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If you love Indian food, you’ll be happy to know that there are a ton of Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. In fact, there are over two dozen restaurants that serve Indian cuisine in the city.

But with that many options, it can be difficult to decide where to eat. So I decided to try all of the most popular Indian restaurants in Vegas to see which ones are the best. After a few weeks of eating nonstop tandoori chicken and naan bread, here’s what I found.

Eating Indian food for dinner at one of the Indian restaurants Las Vegas near the Strip.

Best Las Vegas Indian Restaurants

1. Mint Indian Bistro

Mint Indian Bistro is one of the best Indian restaurants in Las Vegas. They have two locations in Vegas, one just east of the Strip and one in Spring Valley. Both restaurants have a popular lunch buffet that includes a wide variety of foods including samosa chaat and lamb lollipops.

They also offer a seperate menu for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free customers. Mint Indian Bistro is open from 11 am to 10 pm daily, but closes from 3 -5 pm between lunch and dinner. If you don’t have time to dine in, the restaurant offers takeout and delivery as well.

  • Address: 730 E Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address 2: 4246 S Durango Dr, Las Vegas, NV

2. India Palace Restaurant

India Palace is an Indian restaurant located a few blocks from the Las Vegas Strip. This place is known for using fresh ingredients and creating modern takes on classic Indian dishes. The menu has a ton of options, including lamb, chicken, seafood, goat, and rice.

The restaurant is moderately priced, so you get a decent amount of food for your money. India Palace is open from noon until 10 pm daily and offers both takeout and delivery.

  • Address: 505 E Twain Ave, Las Vegas, NV

3. Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine

Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine is another great Indian restaurant in Las Vegas. The head chef worked for restaurants in India before working moving to the United States. He then worked at various restaurants and buffets on the Strip before coming to Mt. Everest India’s Cuisine, so he has a ton of expereince preparing Indian food.

This restaurant uses traditional Indian recipes that you can’t find anywhere else. You’ll discover a wide range of cooking styles, ingredients, and flavors at Mt. Everest. They are open every day from 11 am to 9:30 pm, but take a 2.5-hour break for lunch between 2:30 pm and 5 pm.

  • Address: 3641 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV

4. Delhi Indian Cuisine Las Vegas

Delhi Indian Cuisine is one of the Indian restaurants in Vegas that has multiple locations. They have a restaurant a few blocks off the Strip and another one in Henderson, which is perfect for locals.

Both restaurants have an extensive menu of Indian cuisines, like vegetable samosa, curry, chicken kebabs, and bhindi masala. For the quality of food, this spot is relatively affordable. Most appetizers cost less than $10, while prices for entrees are usually less than $20. Delhi Indian Cuisine is open for lunch and dinner from 11 am to 10 pm.

  • Address: 4022 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV
  • Address 2: 8810 S Maryland Pkwy Suite 125, Las Vegas, NV
Dining on Indian food Las Vegas.

5. Royal India Bistro

Royal India Bistro is a Las Vegas Indian restaurant found only 1 block off the Strip on the first floor of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino. The restaurant has an affordable all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for only $14.95, plus a complete dinner menu.

Some of the dishes you’ll find at the Royal India Bistro include Bombay chicken wings, fish kebabs, lamb, and fire-baked naan. The service here is fast and the food is delicious. They are open from 12 pm to 9:30 pm every day of the week except for Tuesday (they are closed on Tuesdays).

  • Address: 3700 W Flamingo Rd, Las Vegas, NV

6. Pure Indian Cuisine

Pure Indian Cuisine is another popular Indian restaurant in Vegas. It’s located near the Las Vegas airport and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because of its location, you get a nice view of all the flights landing and takeoff next door. But the food is the real reason why you need to visit this diner.

This place serves high-quality Indian dishes made with only the freshest ingredients. It has one of the most complete Indian menus that you’ll find in Vegas and the service is great too. Pure Indian Cuisine is open from 11 am to 10 pm during the week, but usually stays open until midnight on Friday and Saturday. They have a full bar as well.

  • Address: 1405 Sunset Rd, Las Vegas, NV

7. Curry Leaf – Flavors of India

Curry Leaf is one of the Las Vegas Indian restaurants located in the Spring Valley part of Vegas, which is roughly 20 minutes from the Strip. This local restaurant is family owned and operated, so you can always expect great service.

Curry Leaf offers a range of Indian dishes like curry bowls, tandoori salmon, lamb, garlic shrimp, and chicken tikka platters. They offer vegetarian and gluten-free dishes as well. This place is open for lunch from 11:30 am to 3 pm every day. Then they reopen at 5 pm until 9 pm for dinner.

  • Address: 5025 S Fort Apache Rd #101, Las Vegas, NV

8. Taj Palace Indian Cuisine

Taj Palace Indian Cuisine serves Indian food in the Henderson area of Las Vegas. The restaurant serves a number of original Indian, chicken, curry, seafood, soup, and dessert dishes. Some of the signature dishes include butter chicken masala, lamb biryani, and goat curry.

There’s a reason why this is one of the top-rated spots to eat Indian food in Las Vegas. The food is excellent and the service is second to none. They are open from 11 am to 10:30 pm (although they are closed briefly from 3 pm to 5 pm). You can dine in, order takeout, or get delivery.

  • Address: 9530 S Eastern Ave Suite 180, Las Vegas, NV
Having dinner at one of Las Vegas's Indian restaurants, featuring authentic cuisine from India.

