Why Are Las Vegas Strip Clubs Free If You Call Their Limo?

If you’ve been to Las Vegas before, you may have noticed the large number of street promoters offering free limos to the strip club. I did some research to find whether these promotions are legitimate.

Why are Vegas strip clubs free when you call their limo? Most Las Vegas strip clubs offer free entry when you take the club’s limo. This is a real promotion to get customers into the club. Most limo packages offer free transportation and free entry, under the condition that you pre-order 2 drinks.

There are some scams associated with the free limo packages, but they are easily avoidable. I’ll explain why these offers exist in this post, plus how to differentiate between the legit deals, and the shady ones that you want to avoid.

Why Do Vegas Strip Clubs Offer Free Limos?

Getting a free limo ride, plus free entry into the club may seem to good to be true, but believe the hype. Many strip clubs in Las Vegas started offering these deals to get more customers into their clubs.

Strip clubs used to rely on cab drivers to bring customers through the door, often paying the driver a $20-$100 commission per person. But over time the clubs realized that this was expensive, and found it cheaper to just pick the customers up themselves.

The clubs still pay commissions to taxi drivers, (Uber and Lyft drivers too) but they would prefer not to whenever possible. The kickback the clubs have to pay the drivers forces the club to raise prices. And that’s bad for you as the customer.

When you arrive at the club via cab, the club has to charge you cover fee of $30-$50, just to cover the commission they pay the driver. This is why they offer free entry when you take their limo. It completely eliminates the middle man (cab drivers).

Avoid Taking Cabs At All Cost

Not only will you end up paying more when you take a cab to the strip club, the drivers also tend to mislead tourists. Taxi drivers will lie to tourist in an effort to redirect you to the club that pays the highest commissions.

This practice has been well documented and I’ve personally have had some bad experiences with Vegas cab drivers. That’s why I recommend taking advantage of deals offered directly by the club. But watch out for scams…

Watch Out For Strip Club Limo Scams

Anyone who has walked the Vegas strip past 8 pm knows that there are hundreds of strip club promoters, trying to get you to take their limo. Some of these promoters are legitimate, some are not. It can be tough to tell sometimes.

If you want to take advantage of the free limo deals without being hustled, I recommend either calling the club directly or signing up online. Most reputable Las Vegas strip clubs have phone numbers that you can call. Plus there are a number of website that work directly with the clubs, that can help you reserve a limo.

How Do The Free Limo Packages Work?

There are several packages offered by strip clubs, that range from bottle service to bachelor party specials. But the most common one is free entry and free limo transportation, when you pre-purchase 2 drinks.

The total cost of this package is between about $35-$45, depending on the club. In my opinion, this is a no brainer. You get into the club for free, just by buying 2 drinks, which you where probably going to do anyways. I’ll beak down the pricing below.

This first table is what you would be paying without using one of the limo packages:

Transportation (Taxi/Uber)$20
Cover Charge$35
2 Drinks $40

That’s what you’re going to be paying before you even get a lap dance! Now let’s look at what you would be paying, if you used the limo package provided by the club:

Transportation (Limo)Free
Cover ChargeFree
2 Drinks$40

Yes, I known drinks are expensive. Every club prices their drinks differently, but most drinks will cost a minimum of $15 plus tip. But the point is, limo packages are half the price of what you would be paying otherwise.

I use this the free limo packages every time I go to the club and have yet to have a bad experience. Once you sign up, you don’t actually pay for anything until you get to the club. When you arrive, you pay the cashier for your 2 drinks and you walk in. It’s ridiculously simple!

Most strip clubs will pick you up from any of the major hotels on or near the Vegas strip. And like I mentioned earlier, you can sign up online in less than 2 minutes.

Are Las Vegas Strip Clubs Free If I Drive Myself?

Some Las Vegas strip clubs will let you in for free if you drive yourself to the club, but most won’t. The one exception is if you’re a Vegas local. If you bring your Nevada ID, most clubs will waive your cover charge. But remember, if you take a cab or Uber you’ll still be required to pay cover, even if you’re a local.

My recommendation is to take advantage of the free transportation, even if you have your own car. This way you don’t have to worry about drinking and driving. Plus, who doesn’t want to ride in a limo!

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