13 Best Nightclubs In Las Vegas (And How To Get Free Entry)

As the party capital of the world there are so many great nightclubs in Las Vegas. But some may tickle your fancy more than others. You definitely don’t want to end up in a club you don’t like. Each nightclub is slightly different. All Vegas clubs play different styles of music, attract different crowds, and yes, even offer free entry.

Every Vegas nightclub has a guest list that grants free entry to anyone on it. It’s actually really easy to get on the list, anyone can do it, but every nightclub has different guest list rules.

After spending more time in these clubs than I have in my own living room over the past couple of years, I have put together a complete list of the top Vegas nightclubs. I’ll walk you through which nightclubs are the best and how to get into them for free.

1. XS Nightclub At The Encore

XS has been consistently ranked as the number one nightclub in the world for several years now. It’s a half indoor half, outdoor nightclub with a giant pool directly in the center. The club has 4 separate bars making it easy to grab a drink. XS is the most luxurious Vegas nightclub with its top notch staff and a DJ lineup filled with the biggest names in the industry. If you want the peak Vegas experience get bottle service here, it will absolutely blow you away.

Type of music: XS features mostly EDM DJs. They have a star studded lineup that includes the Chainsmokers, Diplo, Kygo, Dillon Francis and DJ Snake.

Best time to go: XS is typically the best nightclub available every time it opens its doors which is Friday – Sunday. Although Sunday is the best night to go as they open the pool up for Nightswim (April – October).

Guest list rules: Women always get free entry on the XS guest list. Men must have an even ratio of women in their group in order to get in for free.

Groups of guys without girls can still use the guest list to get reduced priced tickets. Just sign up for the guest list and the cashier at the end of the guest list line will offer a discounted ticket.

2. Omnia At Caesars Palace

Omnia gives XS a run for its money as the number one nightclub. This mega-club has 3 separate rooms all playing different types of music, including an outside rooftop terrace. Omnia is home to the famous high-tech spinning LED chandelier that makes an already good show that much better. This is one of the busiest nightclubs in Las Vegas and for good reason. The DJs here are in high demand and the lineup can go head to head with any club in Vegas.

Type of music: Omnia is typically know as an EDM nightclub but each of the 3 rooms plays a different genre of music. The main plays EDM with DJs like Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki, Zedd and Martin Garrix. The second room called the Heart of Omnia plays Hip Hop, while the rooftop Terrace plays House music.

Best time to go: Omnia is open almost every day of the week but the best day to go is Tuesday, as Omnia is the only Vegas nightclub open that night. Wild at Heart Tuesdays at Omnia get pretty crazy.

Guest list rules: Both men and women who sign up for the Omnia guest list will get free entry. However, there is a cutoff time around 12:30 am and the lines get extremely long. It is imperative that you get in line by 10:15 pm at the latest if you choose to use the guest list.

3. Drai’s At The Cromwell

Drai’s is the sole nightclub with a rooftop pool party in Las Vegas. This half indoor, half outdoor club is located on the rooftop of the Cromwell and is better known as the top Vegas nightclub for Hip Hop and R&B music. It features live performances from the hottest Hip Hop artists, every single week. Drai’s can only be described as a live concert, inside of a nightclub.

Type of music: Although Drai’s caters to the Hip Hop crowd a majority of the time, they do play a small amount of EDM. Artists that perform at Drai’s include Migos, 2 Chainz, Big Sean, Trey Songz and Snoop Dogg.

Best time to go: The best night to go to Drai’s is Thursday, as its the only night that the pool is open. Keep in mind that the pool is only open April – October. There are A-list artists playing here Thursday – Sunday.

Guest list rules: Women get free entry on the Drai’s guest list. Men however, will need an even ratio of women in their party to get in for free on the guest list.

4. Hakkasan At The MGM Grand

Hakkasan is a gigantic 5 level nightclub (even though the first 2 levels are for the restaurant). Hakkasan is designed sort of like a maze, making for an adventure whenever you lose a member of your group. Hakkasan has 6 total bars, making it easy to grab your favorite drink. Two of those bars are located on the 3rd floor, dubbed the Ling Ling Lounge, which is large enough to be a nightclub on its own.

