Vegas Strip Clubs For Couples: Everything You Need To Know

More couples are attending Las Vegas strip clubs than ever before. It isn’t uncommon to see half a dozen couples, or even groups of all women, at the strip clubs in Vegas. Yet for most couples, strip clubs are unexplored territory.

I’ve spent more time than I would like to admit in these clubs. And more often than not, I would bring a female companion with me. So, I compiled some of my firsthand experiences and created this strip club guide for couples.

Best Las Vegas Strip Clubs For Couples

Las Vegas has a number of great couples friendly strip clubs. But, since most of you aren’t going to go around visiting all of them, I’ll narrow it down to my top 3.

  • Sapphire
  • Spearmint Rhino
  • Palomino Club


Sapphire is the largest topless strip club in the world. As a result, they also have the most and widest selection of dancers. Whatever your type is (or whatever you think your type is), you’ll find it here.

The club typically has one main stage, surrounded by hundreds of chairs. You don’t have to order bottle service to sit down, but they do usually ask you to buy at least one drink.

Sapphire also has some of the best VIP rooms in Las Vegas. And for couples, depending on what you’re looking for, VIP rooms are often your best option (more on this later).

Spearmint Rhino

Spearmint Rhino is another large and well known Vegas strip club. Like Sapphire, Rhino is a topless club and is located within a 5 minute drive of most hotels on the strip.

After talking to many of the dancers that work at Rhino, I have found the girls here to generally be more experienced than the ones at Sapphire. Although, if it’s your first time visiting a strip club, you would never know the difference.

On busy nights the club has multiple rooms open, with two main stages set up. The stages are surrounded by both bottle service booths and normal seating. You’ll enjoy the super comfortable seats surrounding the stage while the waitresses come around and take your individual drink orders.


Most clubs have to chose between being fully nude and serving alcohol. But as the longest standing strip club in Vegas, Palomino has been grandfathered in. It’s the only Vegas strip club that is both fully nude and serves alcohol.

Since it’s fully nude, I would argue that Palomino has the best stage shows. All the the girls here really know what they are doing. That’s a huge plus for couples who are just testing the water for the first time.

The only downside to Palomino is the fact that it’s significantly farther away than the other two clubs. It’s takes about 15 minutes to get to Palomino from the strip.

Cover Charges & Bottle Service At Vegas Strip Clubs

Cover charges at strip clubs typically range from $20-$50 per person depending on the club, and how busy it is inside. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be out $100 before I even walk in the door.

There are two ways to avoid this cover charge (Really three, since locals get free entry. But I’m assuming you’re probably not a local). The first way to avoid the cover charge is to pre-order two drinks. Most strip clubs offer a package where if you pre-order two drinks (about $40), they will pick you up in a complimentary limo and waive your cover charge.

This is personally my favorite way to get into strip clubs, since the limo sets the right tone for the night. And on most nights I’m probably going to order two drinks at some point anyways. It just makes sense pre-order them and then take advantage of the complimentary transportation and waived cover fee.

You can sign up for these packages online. And you don’t actually pay for anything until you arrive at the club. Once you get to the club, you’ll pay the cashier and they’ll give you your drink tickets.

The second way into the club is to get bottle service. There a number of benefits offered by bottle service, so I’ll dedicate the entire next section to it.

Bottle Service For Couples

There are a couple reasons why you may want to go with bottle service over the limo package or just paying a cover charge strait up…

  • Guaranteed seating
  • Get your own private area
  • Get your own bottle of alcohol
  • Complimentary transportation (limo)
  • Waived cover charge
  • Magnet for dancers

By far the most important benefit is guaranteed seating. When you get bottle service, in addition to the alcohol you also get your own table. This is critical if you plan on going out on a Friday or Saturday.

Seating in strip clubs is limited. And nothing will ruin your night faster than having to stand by the bar, and chase down strippers as they walk by. It’s much easier to take in and enjoy the experience if you can sit down and relax. During weeknights you can do this without bottle service, but when the club gets busy it becomes a necessity.

Now you can still find seating without getting a bottle, it’s just more scarce. You can increase your odds by arriving before the 10 pm rush. But if you’re want to remove potential roadblocks and have the best experience possible, bottle service is the way to go.

It’s also much cheaper to get a bottle at a strip club than at a nightclub. Couples packages typically range from $150-$250 at most strip clubs. This includes transportation, the alcohol, the table and the cover charge. It also guarantees you’ll have a prime seat for the night.

Having you’re own tables also puts some distance between you and the other patrons at the club. It allows you to enjoy the experience as a couple.

