Pet Friendly RV Parks and Campgrounds in Las Vegas

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If you’re RVing with your pets, there are plenty of pet-friendly RV Parks and campgrounds in Las Vegas. However, every RV park and campground has different guidelines when it comes to its pet policy.

Some parks only allow dogs under a specific weight, while others limit the number of pets you can have. A few parks even have restrictions on the dog breeds that they allow, or charge you an extra “pet fee.”

This post will give you all of the information you need about the pet policies at every major campground and RV park in Las Vegas. I’ll also let you know which RV parks have the best dog parks, so Fido doesn’t get stuck running around in a gravel pit disguised as a dog park.

Pet Friendly RV Parks in Las Vegas

Nearly every RV park in and around Las Vegas allows pets, and most of them even have on-site dog parks. However, their pet policies typically don’t mention other types of animals, like cats and birds. As a general rule, every RV park that allows dogs also allows other types of domesticated pets (animals like chickens and pigs aren’t usually allowed).

Circus Circus RV Park – Circus Circus has one of the best dog parks in Las Vegas. It’s pretty big and has both a dirt and grass section.

KOA at Sam’s Town – All pets at Sam’s Town KOA must be on a leash (maximum 6 feet), and accompanied by an owner. You cannot tie your dog up outside of your rig. This KOA has a large dog run with grass in the back of the park, and several clean-up stations located throughout the property.

Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort – The Oasis dog park is clean, and is made up of 7 small enclosed dog areas. This makes it easy to separate your dog from others if you choose. Oasis limits each site to only 3 pets and does not allow noisy or loud animals. They also don’t allow certain aggressive dog breeds, like pit bulls and German Shepherds.

Dogs must be on a leash (maximum 6 feet leash) or in an enclosure at all times. Pets aren’t allowed in certain parts of the resort and must be accompanied by an owner wherever they go.

Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort – A maximum of 3 pets are allowed, but they must be kept on an 8-foot leash at all times. You cannot leave your dog unattended, even if it’s on a leash. However, you can put up temporary fencing on your site.

There are some restrictions regarding where pets are allowed, but there is a large park near the front of the park (just know that it’s not fenced in). Additionally, there are plenty of dog clean-up areas scattered throughout the park.

Main Street Station RV Park – The Main Street Station has a small pet area, but they don’t allow larger dogs. The park limits you to 2 small or medium-sized dogs, that must be kept on a leash. Main Street Station also charges a $5/day pet fee.

Arizona Charlie’s RV Park – There’s a small dog run in the corner of the park. Besides that, there aren’t too many specifics available about their pet policy.

Thousand Trails RV Resort – Thousand Trails has a dog park with grass next to their pool. The pet policy for this Thousand Trails is the same as all other Thousand Trails campgrounds. Loud and aggressive dogs are not allowed at the park.

Pets must be on a leash at all times and aren’t allowed in certain areas. There are also some cabins available for rent on the campground that don’t allow pets.

King’s Row RV Park – This is one of the most affordable RV parks in Las Vegas. They allow 2 dogs up to 35 pounds, but they occasionally approve heavier dogs if you talk to the management. King’s Row has 2 fully-gated dog parks.

Riviera RV Park – Riviera RV Park allows guests to have a maximum of 2 pets, but they can’t weigh more than 40 pounds. You may be able to get a heavier dog approved if you speak with the management team. The park prohibits aggressive dog breeds, including Rottweilers, Dobermans, German Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Chows, and Wolf Hybrids.

Hitchin’ Post RV Park – Hitchin’ Post RV Park has a couple of small dog parks with grass. The pet areas are fenced-in and have a dog wash station. There is also a large public park across the street where you can bring your dog.

Desert Eagle RV Park – Desert Eagle RV Park has a large dog park with grass. This park also has plenty of hiking paths, making it easy to walk your dog outside of the enclosed park.

Just know that Desert Eagle RV Park is located on Nellis Air Force Base, so at least one person in your party needs to have a military ID, current DOD ID, or be a 100% disabled veteran to enter the park.

Las Vegas RV Resort – This park is dog-friendly however, the dog park is made of gravel, which can be a bit harsh on your dog’s feet.

Road Runner RV Park – Road Runner RV Park permits dogs up to 30 pounds. There’s no dog park, but there are a couple of grassy areas in the center of the park.

Duck Creek RV Park – This is another park with a small dog run (not enclosed). Duck Creek is pet-friendly and has clean-up bags available near the pet area.

Canyon Trail RV Park – There are 2 enclosed dog runs at Canyon Trail RV Park.

Lake Mead RV Village – Dogs are welcome at the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. There are plenty of areas to walk around, or even swim, around Lake Mead.

Pet Friendly Campgrounds near Las Vegas

Most campgrounds allow all dogs without any issue, so I’ll only list a few of the most popular spots below. You can find a complete list of all the best campgrounds near Las Vegas in this article here. I did a complete review of all the nearby campgrounds in that post.

When visiting these campgrounds, it’s important that you keep your dog on a leash, considering that these are typically open areas. It gets extremely hot in Las Vegas during the summer, so you should never leave your pets in your car or RV unattended. Also, make sure that you clean up after your pets and dispose of everything properly.

Red Rock Canyon Campground – Dogs are welcome at the Red Rock Canyon campground. Just make sure that you bring extra water for your dog since temperatures often rise above 100 degrees.

Lake Mead Campground – This campground is located directly next to the Lake Mead RV Village. There are no RV hookups so it’s much cheaper. You’ll find plenty of grass and dirt trails to walk your dog around the campground.

Valley of Fire State Park – Pets are allowed on the campground and the hiking trails at the Valley of Fire State Park. They just can’t enter the visitor center.

Can You Bring Pets in a Rented RV?

If you’re renting an RV, you’ll be happy to know that many RV rental companies are pet-friendly. Some of them charge a cleaning fee, but you should be able to bring your pet along.

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