Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas: Menu, Prices & Reservations

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I was looking for a good place to grab all-you-can-eat sushi in Las Vegas when I came across Gorilla Sushi. I was really impressed with the food, which surprised me since I had never heard of Gorilla Sushi before.

I quickly realized there wasn’t much information about the restaurant online, so I decided to write this review to give some basic information about the restaurant. This article will cover everything you need to know about Gorilla Sushi, including the menu options, prices, locations, and how to make a reservation.

Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas Prices

Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas allows you to order individual items off of the menu, but they’re better known for their all-you-can-eat (AYCE) sushi menu. The AYCE sushi here is extremely affordable.

  • Lunch – $22.95 (open – 3pm)
  • Dinner – $27.95 (3pm – close)

There are a handful of items that are available on the dinner menu but not the lunch menu (but not too many). There are also some items on the AYCE menu that are limited to 1 order per person (I’ll cover what those items are later in this post).

If you have kids between the ages of 3 and 7, they can get 50%. However, sashimi and oysters are not included in the children’s AYCE menu. The items not allowed are mostly premium sushi items.

If you don’t go with AYCE, expect to pay between $4 and $12 per dish. If you do get the all-you-can-eat menu (which I recommend that you do), there are a few rules that you need to follow. They include:

  • 90-minute time limit on AYCE
  • No sharing with guests who are not AYCE
  • There’s an additional charge for leftovers

Also, you must eat both the rice and the fish. If you don’t, you will be charged for the fish a la carte. The restaurant implemented this policy to prevent people from taking advantage of the AYCE special to just get fish.

Gorilla Sushi Menu Las Vegas


Gorilla Sushi has a wide assortment of both hot and cold appetizers. These are the hot appetizers:

  • Edamame
  • Baked Mussel
  • Dynamite (shrimp, scallop, lobster)
  • Corn Cheese
  • Takoyaki
  • Egg Rolls
  • Shrimp Tempura
  • Calamari Tempura
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Korean Spicy Rice Cake
  • Fried Gyoza (dumplings)
  • Bulgogi
  • Spam Musubi
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Fried Chicken
  • Fried Rice
  • Fried Soft Shell Crab – 1 order limit
  • Kalbi (bbq ribs) – 1 order limit
  • Creamy Shrimp – 1 order limit
  • Garlic Butter Shrimp – 1 order limit
  • Cheese Pork Katsu – 1 order limit
  • Hamburger Steak – 1 order limit
  • Soft Tofu Soup – 1 order limit
  • Ceviche – 1 order limit

Now that we’ve taken a look at the hot appetizers, let’s look at the cold appetizers. They are mostly different types of salads.

  • House Salad
  • Seaweed Salad
  • Cucumber w/ Crab Salad
  • Salmon Skin Salad
  • Poki Salad – 1 order limit
  • Sashimi Salad – 1 order limit
  • Cajun Albacore Carpaccio – 1 order limit
  • Fresh Oysters – 1 order limit
  • Stuffed Tomato w/ Crab, Avocado & Salmon – 1 order limit

It should be noted that the fried soft shell crab, kabli, cajun albacore carpaccio, and fresh oysters are only available on the dinner menu.


If you’re not ordering AYCE, the nigiri dishes are the most affordable options on the menu. For those of you that don’t eat sushi often, nigiri is simply a mound of rice topped with fish. Gorilla Sushi has several nigiri options.

  • Chef Special (variety)
  • Tuna
  • Super White Tuna
  • Garlic Tuna
  • Seared Tuna
  • Yellowtail
  • Salmon
  • Garlic Salmon
  • Smoke Salmon
  • Seared Salmon
  • Cajun Albacore
  • Red Snapper
  • Eel
  • Shrimp
  • Sweet Shrimp (amaebi)
  • Squid
  • Octopus
  • Mackerel
  • Sweet Egg Custard
  • Smelt Roe
  • Flying Fish Roe
  • Salmon Roe
  • Yum Yum Scallop
  • Clam


Gorilla Sushi is one of the few AYCE sushi restaurants in Las Vegas that serves sashimi. Although you’re limited to 1 order a person, I recommend that you take advantage of the sashimi dishes.