Type of music: Hakkasan is run by the same group as Omnia and therefore share the same main DJs including Steve Aoki, Calvin Harris and Zedd. The Ling Ling Lounge plays a solid mix of Hip Hop and Top 40.

Best time to go: Hakkasan is open Thursday – Sunday. Its best to go when a big DJ is playing which is normally Friday and Saturday.

Guest list rules: Men get free entry on the Hakkasan guest list along with women. Just arrive by 10:15 pm as the lines literally go out the door.

5. Marquee At The Cosmopolitan

Marquee is one of the loudest nightclubs in Las Vegas, you will feel the energy the second you step off of the elevator. Marquee’s bottle service tables are designed in tiers, so you have a great view of the stage from every angle. There is also an outside area where Marquee Dayclub is located and a hidden upstairs “library,” where they hand out headphones and let you pick what music you want to listen to.

Type of music: This club plays a combination of Hip Hop and EDM music performed by DJs like Travis Scott and DJ Mustard.

Best time to go: Marquee is open Monday, Friday and Saturday. All days are good days to visit Marquee although Marquee is the best club open on Monday nights.

Guest list rules: As always, all women get free entry when they sign up for the Marquee guest list. Men are required to have an even ratio of women.

6. EBC At Night Located At The Encore

EBC at Night is short for Encore Beach Club at night and is the night time version of the famous dayclub. EBC at Night is the only Vegas nightclub that is exclusively a pool party every time it is open. This club does close down in the winter but while it’s open it is WILD. This is one of the largest Vegas clubs and it is 100% outdoors. You are not required to get in the water but most people at this club will be in swimsuits and bikinis.

Type of music: EBC at Night shares the same DJs with XS Nightclub. That means that the Chainsmokers, Diplo, DJ Snake and RL Grime among others perform here.

Best time to go: This club is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday nights are always the most lit as EBC holds its industry night on Wednesdays.

Guest list rules: Women will be granted free entry if they put their name on the EBC at Night guest list. Again, men will have to have an even ratio of women with them to get in for free.

7. Jewel At The Aria

Jewel is one of the newer Las Vegas nightclubs and it’s apparent every time you step foot inside. The lighting and sound systems here are world class, and made even better given that this club is slightly smaller than all the other clubs mentioned up to this point. Jewel has two levels, the second of which has several themed VIP bottle service rooms that have balconies that look over the entire club.

Type of music: Jewel plays a combination of Hip Hop and EDM music depending on the night. Lil Jon is a frequent DJ here along with live performances from artists like Tyga and Playboi Carti.

Best time to go: This club is open Monday, Friday and Saturday. The bigger DJs tend to play on the weekends.

Guest list rules: Women get free entry on the Jewel guest list along with men. Everyone who signs up for the guest list here will get free entry assuming that they are inside before the 12:30 am cutoff.

8. Tao At The Venetian

Tao Nightclub has been a staple of Vegas nightlife for years. This club located on the second floor of the lovely Venetian is one of the most intimate venues in Vegas. It is a small club, although it does have more than one room, but the stage is so close to the dance floor that you can almost touch the DJ.

Type of music: Tao tends to play a combo of Hip Hop and EDM music. There is also some Top 40 thrown in but the music varies by room.

Best time to go: Tao is open Thursday – Saturday. Thursday is local night at Tao, making it the best night to go.

Guest list rules: Women get free admission at Tao if they put their name on the Tao guest list. Men are required to have even ratio.

9. Foundation Room At Mandalay Bay

Although Foundation Room closely resembles a nightclub, it reminds me more of a rooftop lounge. This club has a fantastic view, overlooking the entire Vegas strip. If you’re looking to grab a few cocktails but don’t want to deal with large crowds, Foundation Room is an excellent choice. The posh interior has plenty of seating and is extremely comfortable.

Type of music played: Foundation Room plays Hip Hop, Top 40 and EDM.

Best time to go: Foundation Room is open every night until 3:00 am.

