Best Las Vegas Hip Hop Radio Stations [2023 Update]

If you like to listen to hip hop music, you’ll be happy to know that there are several hip hop radio stations in Las Vegas. As a Las Vegas local who enjoys hip hop, I decided to find all of them. These are the best Las Vegas hip hop radio stations.

  • 97.5 FM
  • 88.1 FM
  • 100.5 FM
  • 103.9 FM
  • 91.5 FM

Although there are a couple of radio stations that play hip hop consistently, some stations are better than others. In this article, I’ll give you the rundown on each station, so you’ll know exactly what to expect.

Women listen to a hip hop radio station while driving her car in Las Vegas.
Looking for a Las Vegas Hip Hop Radio Station

Hip Hop Radio Stations in Las Vegas

KVEG – 97.5 FM

KVEG is one of the best hip hop stations in Las Vegas. The studio is located at the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. It often gives away tickets to the hottest concerts in Las Vegas to loyal listeners.

The station originally went on the air 2001, playing mostly mainstream urban music. Over the next 10 years, the radio station underwent some changes, but as of today plays mostly top 40 & hip-hop. To listen KVEG broadcast the latest in hip hop and R&B, tune your radio to 97.5 FM.

KCEP – 88.1 FM

KCEP 88.1, as known as Power 88, plays mostly modern hip hop and rap music, along with some old-school hip hop. The radio station first went on air back in 1972, so it’s been around for a while. The studio transmits from Henderson, NV, in the Black Mountain area.

KCEP has played a mix of hip hop, R&B, classic soul, old school, jazz, and gospel throughout the years. It’s currently one of the most popular stations to listen to Las Vegas hip hop. Tune in to 88.1 FM to listen while you drive.

KXQQ – 100.5 FM

KXQQ is another hip hop station in Vegas. Dubbed Q100, the station plays adult contemporary hits – which essentially means hip-hop. KXQQ started airing back in 1981 and has gone through some significant changes since.

The studio for this hip hop station is located in Spring Valley, but the transmitter is located in Henderson. You may get a better reception in that area, but it isn’t likely to be a problem. To listen to KXQQ while in your car, tune your radio to 100.5 FM.

K280DD – 103.9 FM

K280DD is a newer Las Vegas radio station. It’s run by iHeartRadio and was launched back in 2015. They play plenty of hip hop segments throughout the day. The station’s catchline is REAL 103.9 Las Vegas’ Real hip hop N’ R&B, so you know that they definitely play some hip hop hits.

103.9 FM has become a powerhouse for hip-hop music in recent years. If you can’t find the songs that you’re looking for on the other channels, I recommend that you tune into 103.9 FM. You can also download their app to listen for free.

KUNV – 91.5 FM

KUNV is another radio station that allows you to listen to hip hop in Vegas. This station has a strong focus on Jazz music, however, they do play a fair amount of hip hop. The channel started in 2011 as a student-run local radio station designed to help UNLV students learn about broadcasting.

91.5 FM still broadcasts directly from the University of Las Vegas campus. The programming includes many different genres of music, including alternative rock, underground hip hop, and EDM. If you want to support this local station, search for 91.5 FM on your radio.

Top Hip Hop Station in Las Vegas Nevada

All of the Las Vegas radio stations mentioned above are great for hip hop, R&B, and rap. I like the song choice on 97.5, but I recommend that you try all 5 of the hip stations in Vegas to see which one you prefer. You may find that one station plays more of the music that you prefer.

Is there another Good Radio Station to Listen to?

There are plenty of other great radio stations in Las Vegas, Nevada. The city has some excellent musical diversity. Here are some of the popular vegas radio stations that play other genres of music.

  • KLUC – 98.5 FM (top 40 & pop)
  • KMXV – 94.1 FM (variety)
  • KKLZ – 96.3 FM (80s)
  • KSNE – 106.5 FM (80s, 90s & todays hits)
  • KVGQ – 106.9 FM (90s & early 2000s)
  • KWID – 101.9 FM (top 40)
  • KXPT – 97.1 FM (classic rock)
  • KOMP 92.3 FM (rock)
  • KCYE – 102.7 FM (county)
  • KWNR – 95.5 FM (country)

If you want to listen to talk sports radio, KBAD 920 AM is also very popular, along with KSFN 1140 AM Sports Radio in North Las Vegas.

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