If you’re not familiar, sashimi is basically thinly sliced fish without rice. It’s considered a delicacy since the fish is the most expensive part of a sushi roll. You’ll have two sashimi options at Gorilla Sushi.

  • Tuna Sashimi – dinner only
  • Salmon Sashimi – dinner only

Classic Rolls & Hand Rolls

There are also a bunch of classic sushi rolls and hand rolls served at Gorilla Sushi. The sushi rolls are massive and well worth the money.

  • California Roll
  • Philadelphia Roll
  • Tuna Roll
  • Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Yellowtail Roll
  • Spicy Crab Roll
  • Spicy Salmon Roll
  • Chicken Teriyaki Roll
  • Yum Yum Roll
  • Eel Roll
  • Salmon Roll
  • Salmon Skin Roll
  • Salmon Mayo Roll
  • Avocado Roll
  • Cucumber Roll
  • Vegetable Roll
  • Deep-Fried Vegetable Roll
  • Deep-Fried Asparagus Roll

Specialty Rolls

In addition to the classic Rolls, Gorilla Sushi also has over 50 specialty rolls, including Dragon Rolls, Alaska Rolls, Vampire Rolls, Rainbow Rolls, and Gorilla Dream. I’m not going to list all of them here, but the specialty rolls fall into 3 categories.

  • Chef Special Rolls
  • Baked Rolls
  • Deep Fried Rolls


There’s also a limited soup menu at the restaurant. It includes:

  • Miso Soup
  • Kake Udon
  • Korean Ramen (spicy)
  • Gorilla Ramen (spicy)


If you’re still hungry for dessert after eating all of that sushi, you can order a couple of delicious desserts.

  • Ice Cream
  • Mochi Ice Cream
  • Affogato
  • Honey Toast
  • Melona Bar


The drink menu at Gorilla Sushi includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. They cost between $2-$8.

  • Soda
  • Bottled Water
  • Sparkling Water
  • Ice Green Tea
  • Hot Tea
  • Thai Tea
  • Bear
  • Wine

Gorilla Sushi Reservations & Contact Information

Every time I’ve been to Gorilla Sushi, it’s been very busy. You should definitely try to make a reservation in advance if at all possible (I included their phone number below). The busiest time to eat here is during the dinner rush, which is usually between 6pm and 8pm.

Gorilla Sushi is located in Tropicana Spencer Square right next to the Las Vegas airport. It’s only about a 5-minute drive from the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip, and there’s always a ton of parking in the area.

Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas Contact Information

  • Phone number: (702) 586 5111
  • Address: 1801 E Tropicana Ave #2, Las Vegas, NV

Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas Hours

Gorilla Sushi is open from 11am to 1am Sunday through Wednesday. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday they are open until 2am, which makes them one of the top late-night sushi spots near the Strip.

Other Gorilla Sushi Locations

There are a couple of other Gorilla Sushi locations outside of Las Vegas. Here are a few of them:

Gorilla Sushi Jefferson Park

Gorilla Sushi Jefferson Park is located in Chicago Illinois. It doesn’t look like this restaurant is affiliated with the Las Vegas locations, but they have gotten some good reviews online.

Gorilla Sushi Wicker Park

Gorilla Sushi Wicker Park is another sushi restaurant found in Chicago. They aren’t associated with the Las Vegas location, but it does seem like they are owned by the same group that runs the Jefferson Park restaurant.

Gorilla Sushi Logan Square

Gorilla Sushi is a spinoff of the Jefferson Park and Wicker Park locations. Again, it doesn’t seem like it’s run by the same people that own Gorilla Sushi Las Vegas, but it may be worth visiting in the future. If you’re currently in Las Vegas, there’s only one Gorilla Sushi location.

Final Thoughts

I can’t speak for all of the locations, but the Gorilla Sushi in Las Vegas is fantastic. They are one of the few AYCE sushi spots that offer sashimi, so you know that they don’t skimp out on quality.

If you want to check out a few other AYCE sushi spots while you’re in Las Vegas, I recommend Sushi Way. It’s only a 2-minute drive from Gorilla Sushi. ITs SUSHI is also worth checking out if you want to dine in Las Vegas’ thriving Chinatown District.