Las Vegas Strip Club Bottle Service Prices (Complete List)

Bottle service is one of Las Vegas’ greatest luxuries. You can get bottle service at nightclubs, pool parties, lounges and even strip clubs. However, bottle service at strip clubs is usually the cheapest, and most fun.

Bottle service at Las Vegas strip clubs starts around $350 for a group of 5. That comes out to about $70 a person. Expect to pay an additional 25-30% in taxes and fees on top of your total (20% gratuity/service fee and 8% sales tax).

I can tell you first hand that strip clubs are one of the most exciting places to get bottle service in Las Vegas, especially for bachelor parties. So I did some research, and compiled a complete list of bottle service prices at Vegas’ most popular strip clubs.

Las Vegas Strip Club Bottle Service Prices

I was able to get a majority of these prices directly from the websites of these strip clubs. Over years of going out in Vegas, I have noticed that these prices do occasionally fluctuate from time to time, but for the most part, don’t change too much.

As you go through these charts, you’ll notice that I sometimes give a price range instead of an exact number. That is because within each group size you can pick different packages. For example, for a group size of 5, there may be 2 packages available. One package includes a premium bottle and a bucket of beers, while the other one includes 2 premium bottles. These packages are priced differently, which is why I give the range.

Sapphire Las Vegas

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)$225$112
5$359 – $385$75
10$599 – $699$65

Spearmint Rhino

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)*$225$112

*Only available Sunday-Wednesday.

Crazy Horse 3

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)$299$150
5$299 – $349$65
10$579 – $799$65

Palomino Club

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 $180$90
10$669 – $777$73

*Only available during the day (4 pm – 7 pm).

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)$250$125

*Only available Sunday-Thursday. There is no maximum group size listed, but you get 1 bottle in this package. That will serve about 5 people.


Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)$185$93
6$315 – $390$59

*There is no maximum group size listed, but you get 2 bottle in this package. That will serve about 10 people.

**There is no maximum group size listed, but you get 3 bottle in this package. That will serve about 15 people.


Group SizePricePrice (per person)
15**$649 – $799$48

*Only available Sunday-Thursday. There is no maximum group size listed, but you get 1 bottle in this package. That will serve about 5 people.

**There is no maximum group size listed, but you get 3 bottle in this package. That will serve about 15 people.

Deju Vu Showgirls

Group SizePricePrice (per person)
2 (couples only)$89$45

Little Darlings is also a top strip club, but since they are full nude they do not serve alcohol. Palomino is the only Las Vegas strip club that is fully nude and also serves alcohol. Most clubs are topless only.

Additional Costs For Strip Club Bottle Service

In addition to the price of bottle service, you’ll also have to pay 25-30% in taxes, gratuity and service fees. Some live events also have an added 9% live entertainment tax.

But, don’t let those extra fees scare you away – bottle service at strip clubs is still extremely cheap compared to nightclubs and pool parties. When you split the final bill with everyone in your group, each person is only paying an extra $20-$30 in taxes and fees. That’s still about half the price of what you would be paying at a top nightclub.

Free Entry & Limo Pickup With Bottle Service

Most strip club packages come with free entry, and free limo pickup from your hotel. When you book a bottle service package, you won’t have to pay cover (which is about $35-$40 on average), and you won’t have to worry about transportation to the club (another $10-$15).

Also since you’ll have a bottle of alcohol, you won’t have to pay for expensive drinks at the bar ($15-$20 per drink). Drinks at strip clubs are notoriously expensive, so buying all of your alcohol in bulk will save you money over the course of a night.

The chart below compares the cost of bottle service to what you would be paying if you entered the club through general admission.

ExpenseBottle ServiceGeneral Admission
Cover Charge$35
Drinks $70 (per person)$60 (4 drinks)

If you have a group of 4 or 5 people, you’ll save a lot of money with bottle service. If you just pay the cover charge and buy drinks at the door, you can easily end up spending north of $100. Mind you, this is before you even start to get lap dances.

There’s also a third option if you’re looking to avoid cover charges. Many strip clubs have a budget option where you pre-purchase 2 drinks at the door (about $40). In return, the club will waive you cover charge and pick you up for free in a limo.

Most Vegas strip clubs offer this package as a promotion. You can sign up for these free limo packages online, or by calling the club directly. This is my favorite way to get into strip clubs since it’s cheap, and you don’t actually have to pay for anything until you’re at the club. You’ll still have to purchase drinks at the bar, but you’ll save money on both entry and transportation.

How Reserve A Bottle Service Table

You can either make a reservation in advance, or show up at the club and buy a table at the door. Strip clubs in Las Vegas have plenty of tables, so they rarely completely sell out. However, you’ll typically pay more when you purchase the table at the club.

I recommending reserving bottle service in advance, through a VIP host that works at the club. They’ll be able to get you the best and most up-to-date pricing. If you’re interested in bottle service you can contact us here, and we’ll connect you with a VIP host at the club of your choice.

Benefits Of Bottle Service At Vegas Strip Clubs

Not only do get free entry and free limo pickup when you reserve bottle service, but you also get a number of other benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Waived cover charge and expedited entry
  • Free limo pickup
  • Your own real estate within the club
  • Drinks are cheaper in bulk
  • Get VIP treatment from the staff
  • The dancers will party with you at your table
  • Some clubs give out free hats and t-shirts

For a bachelor party, you can’t beat the price of bottle service at a strip club. It’s a bargain since it’s cheaper than nightclub bottle service, and it’s guaranteed that there will be girls there. Plus, many of the dancers gravitate towards the bottle service tables and will party with you.

Best Vegas Strip Clubs For Bottle Service

My 4 favorite Las Vegas strip clubs for bottle service are Sapphire, Spearmint Rhino, Crazy Horse 3 and Palomino. But honestly, any major strip club in Vegas is going to be good.

Some clubs, like Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club or Centerfolds, have midweek bottle service specials. And few other clubs have happy hour specials during the week too. But if you’re visiting Vegas for the first time, I would recommend you stick with the 4 clubs I mentioned in the previous paragraph. Those clubs are the largest with the widest variety of dancers.

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Why do Vegas strip clubs offer free limos? Many Las Vegas strip clubs offer free limo pickups for customers as a promotion. They also do it to avoid paying commissions to taxi drivers who bring them customers. You can learn more about why you want to avoid taking taxis to the strip club here.

How much are lap dances at Las Vegas strip clubs? Typical lap dances at Las Vegas strip clubs cost $20 per song (2-3 minutes). You can also get VIP room dances that cost between $100-$500, depending on the amount of time you spend in VIP. I wrote a complete guide to Las Vegas strip clubs where I go more in depth here.