9. Saffron Flavors of India

Saffron Flavors of India is a great place to eat Indian food in North Las Vegas. Their authentic Indian cuisine is cooked in real Tandoor ovens and marinated in many different herbs and spices. Some of the featured dishes include lamb, shrimp, Indian rice, tandoori chicken, and various curry pots. They are plenty of indo-Chinese fusion dishes as well, which offer a lot of unique tastes.

Dining here is also fun since they have a full-service bar in addition to the restaurant. Saffron Flavors of India is open from 11:30 am to 9 pm, with a 2-hour break in the middle of the day (3 pm to 5 pm).

  • Address: 4450 N Tenaya Way, Las Vegas, NV

10. Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill

Lazeez Indian Mediterranean Grill is another place to grab some Indian food in Spring Valley. This restaurant serves affordable halal Indian and Mediterranean dishes made-to-order. Since the food is influenced by a number of different cultures, you’ll experience some unique flavors here.

I recommend that you check out their all-you-can-eat lunch buffet that runs from 11:30 am to 3 pm. You can eat a ton of mouth-water dishes for cheap. They are open from 11 am to 3 pm every day of the week.

  • Address: 8560 W Desert Inn Rd #D3, Las Vegas, NV

11. Spice Indian Cuisine

Spice Indian Cuisine is an Indian restaurant found near the Chinatown District of Las Vegas. This is a small, yet popular eatery that serves a wide range of North Indian, South Indian, Pakistani, and Nepalese dishes.

Aside from the fantastic lunch buffet, the dinner menu features foods like chicken samosas, fish pakora, chicken tikka masala, and lamb chops. They are open from 11 am to 10 pm and offer both takeout and delivery options.

  • Address: 4001 S Decatur Blvd unit 31, Las Vegas, NV

12. Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine

Marigold Fine Indian Cuisine is another one of the Vegas Indian restaurants located near the Chinatown District. This restaurant serves a wide variety of Indian meals, but with an American twist. Some of the dishes on the menu include butter chicken, shrimp coconut curry, seafood, and naan bread. For drinks, I recommend that you order the tea.

This place has a very friendly atmosphere, making for a great dining experience. Marigold is open from 11 am to 10:45 pm, but like most Indian restaurants in Vegas, they take a break from 3 pm to 5 pm.

  • Address: 4850 W Flamingo Rd Unit #43, Las Vegas, NV

13. Clove Indian Cuisine and Bar

Clove Indian Cuisine and Bar is a highly-rated Vegas Indian restaurant located in the southwest part of the city. They offer a wide range of Indian appetizers, soups, salads, chicken entrees, lamb entrees, goat entrees, tandoori specialties, and desserts.

You can order a number of beverages at Clove Indian Cuisine as well, including green tea, coffee, soda, masala chai, and mango lassi. The restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm, but is closed from 3 pm to 5 pm. You’re able to order food online for delivery, to-go, or to eat in the main dining room.

  • Address: 7090 S Rainbow Blvd #110, Las Vegas, NV

14. Divine Dosa & Biryani

Divine Dosa & Biryani is an Indian restaurant on the Las Vegas Strip. This south Indian restaurant specializes in dosas and biryanis, which are popular South Indian cuisines. They also serve curries (both North Indian and South Indian), kebabs, and naan.

As one of the few Indian restaurants on the Las Vegas Strip, this is a great place for visitors to grab an authentic Indian meal. Divine Dosa & Biryani opens at 10 am and closes around 3 pm, then reopens for dinner from 5 pm to 10 pm.

  • Address: 3049 S Las Vegas Blvd #15, Las Vegas, NV

15. Tamba Indian Cuisine

Tamba Indian Cuisine is another restaurant that serves Indian food on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s located across the street from the Aria Resort & Casino, so it’s the most convenient spot to get authentic Indian food if you’re staying on the south end of the Strip.

The menu consists of dishes like chicken tikka masala, classic chicken curry, tandoori fish, basmati rice, and prawn biryani. Plus, you can choose what kind of sauce you want. You can grab Indian food here from 11 am to 10:30 pm (there is a 2.5-hour lunch break at 3:30 pm).

  • Address: 3743 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Top South Indian Restaurant Las Vegas

If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant Las Vegas that serves food from south India, you’ll have a couple of dining options. There are the best south Indian restaurants in Las Vegas.

  • Divine Dosa & Biryani
  • Mint Indian Bistro
  • Spice Indian Cuisine

All three of these restaurants serve food from the southern part of India on their menu. Dining at all three of these restaurants is always a great experience. I honestly can’t decide which one has the best Indian food.

Map of Indian Restaurants Las Vegas

If you’re looking for the nearest Indian restaurants Las Vegas, check out the map below. This map lists all of the best restaurants that serve Indian food in the area. There’s no need to drive across town to find Indian food when dining at a restaurant close to you is an option.

Dining at Other Las Vegas Restaurants that Serve Indian Food

There are other Las Vegas restaurants that serve Indian food aside from the ones mentioned in this article. For example, there may be some buffets on the Strip that offer a few chicken dishes with an Indian twist.

However, the restaurants mentioned in this article specialize in authentic Indian food with recipes brought over directly from India. If you want real Indian food prepared by chefs from India, I recommend dining at these restaurants. Specifically, the Indian food restaurants in Las Vegas that offer a buffet.