Finding A Dancer & Watching The Show

Once you’re inside the club, you’re going to want to sit directly in front of the stage. This is the best option if you’re new to strip clubs, since it’s low pressure and won’t cost you anything. It’s an easy way to get comfortable in the environment.

When I’m at the strip club with a girl, I like to give her a stack of $1’s and let her tip the dancers on stage. You don’t have to make it rain, like in the movies. 20 $1 bills is more than enough to get started. But this will get you and your wife or girlfriend some extra attention. It will also let the dancers know that you want to be approached.

After sitting by the stage for while, you can go and sit a little further away from the action. Try to sit in an area where it’s easy for the dancers to approach you. You can either wait for them to come to you, or approach them yourself. It’s your choice.

You can also let one of the club’s hosts know what type of girls you’re looking for. He’ll be more than happy to send one over. Remember, it’s important you get your wife or girlfriend’s input on which girls you mutually like.

Once a dancer sits down and starts talking with you, you’ll notice that they’re actually really friendly and many of them are great conversationalists. Let her take control. It won’t take long for your wife/girlfriend and the dancer to start connecting and the conversation will eventually lead to her asking if you want a dance.

Make sure you and your wife are both comfortable with getting a dance. You want to make sure the dance excites you both, without causing any jealousy. If you like the dancer say yes, but let your wife have the final decision. You can get a dance either separately or as a couple. Most of the time getting a couples dance will cost the same amount as an individual dance.

When you do finally find a dancer you like, you have a couple different options for dances…

Cost Of Dances For Couples

I’ll start off by mentioning that dancers act as independent contractors within the club. This means that they set their own prices. Most dancers will charge the same rate for a couple as they would a single person. But, not all do. This is why you should get the full cost before she starts dancing!

There are several types of dances you can get. These are the average prices for each type…

Dance LengthPrice
1 Song (2-3 minutes)$20
15 minutes$100
30 minutes (VIP room)$250
60 minutes (VIP room)$500

The typical $20 dances are performed in the main room of the club, directly in your seat. They are the most common type of dance and typically last about 2-3 minutes.

These shorter dances are great to see what the dancer has to offer. You can quickly decide if you want more dances from this girl, or cut it off, if it’s not a great fit. In most cases, you’ll find both you and your wife like the dancer.

Now you can continue with these short $20 dances, or move into a more private VIP room. VIP rooms are best for couples. You get much more privacy and can really focus on enjoying the experience. In addition, you can connect with the dancer a lot better. You don’t have to have her dance the whole time. You can talk and share a drink with the dancer if you chose.

Private dances also have much more contact than the average $20 dance. The additional privacy really loosens the dancers up. How much more contact is dependent upon what the dancer is comfortable with. She will guide you hands and let you know what is acceptable.

I would avoid group VIP rooms. Some clubs have them and they cost less than normal VIP, but they kinda kill the vibe. If you don’t want to spend $250 on a private dance you can always get a 15 minute dance for $100.

15 minute dances are a happy medium between VIP and the short $20 dances. Some clubs, like Palomino, even do the the 15 minute dances in the VIP rooms. This is because Palomino is full nude, and those dances are typically done in private.

What Is And Isn’t Allowed During A Dance?

What sets Vegas strip clubs apart from clubs in other cities are the touching rules. Many other cities make you sit on your hands, but that’s not the case in Las Vegas.

As I mentioned earlier, the amount of touching allowed is dependent on the dancer. During a dance, the dancer will typically guide your hands or verbally let you know what is acceptable. Most dancers will let you touch their breasts (or put your face into them) and put your hands on their waist and legs.

As a general rule don’t try to go underneath any clothing. However, every club has a few dancers that push the limits at bit. Just keep in mind that these girls are dancers, not escorts.

If touching interests you more than the visual aspect of strip clubs, know that the full nude clubs typically have no touching policies. The Palomino is one of the few full nude clubs that allows touching.

What Do I Wear To The Strip Club?

Strip club dress codes are very relaxed, but there are a few items not allowed…

  • Sweat pants
  • Sports jerseys
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Baggy jeans
  • Open toed shows

Obviously, you want to be as comfortable as possible when getting a lap dance, but I wouldn’t recommend looking like a scrub. Dress up just a little bit. For guys, if you have a nice suit, wear it. Women should wear either a dress or jeans with a top.

Dressing up a bit will score you some extra attention from the dancers. But, if you don’t have anything upscale don’t worry. In a pinch, a nice t-shirt with jeans will work fine.

Related Questions

How do I order bottle service at Vegas strip clubs? The easiest way to reserve bottle service at a strip club is to contact a VIP host. VIP hosts work for the club, and can provide the most up to date pricing on a given night. If you’re interested in reserving bottle service you can contact us here, and we’ll connect you with a VIP host that works at the club of your choice.