Convenient RV Stops Between Las Vegas and Reno Nevada

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Driving from Las Vegas to Reno takes over 7 hours. If you want to take a break from driving to enjoy the views, you’re going to have to stop for the night. While traveling between the two cities myself, I found some convenient RV stops along the way.

These are the best RV parks between Las Vegas and Reno:

  • Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort
  • Beatty RV Park
  • Space Station RV Park
  • Goldfield RV Park
  • Tonopah RV
  • Sunrise Valley RV Park
  • Luning Rest Area
  • Whiskey Flats RV Park
  • Walker Lake Recreation Area
  • Reno RV Park

There are plenty of boondocking stops between Reno and Las Vegas, but you may want to take a different route if you want access to hookups. I was able to map out a couple of routes that offer the best of both worlds.

Map of RV Parks Between Las Vegas and Reno

Here’s a map of all the best RV stops between Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada.

This map is interactive, so you can zoom in and get a closer look.

10 Best RV Parks Between Las Vegas and Reno

In this section, I’ll give you a brief description of each RV park so you’ll know some of the nearby attractions and where to find hookups. I’ll also include the nightly rates for each park. These RV parks are listed in the same order that you’ll encounter them as your drive from Las Vegas to Reno.

1. Oasis Las Vegas RV Resort

Oasis RV Resort is one of the best RV parks in Las Vegas. They have a ton of amenities and are located only a couple of minutes from the Strip. Most of the sites have grass and picnic tables, which is exactly what you want if you have kids. Daily rates are in the $55-$90/day range depending on the size of your RV.

There are also a number of other nearby RV parks. I made a full list of all the best RV parks in Las Vegas here.

  • Location: 2711 W Windmill Ln, Las Vegas
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $55-$90/day

2. Space Station RV Park

Space Station is a quiet RV park located about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas. The campground is clean, and they have full hookups. There’s a small town nearby, so you can stock up on supplies there. Daily rates are only $27.50/night, regardless of the size of your rig. This RV park is very small, so if they’re at capacity for some reason, I recommend you check out the next park on the list.

  • Location: 400 US-95, Beatty, NV 
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $27.50/night

3. Beatty RV Park

Beatty RV Park is located near Space Station RV Park, right off of Hwy 95. If you want to check out Death Valley National Park, Beatty is an excellent staging spot. Since the park is right on the highway it can be loud during the day, but it does quiet down quite a bit at night. There are full hookups, and the rates are extremely cheap. Daily rates are only $25/night.

  • Location: 6333 Nevada Hwy 95 N, Beatty, NV
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $25/night

4. Goldfield RV Park

Goldfield RV Park is located about halfway between Las Vegas and Reno. It’s a small park, with only 12 sites, but it’s the only rest area that you’re going to find in the area for miles. There are plenty of cool things in the area, like endless ATV trails and old mines. A one-night stay at Goldfield only costs $30.

  • Location: 410 4th St, Goldfield, NV
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $30/night

5. Tonopah RV

Tonopah RV is great for a quick overnight stay. The park is close to the highway, but there really isn’t any road noise at night. The campsite has large pull-through spaces and full hookups. Expect to pay about $30 a night.

  • Location: 1160 US-95, Tonopah, NV 
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $30/night

6. Sunrise Valley RV Park

You’ll find Sunrise Valley RV Park on your right-hand side when entering the town of Mina from the south (it’s the first building you see). If you have ATVs you’ll want to take them out here (unfortunately dirt bikes are not allowed). There are over 500 miles of trails in this small town. The rates are about $30-$40/night.

  • Location: US-95, Mina, NV
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $30-$40

7. Luning Rest Area

If you’re looking for a cheap, no-frills place to stay the night, you’ll want to stop at Luning Rest Area. The only amenity here is the restrooms, but overnight parking is completely free. Luning Rest Area is a truck stop, so you may hear some trucks coming in and out at night.

  • Location: US 95 Mile Post 24.34, Luning, NV
  • Hookups: No
  • Price: Free

8. Whiskey Flats RV Park

The next resting spot on your way to Reno is Whisky Flats RV Park. This is one of the larger parks between Las Vegas and Reno, so they have plenty of amenities. The park is conveniently located right off of the highway, so it’s easy to find. Expect to pay between $30-$40 a night.

  • Location: 3045 U.S. 95, Hawthorne, NV
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $30-$40/night

9. Walker Lake Recreation Area

The is a boondocking area on Walker Lake in Hawthorne Nevada. There are no hookups, but it’s are a great place to camp. The area is beautiful, and you only have to pay $6/night for developed campsites. Primitive campsites are even cheaper, coming in at $2 a night.

  • Location: Hawthorne, NV
  • Hookups: No
  • Price: $2-$6/night

10. Reno RV Park

Once you arrive in Reno you have a couple of options for parking. Reno RV Park is a solid option located in the center of the city. Daily rates start at $40 a night, while weekly rates are only $180 (or $200 after taxes). The park has plenty of sites with full hookups available.

  • Location: 735 Mill St, Reno, Nevada
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Price: $40/night

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