How Do The Strip Club Specials Work?

Once you pick out which strip club you want to go to, simply fill out the form on the page. Most of the packages include FREE ENTRY and FREE TRANSPORTATION with the purchase of 2 drinks. When signing up include the number of people in your group, when you want to be picked up and where you want to be picked up from. The driver will contact you about 15 minutes before the pickup time to confirm. This ride is typically in a limo or party bus and is 100% FREE

Strip clubs are great for Bachelor parties or groups of all guys as there are no guy to girl ratio requirements to take advantage of the offers. That being said women are more than welcome to go to the strip clubs. Seeing mixed groups of guys and girls at a strip club is actually a relatively common sight. There are a few shady strip clubs here in Vegas but the ones we recommend are at the top of the food chain. We handpicked the few clubs that have a history of being reputable and respected business. 

How Much Do Lap Dances Cost In Vegas?

Lap dances are going to cost $20 per song at most places, which works out to about 2 or 3 minutes. If you're looking to go for a bit longer, private VIP dances are available at all of the clubs. They typically cost about $250 to $300 for every 30 minutes but the price is ultimately determined by the dancer. The purchase of lap dances is not regulated by the actual club and is a transaction you make directly with the dancer. With that in mind, make sure you are clear on what you are getting and how much it costs BEFORE she starts dancing. 

What Type of Girls Are At Las Vegas Strip Clubs?

There is an extremely diverse range of girls at Las Vegas strip clubs. The girls fly in from all over the world to perform at these clubs. There are girls of all colors, ethnicity, backgrounds personalities shapes and sizes. No matter your preference, odds are there is a girl for you. There are so many girls performing on a given night that there is never a shortage of variety. 

When Are The Strip Clubs Open?

The strip clubs in Vegas are open 24 hours a day, and many of them are open 365 days a year (yes some are open of Christmas). There is always a place party in Vegas. I recommend going either before you go to the nightclub or after the nightclubs start to close around 4:00 am. There is no feeling like leaving the strip club after a long night out and seeing the sun high in the sky. Have fun... the strip clubs will be there for you whenever you need them. 

Is There A Dress Code?

The dress code at strip clubs is slightly more relaxed than at nightclubs. Pretty much anything goes except for swimwear, shorts, jerseys, tank tops, sandals, flip flops or sweatpants. If you follow the nightclub dress code you will be fine. You can check out our full dress code guides for men and women here.

How Much Do Strip Clubs Normally Cost?

If you were to enter the strip club normally without taking advantage of the specials offer by the clubs you would be paying between $30 - $40 for admission plus transportation cost of another $15 - $20. On top of that you would have to pay for drinks and lap dances. Don't go this route...

When you use the strip club deals, both the transportation and cover charges are waived for everyone in your party. All you need to do is purchase a minimum of 2 drinks (which if we are being honest was probably going to happen anyways). This deal will save you upwards of $50 per person. Plus it's also pretty cool to arrive at the strip club in a limo. 

Are There Male Strip Clubs In Las Vegas?

There a couple male strips clubs in Las Vegas. Both Hustler and Sapphire have a ladies night and there are also shows like Magic Mike that are just as fun.