casino
  • Cannery Hotel & Casino
  • Orleans Hotel & Casino
  • Hoover Dam Lodge
  • Love’s Travel Stop
  • Kingpin Parking
  • Big Rig Parking LV
  • Railroad Pass Travel Center
  • TA Travel Center
  • Morton’s Travel Plaza
  • Pilot Travel Center
  • Petro Travel Center

Las Vegas has both long-term and short-term parking available for semi-trucks. The amount of time you plan on spending in Las Vegas will determine which lot is best for you. Additionally, some lots are much more secure than others.

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Semi Truck Parking Map in Las Vegas

Real estate is a valuable commodity in Las Vegas, especially when it comes to parking. Many parking lots are completed filled up by the end of the week. So I made sure to provide plenty of options when I put together the semi truck parking map below.

The map above is interactive, so you can zoom in to get a closer look.

In the next section, I’ll give you a brief overview of each parking option, so you’ll know what to expect.

Casinos with Semi Truck Parking in Las Vegas

There are no casinos on the Las Vegas Strip that offer semi truck parking. Previously Circus Circus had semi truck parking available but, that is now restricted to RVs only. Fortunately, there are a few casinos only a few blocks off of Las Vegas Boulevard that have ample big rig parking.

While many of these casinos used to offer free parking to everyone, some of them now require you to book a hotel room if you want to stay there overnight. Daytime parking is usually free regardless of whether or not you have a room.

Wild Wild West Las Vegas (4830 Procyon St, Las Vegas) – The Wild Wild West Casino has semi truck parking available. There are restrooms and plenty of food options nearby. The spaces are tight here, but it only costs $10-$15/night.

Palace Station Hotel & Casino (2411 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas) – There’s a large parking lot for semis at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino. Parking here is free last time I checked.

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino (4000 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas) – The Gold Coast Hotel is located just 5 minutes from the Strip. You can always find a few trucks parked in the back corner of their lot behind the casino.

Rio Hotel & Casino (3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas) – Directly next to the Gold Coast Casino is the Rio. The Rio has a huge parking lot, with a section devoted to truck parking.

Cannery Hotel & Casino (2121 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas) – The Cannery is another casino with a massive parking lot for semi-trucks. If you stay the night, you’ll find plenty of food options right across the street.

Orleans Hotel & Casino (4500 W Tropicana Ave, Las Vegas) – The Orleans has a giant oversized lot in the back of their casino. You can park there for free, but if you want to stay the night, you must book a hotel room.

Silverton Hotel & Casino (3333 Blue Diamond Rd, Las Vegas) – There is an oversized lot here however, it seems that the hotel has recently become more strict with who they allow to park. I’ve heard that a few semis and RV were recently kicked out of the lot. If this happens, there’s a TA Travel Station up the road (more on this later). Update: The Silverton Hotel & Casino no longer allows any overnight parking.

Hoover Dam Lodge (18000 US-93, Boulder City) – There’s a gas station across the street from the Hoover Dam Lodge that has free semi truck parking. If you’re heading southeast out of Las Vegas, this is the perfect rest area.

Truck Stops in Las Vegas

There are plenty of traditional truck stops around Las Vegas. Most of the stops have diesel pumps, on-site food, showers, and truck maintenance facilities. These are some of the best options.

Love’s Travel Stop (12501 Apex Great Basin Way, Las Vegas) – Love’s is a truck spot located about 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas (northeast). Love’s has showers, bathrooms, and food. Parking is free.

Kingpin Parking – Kingpin offer secured truck parking near Nellis Airforce Base in the north part of Las Vegas (they don’t give out the exact address until you make a reservation). They have a gated lot, tons of lighting, and free Wi-Fi. Kingpin has daily ($15), weekly ($60), and monthly ($175) rates available.

