How do Hotels Keep Non-Guests From Eating the Free Breakfast

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Most hotel breakfast buffets lack security. So, how do they keep non-guests from walking in and eating the free breakfast? I asked some hotel employees to get a clear answer.

Most hotels do not have any measures in place that prevent non-guests from eating the free breakfast. However, some hotel chains will ask for a name and room number to ensure that the person is a guest. Other hotels give out breakfast vouchers that are redeemed by guests before they get access to the complimentary breakfast.

Every hotel has a different philosophy when it comes to its complimentary breakfast. Some hotels are strict with who is allowed to eat, while others don’t seem to care. Let’s look at some of the unwritten rules of hotel continental breakfasts.

Can You Eat the Free Breakfast If You Don’t Stay at the Hotel? 

Most hotels will notice when a non-guest comes in to take advantage of the free breakfast. However, oftentimes the hotel staff will not confront the person trying to sneak in.

The consequences of wrongly accusing a hotel guest are much worse than letting a non-guest steal a couple of bagels from the free buffet. Hotel employees want to ensure that guests are enjoying their stay and will avoid confrontation whenever possible. Even if this results in a few freeloaders getting through.

So, to answer the question – No, you’re not supposed to eat the free breakfast if you’re not a guest – but most hotels aren’t going to stop you. If you regularly eat at the breakfast buffet as a non-guest, you’re much more likely to get caught.

Can a Hotel Guest Bring Non-Guests in for Free Breakfast?

What about hotel guests who want to invite a non-guest to breakfast? In general, it is acceptable to bring a small number of non-guests with you to breakfast if you yourself are a paying guest. However, it’s best to check with the hotel staff ahead of time.

Most hotels won’t mind if you meet a friend or a client for breakfast. The entire purpose of the complimentary breakfast is to make the guest’s stay more enjoyable. It would be counterintuitive to tell a guest that they can’t meet their family for breakfast simply because they’re not staying at the hotel.

In some cases, the hotel may require the non-guest to pay a small fee before they eat. However, it’s much more likely that they’ll allow the non-guest to join for free.

How Hotels Keep Non-Guests from Eating the Free Breakfast

While some hotels don’t mind if non-guests eat the free breakfast, there are others that do. There are a number of ways that hotels keep non-guests out of the breakfast area. A few of the most common methods include:

  • Asking for room numbers
  • Checking names against a guest list
  • Swiping room keys
  • Handing out breakfast tickets
  • Remembering faces
  • Giving out wristbands

Swiping room keys – Most commonly, hotels will ask to see your room key or ask you to swipe your room key before granting you access to the breakfast area.

Asking for room numbers – Some hotels will ask for your room number before they allow you to dig into the free breakfast. This will quickly screen out non-guests. Of course, someone trying to sneak in can lie. But if they give a room number, the staff can check the system to see if there really is a guest in that room (and find out their name).

Checking guest names – A few hotels have a master list with all of the guests on it. When a guest goes to check in for breakfast, the staff member will cross their name off the list.

Using breakfast tickets – Some properties will hand out breakfast tickets/vouchers when you initially check into the hotel. When you go downstairs to get breakfast, you just hand over one of the vouchers. Non-guests will not have any vouchers.

Remembering faces – There are some high-end hotels that will remember the names and faces of all of the guests. When the staff sees an unfamiliar face, they’ll have an opportunity to politely ask for a room number to verify that the person is a guest. Small family-owned hotels use this tactic as well.

Giving out wristbands – If a hotel is having a lot of issues with people sneaking into the free breakfast area, they may implement a wristband system. The staff will give wristbands to all guests, and anyone without one will be asked to leave.

Can You Take the Hotel Breakfast Back to Your Room?

In general, it’s an acceptable practice to bring the free hotel breakfast back to your room. Taking normal breakfast portions to your room will not sound off any alarms-however, filling up multiple plates will. It’s bad etiquette to leave the breakfast area with more food than you need.

It’s best to leave some food for the other guests. Taking one or two bagels for the road is ok, but filling up a container full of them may upset other guests waiting for food. The chances of the hotel staff confronting you are low but don’t be surprised if you get some dirty looks.

Why do Hotels Offer Free Breakfast?

Hotels offer free breakfast as an advertising tool to attract guests. Many guests like the convenience of not having to leave the hotel to go out and find food in the morning. The fact that the breakfast is “FREE” is also enough to get new customers to book a room.

At the end of the day, free breakfast is simply good customer service. The continental breakfast has become a coveted amenity that can quickly build a loyal base of customers.

How do Hotels Afford to Give Out Free Breakfast?

Providing guests with a free continental breakfast is typically very inexpensive for a hotel. Supplying bagels, waffles, muffins, and scrambled eggs for a few guests doesn’t cost more than a couple hundred dollars (they don’t usually use the highest-quality ingredients).

The extra revenue earned from advertising the free breakfast buffet can easily cover the cost of a few simple breakfast items.

Some hotels even charge a higher room rate because they offer free breakfast. When you compare the cost of breakfast to the additional income made on every guest, the hotel clearly comes out ahead. Moreover, not all guests are going to eat the free breakfast anyways.

Why are Continental Breakfasts so Early?

Continental breakfasts usually start around 6am or 7am, and end by 10am. This can be annoying if you sleep in and miss the free breakfast. But why do hotel breakfasts start and end so early? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Most guests have checked out by 11
  • The food will go bad
  • Early risers don’t have to wait around
  • Staff has to be paid for a longer period of time

Guests typically check out by 11 – It makes sense that breakfast buffets end by 10am, considering that check-out is at 11am. Ending breakfast early gives guests time to pack their suitcases and head out.

The food will go bad – If breakfast items are left out too long they will go bad. When left out for more than a couple of hours, the milk will spoil, the scrambled eggs will get cold, and the pastries will get stale.

Early risers don’t have to wait around – Many hotel guests (specifically business travelers) get up early. Hotels want to have breakfast ready for these guests so they don’t have to sit around and wait.

Staff has to get paid for a longer period of time – The longer that breakfast is available, the longer the hotel has to pay the staff to cook and clean. By shortening the breakfast window, hotels can cut back on expenses.

Do You Have to Tip at Free Hotel Breakfasts?

Most free hotel breakfast buffets do not require tipping. There simply isn’t a place to leave tips. However, if you see a tip jar, it’s a good idea to drop in $1-$2 for the attendants. If you have a server waiting on your table, it’s also a good idea to tip.