Guest list rules: Men and women both get free entry once they sign up for the Foundation Room guest list.

10. Chateau At The Paris Hotel

Chateau can be found directly underneath the Eiffel Tower at the Paris Hotel. Because of its location, Chateau offers an amazing view of the Bellagio fountains. This is also one of the best nightclubs for dancing as its not as crowded and there is plenty of room on the large dance floor. In addition Chateau has some of the most competitive bottle services prices in Vegas.

Type of music played: Chateau plays a combination of Hip Hop and Top 40. The DJs here also tend to be more interactive with the crowd than DJs at any other nightclub.

Best time to go: Chateau is open Wednesday – Saturday. Fridays and Saturdays tend to be the busiest nights.

Guest list rules: Women get free entry when they sign up for the Chateau guest list. Men are going to need to have an even amount of women in their group.

11. Light At Mandalay Bay

Light happens to be one of the longest standing nightclubs in Las Vegas. As the name suggests the club routinely buts on a spectacular show using their state of the art lighting and sound equipment. As an older club Light often has great bargains when it comes to bottle service. If you are looking to enjoy the Las Vegas bottle service experience without breaking the bank, both Light and Chateau are good places to do it.

Type of music played: Light plays mostly EDM music, although Hip Hop A-lister Rick Ross occasionally does shows here.

Best time to go: Light is open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday is the best night to go as everyone on the guest list usually gets a couple free drink tickets when they check in.

Guest list rules: Light is among the few clubs that offer both men and women free entry on the guest list. There are no ratio requirements to sign up for the Light guest list.

12. On The Record At Park MGM

On The Record is a unique nightclub, unlike any other in Las Vegas. It’s designed like a speakeasy bar and plays the classics of the past few years. You will hear long lost hits from every era of music that will make you want to sing along. It is actually a really good time and it will bring up memories from songs that you used to love but have long forgotten. There are even private karaoke rooms inside of the club.

Type of music played: On The Record plays a little bit of music form every genre focusing mainly on the biggest hits.

Best time to go: On The Record is open Wednesday – Sunday. Wednesday and Thursday rotate as local nights so the club gets busier during those times.

Guest list rules: There are no ratio requirements for On The Record. Men and women both get free entry when they put their name on the On The Record guest list.

13. Apex Social Club At The Palms

Apex Social Club is located on the 55th floor of the Palms Resort Casino. Apex is actually more of a high end lounge than a traditional nightclub, but it still gives off a nightclub vibe. You will find plenty of people dancing here, along with VIP bottle service tables and a striking view of the Las Vegas skyline. Apex Social Club has the best view of any nightclub mentioned on this list because of how high up it is. Forget the cocktails, the view alone makes this club worth checking out.

Type of music played: Apex plays a lot of Hip Hop and Top 40. Like On the Record, the DJs here makes it really easy to sing along, although the songs here are much more recent.

Best time to go: Apex Social Club is open Thursday – Sunday.

Guest list rules: Women get free entry to the club on the Apex Social Club guest list. Men must have an even ratio of women in their group in order to get free entry.

Related Questions

What do I wear to Vegas nightclubs? Men should wear a button down shirt with well fitted jeans (avoid baggy jeans) and a nice pair of shoes. Women have much more freedom in what is acceptable to wear. But for women a dress that fits your body well paired with heels is the norm. Flats are acceptable shoes for women but most girls will be wearing heels. You can check out the full dress code guides for men and women here.

What is the best Las Vegas pool party? The best Vegas pool party is hosted at Encore Beach Club or “EBC” for short. Encore Beach Club is home to many famous DJs like the Chainsmokers, Diplo and DJ Snake. The dayclub is open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday but is only open April – October. EBC offers free entry to all women who sign up of its guest list. Men however, must have an even ratio of women to get into the club for free.

Can I attend several Vegas nightclubs in one night? It is possible to attend more than one Vegas nightclub in a single night. One way to do it is to guest list for multiple clubs, but there are guest list cutoff times making this difficult. The other way to visit several clubs in a single night is to join a Vegas club crawl.