Big Rig Parking LV – (2499 N Jones Blvd, Las Vegas ) – Big Rig Parking is another secured 24-hour fenced lot. This lot is well lit and offers assigned spaces up to 75ft long. Daily, monthly, and yearly rates are available. They also have a second location at 2800 Vegas Dr.

Railroad Pass Travel Center (1550 Railroad Pass Casino Rd, Henderson) – This truck stop has free parking, food, showers, certified scales, and a driver’s lounge. There are also a few casinos games available if you get bored. The Railroad Pass Travel Center is located about 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas to the southeast.

TA Travel Center (8050 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas) – This is a commercial truck stop located a bit south of the Las Vegas Strip. You have to reserve a spot here in advance (about $20), but they have food, showers, a fitness center, and truck maintenance facilities. Just a heads up, recently they have been getting a lot of negative reviews online.

Morton’s Travel Plaza (1000 E Cheyenne Ave, North Las Vegas) – Morton’s has plenty of semi-truck parking, although it can get pretty tight. They have food and showers in the driver’s lounge.

Pilot Travel Center (3812 E Craig Rd, North Las Vegas) – Pilot Travel Center is a small truck stop in the northern part of Las Vegas. They have food, showers, a weigh station, and semi-truck parking (the truck parking is pretty tight). It costs $15/night to park a trailer, while bobtail parking is only $7.

Petro Travel Center (6595 N Hollywood Blvd, Las Vegas) – This is one of the best truck stops in Las Vegas. The lot is large, so there’s a ton of parking available, along with fuel, maintenance services, food, scales, showers, and laundry facilities. Overnight parking is about $20.

Can you Park a Semi Truck on a Residential Street in Las Vegas

According to the Clark County Law, commercial vehicles cannot be parked in residential neighborhoods in Las Vegas. You must park your semi truck in an approved commercial location. Violators run the risk of receiving a citation or having their rig towed.

The city of Las Vegas is very serious about these laws. Parking is hard to find in Las Vegas, and police regularly tow semi trucks parked in residential areas.

Parking a Semi Truck at Walmart in Las Vegas

Daytime parking at Walmart is fine, but most Walmart locations in Las Vegas do not allow overnight parking. With that being said, I’ve seen several trucks parking at the Walmart on the Boulder Highway (5198 Boulder Hwy, Las Vegas).

This should not be your go-to parking lot in Las Vegas, but it could be an option if you’re in a pinch. I recommend you call the store first before spending the night here.

Is there Free Semi Truck Parking In Las Vegas?

The only two truck stops with completely free parking in Las Vegas are Love’s Travel Stop and Railroad Pass Travel Center. Both lots offer free overnight parking and are located on the outskirts of the city.

Palace Station also has free parking however, the rules seem to change all the time. If you book a hotel room at the hotel, you can guarantee that parking will be for free.

Secure Semi Truck Parking in Las Vegas

The two most secure semi-truck parking lots in Las Vegas are Kingpin Parking and Big Rig Parking LV. Both of these parks have fully fenced-in lots with 24-hour security and ample lighting. Kingpin is the cheaper of the two and offers daily, weekly, and monthly rates. Big Rig offers daily, monthly and yearly rates.

Monthly Semi Truck Parking in Las Vegas

If you’re a Vegas local or plan on staying in town for a while, you may want to consider long-term truck parking. There are only a couple of lots that offer monthly parking for semi trucks in Las Vegas. They include:

  • Kingpin Parking
  • Big Rig Parkin LV
  • Railroad Pass Travel Center

Where to Repair a Semi Truck in Las Vegas

Most truck stops in Las Vegas offer some level of repair and maintenance services. However, if you break down on the road, you’re going to need to call a proper mechanic with diesel engine experience. These are some of the best semi truck repair services in Las Vegas:

  • W.W. Williams: (702)-389-8599
  • McCandless International Trucks: (702)-642-8789
  • Don’s D.I. Auto and Truck Service: (702)-734-6144

All three of these mechanics have experience with big trucks and have excellent reviews. I know Don’s also offers free towing.

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