Quietest Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip (Rest & Relaxation)

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The vast majority of hotels in Las Vegas promote a party environment. However, many people visit Las Vegas in search of rest and relaxation. After staying at the majority of the hotels on the Strip, I have found these resorts to be the most quiet.

These are the quietest hotels in Las Vegas:

  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Vdara
  • Trump International
  • Four Seasons
  • Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations
  • Signature at MGM Grand
  • Venetian and Palazzo
  • Bellagio

While all of these hotels have quiet rooms, they each have different amenities. Some of these hotels have better pools, some have better spas, and some simply offer a better price. In this article, I’ll cover the pros and cons of each to help you pick the best one.

Waldorf Astoria

The Waldorf Astoria is a non-gaming resort located in the center of the Strip. There is no casino on the property, making it one of the quietest hotels in Las Vegas. If you do feel the need to gamble, it’s less than a 5-minute walk from the Aria.

The Waldorf Astoria does have a couple of calm hotel pools that don’t get too busy. The resort also has a spa and a fitness center. It even holds daily yoga and Pilates classes.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Price: High ($250-$500/night)
  • Rating: 5-Star Resort


Vdara is an upscale hotel found in the heart of the Strip with no casino or restaurants. The lack of entertainment makes Vdara one of the quietest hotels in Las Vegas. Vdara does have an award-winning spa and an excellent low-key pool.

When you leave the hotel to look for some entertainment, you won’t have to go far. The Cosmopolitan and Aria are both within walking distance of Vdara. I don’t know how it’s only rated a 3-star hotel, it should have 5. This is one of the most affordable high-end resorts in Las Vegas.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Price: Medium-High ($125-$250/night)
  • Rating: 3-Star Resort

Trump International

The Trump International is another resort that doesn’t have a casino. This hotel is actually a bit isolated on the Strip, so you only see hotel guests on the property. It’s nice not having to deal with mobs of tourists in the hotel lobby.

The rooms here are extremely soundproof, so noises from inside the hotel aren’t an issue. However, there is a nearby train that occasionally passes by, making some noise (fortunately, it usually only comes through once a day). The resort also has a good-sized pool, spa and fitness center, all of which are relatively low-key.

  • Location: North end of the Strip
  • Price: Medium-High ($125-$250/night)
  • Rating: 5-Star Resort

Four Seasons

The Four Seasons is located on the south end of the Strip on the top 5 floors of Mandalay Bay (floors 35-39). While it’s located inside of Mandalay Bay, it’s high enough up where you won’t have to deal with any noise from the casino or Mandalay Bay’s nightclub.

If you stay at the Four Seasons, you get access to the Mandalay Bay pool complex, but you also get access to the private Four Seasons pool. The pool area is super quiet, and the hotel spa is amazing.

  • Location: South end of the Strip
  • Price: High ($250-$400/night)
  • Rating: 5-Star Resort

Elara by Hilton Grand Vacation

Elara is one of the most comfortable hotels in Las Vegas. Many of the rooms come with a full kitchen and a large pull-out sofa bed. The cozy suites are a nice change of pace from the barren rooms at many other hotels on the Strip. You feel like you can actually live in the rooms at Elara.

There is no casino or spa, but the pool here is excellent. The resort pool is sizable, considering the number of rooms available at Elara. It’s very quiet as well. The crowd at Elara is always upscale and courteous.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Price: High ($150-$400/night)
  • Rating: 4-Star Resort

Signature at MGM Grand

The Signature is a 3-tower resort found behind the MGM Grand on the south end of the Strip. The rooms at the Signature are larger than the rooms at the MGM Grand, and most of them come with a private balcony.

There’s no casino here, so it’s very quiet. There are 3 discrete pools on the property used for swimming and sunbathing. There is no spa, but you’ll have access to the one at the MGM Grand. For what you’re getting, the rooms at the Signature are insanely affordable.

  • Location: South end of the Strip
  • Price: Medium ($75-$200/night)
  • Rating: 4-Star Resort


The Bellagio is the most famous hotel on the Strip. While there is plenty of foot traffic and commotion in the casino, the resort is much calmer. There’s no need to worry about noise complaints at the Bellagio, this is one of the best resorts in Las Vegas.

You’ll have plenty of privacy at the Bellagio pool, considering the complex has 5 of them. It also has an excellent on-site spa and salon, plus one of the best restaurant lineups in Las Vegas.

  • Location: Center of the Strip
  • Price: High ($250-$300/night)
  • Rating: 5-Star Resort

Venetian and Palazzo

The Venetian (and sister hotel Palazzo) is another famous 5-star resort with quiet rooms. This luxurious resort has plenty of on-site entertainment and restaurants, not to mention a phenomenal day spa.

Just like the Bellagio, the Venetian’s casino does get rather busy during the day. However, the casino has no effect on the noise levels in the hotel rooms themselves. Neither does the small nightclub on the property since it’s located far away from the hotel tower. The only downside to the Venetian is their pool, which gets pretty crowded.

  • Location: Center/North end of the Strip
  • Price: High ($200-$300/night)
  • Rating: 5-Star Resort

Quietest Hotel in Las Vegas

It’s difficult to determine which hotel is officially the quietest. But if I had to pick one, it would be one of the hotels that aren’t attached to a casino.

The hotels with no association to a casino generally attracted a friendlier and more respectful crowd. These people are typically trying to relax themselves or on a business trip. If you’re looking for a peaceful, relaxing vacation, I recommend staying at one of these properties:

  • Waldorf Astoria
  • Vdara
  • Elara by Hilton Grand Vacations
  • Signature at the MGM Grand

All four of these properties are far from any ambient noises coming from nearby casinos, nightclubs and pool parties. They all have very quiet pool areas as well.

I didn’t include the Trump International because of the train noise. It’s not too big of a deal but could cause some confusion the first time you hear it.

Do Las Vegas Hotels Have Quiet Hours?

Las Vegas hotels don’t have official quiet hours. However, the hotel staff may tell you to quiet down if you’re being ridiculously loud. The lower-tier hotels are typically more tolerable of noise than the luxury properties. Although, some high-end properties still cause headaches with their loud nightclubs that remain open until 4 in the morning.